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Default Ever make bread?

I found this recipe for a regular bread which called for white flour and sugar, so I used whole wheat flour and splenda. I also added oats into the mix to add that bit of extra complex carbs. It came out a bit odd, which I expected, but in the future I was thinking I'd like to try a recipe that is made to be for SBD or just made for using whole wheat flour. Does anyone have such a recipe or tried to do so?
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Hi, I tried to find a recipe that had no white flour and no sugar but it is impossible. I realized that the sugar is needed to feed the yeast in the initial rising, so that gets eaten up by the little yeast beasts and doesn't count IMO. I'm not sure Splenda can substitute for this chemical reaction.

I took a multigrain bread recipe (from www.fatfree.com) and replaced the 2 cups of white flour with whole wheat flour, with the rest of the flour being multigrain. I also added a cooked 12-grain cereal. The result was a very dense and heavy, but I thought tasty bread. One slice was as filling as a bowl of cereal!

If it interests you at all, I'll post my modified recipe in the Recipe section.

I used my Kitchenaid mixer for the previous recipe, but I'm trying one in a borrowed bread machine tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.
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Default All the time

I love grinding my own wheat and making 100% WW bread. I'll find the recipe and post it when I get home. You do have to have sugar, I don't know if splenda would feed the yeast. I'll have to try to proof it and see it it works.
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I usually replace 1/2 the white flour with whole wheat. You do need to feed the yeast. You can proof the yeast before you add it to the rest of the ingredients. Add about 1/2 cup warm water, the yeast and a tablespoon of sugar in a small bowl and set it aside while you are mixing up the other ingredients. When the yeast bowl is foamy add it the rest of the ingredients. (I always do this because I'm never sure how old my yeast is or if I stored it correctly.)

You can get by with a lot less sugar then many recipes call for, at least my old recipes anyway. They usually had a cup of sugar-hey I like sweet things-you can cut that down to a couple tablespoons of sugar.

Also if you are replacing the white flour with more dense flours, you may need to increase the yeast by a packet or two. It's one of those things where you'll need to play around some and see what works for you.
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I have always found the home made breads more dense and heavy than store bought. I think the benefit is that you feel more full with less and it takes longer to digest.

Have any of you tried any of these breads in a bread machine?
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Nelie, there is a WW Bread recipe in the SBD Cookbook, under "Breakfast".

Otherwise, I would try to find a WW quickbread, then substitute Splenda for the sugar. You may want to include a tiny bit of molasses or honey if it is called for in the recipe. We're talking no more than 2 Tbsp total, but it can add some flavor.

Good luck!
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I can do this!
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Originally Posted by RNMOM
You do have to have sugar, I don't know if splenda would feed the yeast. I'll have to try to proof it and see it it works.
RNMom, can't wait to see the recipe! Should be fine without sugar...yeast can feed on the sugar that is present in the flour. If you really need sugar, you could add a tiny bit of molasses or honey (like no more than 2 Tbsp) and then use Splenda for the rest.
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I have a bread machine which has a good wheat bread recipe with it. I bought 100% whole wheat flour. It uses molasses, but I also had to add vital wheat gluten. It rose well. Maybe the gluten made the difference. I was afraid to try substituting splenda for the molasses. I also made one that used oats for part of the flour but didn't like it as well. I am going to try replacing 1/2 cup of the flour with 1/2 cup oats and see how that works. I will post it on the recipes if anyone is interested in it.
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