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Default Vegetarian Plan?


I was on the SBD's site and it said that there was a vegetarian plan, but of course I would have had to pay the $65.00 fee to join the program. So then yesterday I bought the SBD book and was really disappointed that there was nothing in the book about it. (Good thing the book was 50% off, )

I eat dairy products, but no meat or fish, and only eggs if they are in something, like bread

I did do a search but I couldn't really find anything.

Thanks for any help and/or link(s)!

How about a forum > "Fat Chicks in the Garden?"
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Originally Posted by doinvinnie
How about a forum > "Fat Chicks in the Garden?"
I love it!
Welcome to the Beach!
You're not the first to have questions re: being a vegetarian. You're right... there isn't a lot of info.
Have you checked through our recipe section? https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/south-beach-recipes-114/
When I get some time, I'll see about a section for vegetarians...
I am a runner!

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Welcome to The Beach!

Over in Alternachicks, there is a Vegetarian Forum. Perhaps you can ideas from there as well as here.
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This is a good question, since I have also had concerns about the amount of meat one is expected to eat on this plan if you're looking strictly at the book.

Though I'm not a vegetarian, I get Vegetartian Times magazine because I love thier recipes. A little over a year ago, I think, they did a piece on the "big four" diets of the time, and SBD was one of them. Check thier web site, you might be able to find the article - I'll go and check my back issues when I get home today. But thier basic discussion was yes, you can do SBD veggie, just instead of flesh and fish, eat tofu and beans. Seitan was mentioned, too. To adapt it, you would need to make sure you're getting enough complete protein. If you eat dairy, then you are well covered in the protein department. I'm about to post a curry recipe that is veggie with dairy, but I bet you could ditch the dairy by using a tofu-based cream cheese alternative. You could make scrambled tofu for breakfast - I think there's a recipe on the boards. (If not, PM me and I'll post one)

And of course, you'll want to make sure you're getting plenty of veggies and after Phase 1, fruits for nutrition. Longtime vegetarians sometimes have deficiencies in B12 - try some nutritional yeast sprinkled on salad or in dips.

Hope that helps!

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Recipes centered around beans work for vegetarians. Still getting lots of protein in!
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what about the prevention web site. It has alot about SBD maybe they have some info for vegetarians.

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Here are some websites with vegetarian SBD info

MSN Group

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Here's another one...

MizFrog's Pad

In the link section on the bottom there is vegetarian info.
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You might also want to talk with Mauvaisroux. She does a WW/SBD combo and is a vegetarian, I believe. She's a mod in Alternachicks.

Cooking Light has some great vegetarian recipes each month in their "Inspired Vegetarian" section. I usually have very little problem adapting their recipes to SBD! www.cookinglight.com (you have to register but it's free and worth it!)
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