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Talking Just Introducing Myself!

Hi Everybody!
My name is Brigid and I started the South Beach diet on August 29th. I have two more days left of Phase 1. I weighed myself on sunday and I was down 5.2 lbs!! I will weigh again this sunday to see how much I lost the second week. I was thinking about staying in Phase 1 for another week, but I think I will move on to Phase 2 and very slowly add things back. Does anyone have any recommendations on what is best to add back? I was thinking berries and apples and perhaps oatmeal (not all in the same day of course!). I don't want to undo my weight loss!!
Now I'll tell you a little about myself. I am 19 (will be 20 in November) and I have had a weight problem for as long as I can remember. I weighed about 130 lbs when I was 8 while all of my other friends weighed 100 or less. I reached my highest weight when I was 15 - I was 220 (I'm 5'6" by the way.) I lost about 30 lbs when I got involved with my school play mainly because I increased my physical activity and I ate a lot less. Before I would go home from school and have an afternoon snack (which would usually be a meal) and then have dinner and probably dessert). While I was in the play I didn't eat much at all.
I stayed at 180 lbs for a while and then decided that I needed to lose more weight. The telling factor was when I was being driven to school by my boyfriend and I went to get out of his car and the seam of my jeans ripped so my butt cheek was sticking out. Then I realized that I was a little too heavy still!! So I went on the Atkins diet after Christmas week of 2002. I stayed on induction until the beginning of May 2003. By that time I had lost about 25 lbs. But I got so bored of the diet that I began to cheat. I didn't like the idea of having to figure out how many carbs I could eat in one day. I don't like counting things. So I went back to the way I normally eat and luckily I didn't gain anything. After that I tried the Zone diet which was much too complicated, Sommersizing which was just really stupid to me, and Body for Life which didn't work at all. So....here I am and I will succeed this time. I know I will.
Wow...I'm sorry that this is so long. I didn't realize I was typing that much. But thanks for taking the time to read my intro!!! I look forward to any replies!!!
Have a great day!!!
~ Brigid
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Welcome Brigid. This is a great place for support. I know what's like being overweight most of your life. My mom used to put me on diets since I was age 5!!! I think my metabolize suffers because of that. This has been by far the easiest diet I 've ever been on. I haven't ventured into phase 2 yet either. I've been in phase 1 for 16 days. I'm trying for 4 weeks to see more rapid results. The best part of this diet is that it is healthy. I feel great and I think I could definately reach my goal on it. I know you can too!!!
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Welcome Brigid! This is a great place for support, information and recipes.

I can understand your journey. Sounds like being involved in a project outside the house is a good idea for you. Have you got something, like the play, to do now?

Good luck, and welcome.
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Welcome to the Beach , Brigid! It really is best that you move on to phase 2 after two weeks. You are less likely to get bored that way. I think your choices of adding back fruit and oatmeal first are probably the best. You might also start to add some exercise if you haven't been doing it. I really love that we don't have to count much on this way of eating. That would get old fast!
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Welcome!!! Good luck!! Look forward to seeing you around!

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I can do this!
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Welcome, Brigid!

I was put on a diet when I was 5 and have been overweight my whole life, too. I'm glad you are taking care of it now.

Personally, I find that SBD makes eating less and moving more much eaiser for me, but since you've done a lot of bouncing around, I thought I'd let you know that many people who analyze all these diets find that the only reason any of them really work is because they limit calories. You may find, like many of us, that limiting your carbs and fats to only good ones makes you feel very healthy, gives you energy, and makes staying OP really easy, but you might not. If not, see if you can combine the information you have gained from all these plans to figure out a plan that works for you and helps you cut calories. Exercise can be a great part of the plan as well. Developing your muscles will make it easier for you to maintain your goal weight, as the muscles will burn calories even while you are sleeping and fat just sits there...so replace that fat with muscle using strength training (you can find tons of great tips in Ladies who Lift).

Welcome to the Beach and congrats on such a successful Phase 1!
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Welcome to The Beach.

Check out all the posts on the FAQ section under Phase II. There are some good hints there for segueing into Phase 2.
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Welcome Brigid!! Enjoy the beach, the sunshine will make you feel good all over!!
- Jen
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Conquering with SBD
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Welcome to the beach. I admire you for trying the different diets in search of the one that fits your lifestyle and is convenient enough to follow. Before I went on SBD, I did a lot of reading. Atkins scared me because (I hate to admit this), but I bought and still have the original version of the diet that was published in the '70s. I did buy the new edition and felt that it had made some major changes, but when I read the SBD book, I just felt that it did a better job discussing the fat section.

I also bought a book that rated the 'low carb' diets and, of course, read that from cover to cover. The physician that ranked the diets said that the three top diets are SBD, the Zone and Atkins. About Sommersizing - he said that there is no scientific basis for her food combing and also states that her list of funky foods actually includes healthy foods. So based on what I had read, I decided that SBD was for me...and I haven't regretted a minute.
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Hey what do you know, we're the same age! I'm about 5'8" and will be 20 November 27th. Been heavy most of my life too. I tried Atkins, hated it. I did Gabe Mirkin (the unknown diet to most) and loved it, but after high school my activity level dropped and weight started to come back.

I've been on South Beach for months. I love it, and you will too. Even if you don't see a definite change in the scales, you will feel it. Ever since starting this diet I have "my glow" back. I feel good about what I'm doing, what I'm eating, and how I'm helping myself.

Have fun here!

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Wow...I didn't expect such a warm welcome! Thanks everybody, I really appreciate your advice and support!! I will be reading through previous posts over the weekend so I'm sure I'll get a lot of helpful information. Phase 1 ends on sunday for me so I will be posting with my stats sunday afternoon!!
Thanks again everybody, I look forward to chatting with you more!!!
~ Brigid
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A belated welcome, Brigid!
I am a runner!

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