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Question New to the Beach and have a question

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and i are both going to start the Beach this comming
week and we are both very over weight and very excited. i am between
320 and 340 (not sure because my scale is screwy) and he is about
280...he is also comfined to a wheel chair he has muscular dystrophy so he cant use his muscles there fore the only exercise he gets is from an electric powered bike that does most of the work for him ....anyway my question
is...is this diet a diet to go on if you have a Large amount of
weight to lose or if you cant exercise normally? please all replys
will be appreciated. Thanks so much .....

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You found us! Welcome! Almost heaven gave some good hints for exercise in her reply to your first post. I may take up some of them myself.
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Thank you for the wonderful welcome...i think i have spent most of my sunday on the computer reading all of the success stories and everything...im very excited about begining this diet...we have decided to start on the 24th our next grocery shopping outting...starting our life over with a clean slate i guess...i am glad i found this board i will be here often im sure i need as much support as i can get...im only 23 and at over 300 pounds i need to do something soon!!
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My mom was on a doctor suppervised diet similar to this. She does not exercise (unless you consider driving the car as exercise). In addition, she was taking steroids at the time for a medical condition. She lost 45 pounds. If my mom can do it, anyone can.
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thank you for that....i hope i can lose...i hate it that in the last 5 years since i moved to the town im in now i have gained so much...i have tried so many times to lose the weight but with out a support system i have failed every time...this time will be different....i just know it....
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Welcome! Welcome!

This is a wonderful online community. Everyone is very helpful and kind. I have had great success on SBD so far and I feel so much better inside my own skin! I know you can do it! We all can!


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Tracy, you're going to love it here. These girls are a wonderful source of support!
Welcome... we're so glad to have you join us.
I am a runner!

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Welcome to the Beach, Tracy! This way of eating really does work. It might not work quite as fast without exercise but it will work.
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Thank you and everyone for all of the wonderful welcomes...i plan on exerciseing as much as physically possible..however i posted my original question because other than a bike like motion my boyfriend is very limited and im slightly afraid that if im really working out and eating right and losing alot of weight and he is just losing some he will become disappointed....so i was just curious as to if you have limited movement will the new way of eating show some improvment....o0 one more week and ill really be a phase I newbie...im so excited i can hardly wait ...

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Hey Tracy welcome to the sand!

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Hey Tracey, looks like you're pulling up a beach chair and sticking your toes in the sand! Welcome!

I understand your concerns about feeling like you'd be 'outdoing' your boyfriend who just won't be able to do as much as you can because of his illness. But, by getting your health in order you are really doing him a favor - what would he do if you had a health crisis, which is more likely while you're carrying that extra weight? Also, perhaps your example will encourage him to try to find other ways to move his body than the bike machine you talked about. I'm a big believer in heading off problems at the pass, so if I were in a similar situation, I would sit down with him and let him know ahead that not only are you committed to getting your body into the best shape it can be but that you are concerned that you would be hurting his feelings in the process, and try to get him to talk to you about it. You may be pleasantly surprised at his reaction - my DH was so relieved that I would talk to him about my expanding girth because he was desperately worried about me but thought he would hurt my feelings if he mentioned it. The nice result is that he's an active cheerleader in my household and he has been really supportive about encouraging me when I'm down, and gently reminding me when I've skipped my exercise.

A word about exercise, also. I like Leslie Sansome's Walk Away The Pounds DVD series. They are designed for those who may not have a high fitness level to begin with, or who don't want to learn complicated steps or moves to exercise. Her 1-mile walks are about 15 minutes of light aerobics, and you are encouraged to go at your own pace. I got my mom, who was extremely ill for a time and had almost no muscle tone afterwards, a 1-mile/2-mile combo DVD, and she did the 1 mile routine most days for about three months before she even looked at the 2-mile. But she saw improvement as she went along, and now she just did the 2-mile for the first time and is really excited that she wasn't too exhausted afterwards.

And I hope you've checked with your doctor about your plans - I started my diet and exercise program before I checked with her and she got mad at me! (I talked her around once she heard I was doing SBD)

And looking back at your original posting - it would be a good idea to either have your boyfriend talk to, or you both talk to his doctors, he must have a specialist for the muscular dystrophy, right? Let that doc know what you plan, and ask him about possible ways to get your SO more acitivity. This diet will work if you don't exercise, but exercise is a natural antidepressant, and it may help your SO to feel stronger in himself even though he is struggling with difficult limitations.

Best of Luck! Let us know how it's going, especially if you're having trouble. That's what has been so great about this forum for me - when I'm freaking out, or totally off plan, or depressed or whatever, I can come on here and the ladies give me a gentle shake and group hug and suddenly I can at least think straight about what went wrong and what the next step is. (thank you again, Lovely Ones!)


4/24/05 - returned from Hades, slightly singed and a few pounds heavier. Dang, who knew pomegranite seeds were really GRANITE?

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Welcome Tracey

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Welcome Tracy,

We are glad to have you join us. The best thing to do is always check with the doctor. What you will both be surprised about is the fact that after the first 2-3 days how much better you feel. It really becomes a way of life.
Amy S

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