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Old 12-07-2004, 05:53 AM   #1
I vant to draw your blood
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Default Tuesday Beach Chat 12/07

Good morning, Chickies ~~

Sitting here eating my oats. Geez, makes me sound like an old nag, doesn't it! I'm sure BIL would agree!

He disappeared at the fannycrack of dawn Sunday morning and I was completely mystified. Didn't come home til late afternoon...and had stashed in the bed of his truck,this gawdawful fake palm tree made from those tube lights. All he needed was a bunch of plastic pink flamingos to complete the deal. I sure hope he has no thoughts of decorating my yard with them.

As for the sock saga: one sock done to the toe, and I'm starting on the heel flap of the other sock. Yay!! Now, I'm pretty sure they'll be done on time.

Tonight we run to the airport to pick up DD. She's been living it up in Honolulu this past week with my other DD and SIL. I'm sure she has lots of pictures and lots of stories to tell...

Okay time for my shower. You chicks all have a great day on the Beach!

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Good Morning everyone - Goodnight for me

Today I actually had a pretty positive day. I have been on phase 1 then fall off the next day but today just feel more positive. I wonder why eating has to be so hard??? I know that the SBD works and is the best WOE for me personally..but still cant seem to string more than two weeks together! But today I made a collage of pictures for my fridge, so hopefully every time I am tempted to eat off plan they will pull me back...

We put up our Christmas tree tonite. My little girl was so happy This is her thrid Christmas and the first time she has shown any interest in it. So we put up the tree, asked her to pass all of the decorations, and then turned off all of the house lights and turned the Christmas lights on.. so great.. we sang Jingle Bells and my husband is now trying to get her to sleep.. so exciting for a little fella!

Have a great day!

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Come on Spring!
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fannycrack of dawn
Mamacita, you kill me! When PITA BIL gets your yard decorated, we'd love to see a picture. The mind boggles!

Artemis, it is so exciting to have a child around at Christmas. Their eyes get that magic wonder look! I could send you some snow to make it perfect.

My darling Hershey got thoroughly checked at the vet. The bleeding could be just the tail end of the post partum stuff but Leslie took blood samples and checked her thoroughly. She is very concerned over all the fur Hersh has lost and we've added an iron supplement to help that. We will get results of the blood tests tomorrow morning and then decide where to go from there. In the meantime I either mop a lot or put panties on my babe.

Today I tackle wrapping and also will get the last two gifts from Sears if they come in. Catalogue shopping sure beats the toy department struggles. I'm going to light a pine scented candle, put on Christmas music, sip peppermint tea and just do it!

Big wave to the rest of the Beach Beauties. Help yourself to coffee!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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A Lily from my yard!
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Well it is still raining!!!!!!!!!! There are tornado watches out as well! Some schools are closed or delayed this morning. Not ours or I would be back in bed!!!!!!!! Nuttin' much happenin' around here! I need to get out and find a tree but I am not goin anywhere until this rain stops! Lastnight my DH who hates to shop with me (the feeling is mutual!) offered to take me to Hobby Lobby to look at trees. They are having either 40 or up to 40% off their reg and prelit trees. Naturally I want prelit. I hope it is the dream I'm thinkin it will be! haha Well what I want is one that will rotate if i want and has the color wheel so I can change the light colors as well. But hey that's just me livin in my fantasy world! I liike white lights dh likes colored.

Mama... That BIL of yours! Sounds like you got the cream of the crop! teehee But now he is out in Jan. right? It's just gonna be a loooong Dec.! teehee!

Artemis...Oh I remember the days of my lil chittlin's getting so excited over Christmas decorations and lights and all that. Cherish it while it last. Now it's all about what am I getting! I look and think who's kids are those and where are mine? Good idea on the pics. I hope it helps you. I used to keep a skinny pic on the fridge but I got tired of hearing my kids say I can't believe that was you or that you were that skinny! I weighed 105! So I took it down. Maybe i should put a pic of me heavy and they would think wow she is skinny now! hahahaha Compared to pre SBD!

Ruth.... Glad to hear the pup is ok! I hope all the test turn out ok!
To the rest of you chicks have a great OP day! I'll chick chat with y'all later!

God is big, so we expect him to speak with the voice of thunder or lightning or earthquake or fire. But God often expresses his powerful love in gentle whispers. Listen for God's whispers as well as his shouts.

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Trapped Skinny Person
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Morning ladies.

I was MIA yesterday - decided to take a mental health day that turned into a sick day - don't ya just hate that?!

The scale is bouncing a bit - I was down as low as 237lb this weekend but steady at 240lb this morning. It's not up so that is good.

Not a lot else going on for me - made a batch of taco soup this weekend for lunches.

Bamie - good luck finding a prelit in multicolour options We only do fresh trees so we wait until the weekend before Christmas and have to do all the decorating ourselves.

Ruth - I am glad to hear nothing serious is wrong with Hersh - BTW if you want another dog - I will glady ship you my husband's Cheasapeake - I'm not much of a dog person and the darn dog knows it, so he insists on sitting his 80 lbs on my feet everytime he has the chance!

Artemis - I was reading about your motivation in the other thread - I too wanted to have a 2nd child but mine is 7.5 yrs old right now and getting pregnant at this weight wouldn't be a good idea - and the thought of losing the weight and then getting pregnant - wow my son would probably be 9 - and to start all over again - diapers, bottles etc - don't know if I could do that - plus I would be almost 40 - it's a good idea for you to strike while your little one is little - best of luck!

Mama - I hope whoever is receiving those socks appreciates the work you have put into them. And I hope BIL is out of your hair soon. Maybe it is time to give him some nudges - you know like putting a red sock into his load of white clothes. Or putting salt in the sugar bowl, letting the milk spoil for his coffee. I am sure the chicks here could come up with some really FUN ideas

Have a good one all

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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Morning Chickies!

Sounds like everyone is up and at em this morning.

Bami - your not supposed to go back to bed during a tornado watch. How could you sleep? It is raining here too!

Mama - I watched my SIL on the bus to Chicago this weekend knit her socks. Then watched her pull them apart because she dropped a stitch. It was kind of dark on the bus cause everyone was watching the movie "Raising Helen" so she couldn't see that well.

Artemis - My little guy still gets excited and he is 7. He made everyone sing too this year. For inspiration - you need to find what works for you. I use the women I see at the store when I'm people watching. I don't want to be a "ball" anymore. Everywhere I look here in Michigan people look like balls on two sticks. I think about the fact that I'm starting to not look like a ball anymore and I want to keep working towards that goal. If that doesn't work pick up this weeks "National Enquirer" (if you have it in Austraila) I walked past it in the store yesterday and there is a picture of a big fat butt on the cover. That would do it.

Kim - the taco soup sounds good. I love mental health days. I could have used on yesterday too.

I'm getting over being exhausted from my trip. I'm trying like crazy to get tickets to next weekends Green Bay vs Detroit Lions football game. It is in Green Bay and I've always wanted to go to Lambeau Field and sit outside with all those crazy people in the snow and watch the game. DS and DF would go too.

DS dropped the bomb last night at dinner. He said the X has a new girlfriend and she could become his new SM! I just about spit my food across the table. I knew something was bothering him for the last couple of weeks but I couldn't figure out what it was. Now I know. I got a little upset and then got mad at myself because I got a little upset. It's not like I want him back but he could have waited until the divorce is final. At least I've learned not to stuff myself with sympathy food anymore! So that is a postive thing. Plus, I guess I won't feel guilty when I actually do get a date.

Have a great day chickies.
Amy S

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Happiness is a choice.......Choose wisely!

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Default hello

just a quick hi! Trying to finish my last term paper, go to class and be done for the semester! I do not enjoy school!

Hope you all have a great holiday day! I like Ruth's idea of turning on the lights, putting on music and just doing it!

Off to see grandsons tomorrow, not excited about flying. I fly out of Jackson Hole Wyoming, I hope they aren't snowed in there.

You all have a great day!
Heaviest ever! 190.5
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In 2004 I started the incredible journey of SB and lost 53.5 pounds! I am ready to find that road again!

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Mama - I don't think I would have the patience to deal with a BIL like you do.

Artemis - It is so special when they are little. My son doesn't believe in Santa any more but at least he doesn't spoil it for his friends that still do.

Bamie - good luck on the tree. We do an artificial since real ones irritate my allergies but this year we have one cat who is trying to eat the tree as well as climb it. The bottom two rows are bent down from this little cat. I do love Hobby Lobby but I always spend too much there.

Kim - I'm in the same boat with you. My son is 7.5 years old (July 16th) and he really wants a baby brother or sister. But I am already 41 AND had pre-eclampsia with him so I figure by the time I lose enough weight to be able to go off my last blood pressure med (can't take while pregnant), it just isn't worth trying. I also had to take clomid just to get pregnant back then. I'm really enjoying sleeping through the night (when work lets me) and I just am not willing to give that up. My son is at such a fun age now and he goes to an afterschool program and cub scouts so he has lots of chance to play with other kids.

Ruth - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out to be nothing serious with Hershey.

I'm on vacation today - they call it a shopping day - so I do need to go to Toys R US. I hate to shop but Brian won third prize in the popcorn sales for the cub scouts and I have to buy him his surprise which he will get at the Pack meeting next week. I also need to start putting the yard art out. It's been too rainy to get it out before now. AND I really need to start on the Christmas newsletter. We do mostly pictures with just a few words. I think DH has scanned in many of the pictures I want to use but I have to find them.

And I will make it to the gym today. I've cut back on working out lately and have been snacking on some things that I shouldn't so I have been struggling to just stay at the same weight. I'm glad I worked from home yesterday since I heard one lady brought in a ton of homemade candy and cookies.
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Hi Ladies
I had an I lost weight moment this morning! I don't have a scale here but I had de-jammied so I could get in the shower and I noticed i was smaller shouler area slimmer upper tummy smaller yay!
Today will be slower than I wanted due to the weather. (my bod burns energy alot faster than average)
MAma I'm having Oat Envy! and Sock Envy I'm not that skilled with my knitting
Artemis your night sounds perfect
Ruth I'm so glad that hersheys girlie issues are on the way to being fixed
Bups Everyoen needs one of those!
Bamie ooh Prelit! sounds nice and lower maintenance
BArb have fun shopping!
Making a commitment to myself
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Hey chicks. Just a quick check in. I decided to go back to bed this morning and did not get up til 9:15 when my girlfriend knocked at the door. I only have 1 wee one today and he did not come til 10. So I am having a lazy day. I am not OP but I have stopped eating at A&W everynight after work. Other than that not much is happening just the same old same old. Work work and more work. Well I must run as I have to get a shower while the little guy is sleeping and the afterschool kids are still in school. Have a great day chicks. PS Ruth I hope all will be fine with Hersh. Take care.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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i luv my dog!
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Hello South Beach Beauties,

The battery in my alarm clock died last night so I woke up late for work. Luckily I had packed my SB lunch last night so I was able to stay OP.
Had to run to the grocery after work and was a little hungry (always a dangerous situation ) so I grabbed a V-8 juice from the store cooler. It really did the trick - I was not tempted.

If anyone is interested, or hasn't seen them yet, there are South Beach Diet 2005 page-a-day calendars now available. I was hoping they would have the regular monthly kind to hang on the wall, but all I've been able to find are the box type.

KO - it sure feels great when you can actually start seeing the results of your efforts. WTG.

Laurie, to answer yesterday's question, walnuss is walnut.

See ya'll later.

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Anchor...It's easy my mom always said I could sleep through a tornado! hahaha I can hear the school sirens loud and clear from our house and they never went off. Besides when you live down here we get those like y'all get snow! teehee (Warnings that is)
Hey everyone things seem to be goin pretty good for you all! I'm off to dry my hair and then pick the girls up for soccer conditioning.WooHoo! Oh yea I'm getting an early start on supper as well. My lil steaks are bakin in the oven! I never cook ahead! I should but I don't! Have a good rest of the day all!

God is big, so we expect him to speak with the voice of thunder or lightning or earthquake or fire. But God often expresses his powerful love in gentle whispers. Listen for God's whispers as well as his shouts.
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Conquering with SBD
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Just stopping in for a quick 'Hi.' Been crazy busy, but will leave a little humour in my wake...
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Now that's funny!!!!! teehee I hope they didn't use bread in those! haha

God is big, so we expect him to speak with the voice of thunder or lightning or earthquake or fire. But God often expresses his powerful love in gentle whispers. Listen for God's whispers as well as his shouts.
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