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Question Should i stay on phase 1 till i lose more?

I was wondering if i should just maybe stay on phase 1 till i shed more pounds. I've severly overweight. 273 now from 279.... I think maybe if i keep restricting the carbs severly that i will lose more weight quicker and then once i start to look a little better then encorporate more choices. What do ya think? Heidi
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I included Dr. Agatston's answer to this question:

Agatston: For those with a lot of weight to lose, particularly with large bellies, Phase 1 can be extended to at least one month. The problem with persistent rapid weight loss is you can begin to lose muscle and bone weight, which results in a lowered metabolism, which can lead to yo-yo dieting. Regular exercise helps to maintain muscle and bone mass and maintain a good metabolism.

The problem with many diets is once rapid weight loss—once early rapid weight loss ends, dieters go back to their usual way of eating, which leads to a return of the weight they lost. Our Phase 2 and Phase 3 are designed to turn the South Beach diet into a lifestyle that can be associated with years of maintaining your optimal weight.

So except for those who are extremely overweight we suggest adding back whole fruits and whole grains after a few weeks.
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Heidi, it can become very easy to end up cheating on Phase 1 if you do it for too long. There are a few on this board who have stuck with it for longer than two weeks and a couple who have stopped losing when they started Phase 2, but in general, most of us have satisfactory weight loss in Phase 2. I would think you would be best starting Phase 2 and learning to eat healthily.
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I have to loose 200 lbs, so I know the temtation to stay on Phase 1 to loose more weight quickly.... but as others have said, it can lead to falling off the wagon

I have tried Atkins a few times... staying in phase 1, but you get sick of it pretty quickly, and it happens overnight. One day you are doing great, the next day you wake up and can`t stand the thought of more restrictions.

This is why i`m switching to SB (better food choices, for better health). THIS time around... I`m going to follow the suggested 2 week induction period, then move on.... so it will be easier to stay true to plan. I have been searching the web, reading , reading, and MORE reading for tips and hints from the people who have done it with success.. and HOW they have done it.
(Also, loosing weight TOO quickly can lead to saggy skin )

But it is Your choice, and if it is something you would really like to do, then you should do it........ but not for TOO long. Either way, wishing you well with your results.
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I started SB back in May. I did Phase I for a month. I started at 306 and lost 20 lbs during that month. Now, if my weight stalls (about every 6 weeks) I do a week of phase I. I haven't weighed in 2 weeks (don't own a scale), but I had lost 35 lbs then.
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It depends on how you are finding phase one to stick to. I did phase one for two extra weeks but did add in some fruit yogurt to give me some variety. If you have a lot of weight to lose it is a good idea. The problem is if you are slightly overweight and you use phase one as a crash diet then return to your old eating habits you will probably put it back on again but in your case this is not applicable because you will be doing phase two afterwards. Perhaps you could take it one week at a time once you have finished the first two weeks. Definately don't do it for more than four weeks at the start. If you stall later you may want to redo phase one.
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