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Old 07-09-2004, 06:52 AM   #1
Ready to Change
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Default Friday Morning Chit Chat

Morning chickies up and ready to hit the shower before we head off to the wedding. Have a great week-end girls....I will check in Sunday night with lots of wedding chat and pictures. Love ya's all have a great week-end.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Love you, too, Little Chick! Have a wonderful, safe weekend!
I am a runner!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to take all the evil people and put them over there, then we wouldn't have to deal with them. And all of us good people would stay right here. The problem is that the line separating good and evil cuts right through the human heart." Alexander Solzenitzen
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks~~

Littlechick, have a great time at the wedding...and drive safe!

So very glad it's Friday...BUT...I have nothing for my writing partner. Since it was a short week, I had to play catch up at the lab and had no time for writing in the afternoons. Whaahhh Maybe I can get something done this weekend...no sick hubby, no meetings...just the grand opening of the new park which we're doing in the morning.

Went to Whole (Paycheck) Foods yesterday evening to get veggies...got so sidetracked by all the other yummy stuff, I completely forgot to get the very thing I'd gone for in the first place! Came home with organic brown eggs, some peaches, an avocado, tomatoes, organic yogurt, and cumin seed. Oh well.

Today is Costco and Aldi...maybe I'll find some zuchini, etc... there...otherwise we eat spinach and broccoli this week.

Hope you all have a great day on the Beach~~

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Come on Spring!
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Quick good morning, chickies.

I am very sore in the wrist so won't be on much. I also need to save my wrist strength for writing the darned script. (Yes, I finally got inspired!) Yesterday, the X-Ray technician yesterday took a look at my pictures and grimaced! Not a good sign but I still need to wait to see what the doc says. Poop!

My windows for the LR and DR have arrived and they are going to install them NEXT WEEK! Since men+saws=MESS, I need to take down my curtains and send them to the cleaner in town. (Are they still called curtains or are they now window treatments? ) All the pictures and other decor will have to be stashed away too as I know from the kitchen experience that there will be dust everywhere in those two rooms! Luckily I will have both Sarah and Gail here on Monday morning.

Sarah comes this morning for gardening and friend Rob and I are going to do some work on the school exhibits over in the Fair Hall while she does her list. This afternoon will be spent finishing the darn script and timing it. I'm still not entirely comfy with doing my schtick halfway up a staircase but...... I'll try not to trip on my petticoats!

I'll try to get back in later but right now it's time for more coffee and polishing up Sarah's list. (Ellis, I owe you a PM and an email! )
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Ready to Change
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Ellis have a great week-end
Ruth take care of your wrist. Lucky duck new windows.
Mamacita- have fun at the park opening.
Well we are out the door.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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morning beach babes!!!
hope you are all doing great this morning. i have had a horrible week (foodwise and lifewise) so i am really looking forward to the weekend even though a usual it is action packed. i strained my back on wed night and now the pain is totally excruciating (sp?) i only have to be here till noon today and then i will be home for the rest of the day with a bottle of muscle relaxers and pain pills. our hot water tank started leaking it took us 5 days to figure out exactly what was leaking, we liv in a basementless ranch style house and there has been a wet spot in the carpet in the hall since last thursday. just a little one mind you. at first i thought someone spilled something so i wiped it up and thought no more of it we were gone for the weekend and when we got home the spot was wet again. so finally last night after investigating the roof and the main water valve we finally figured out it was the water tank grrrrrr $350.00 later it is replaced and the carpet is finally drying. not exactly what we needed this week but oh well the joys of home ownership i guess.

my dd made an awesome play in her bball game on monday night but unfortunately messed up her knee in the process, so i have been playing nurse for her. it seems like one thing after another this week. i dove into a bag of real live potato chips last night and went to bed.

little chick have a great time this weekend!!!! i just love weddings can't wait to see the pics!! i would love to try and meet up somehow at the race i have no idea where we are sitting yet we bought our tickets from a colleague and they haven't arrived yet, they are on the start finish line high up enough to see the whole track tho if that means anything.

ellis- so glad your dr gave you a clean bill of health!!! i was worried about you. i have been here in spirit, just not much time to post this week (see above week from **** paragraph)

ruth- you poor thing i hope your arm mends quick. good luck with the script!!

laurie- i got my first issue of cooking light yesterday in the mail. it is really a good mag!!! thanks for reccomending it.

mama- good luck on the veggie hunt i got zuccini at my groc. 10 for $1.00 this week they were a little small but really tasty!!

to all you chicks yet to post have a great day and weekend on the beach!!!
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I can do this!
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Morning, all! I actually got in here before 10 am!

Little Chick, you have a very safe drive (no smooching the DH while he's driving! ) and enjoy the heck out of that wedding! I hope DD's friend is distracted by the goings on and doesn't focus too much on her sad news. Can't wait to see the pics of you looking gorgeous, you BBQ skewer, you! :

Mamacita, I had no idea you are a writer! Good for you! What are you working on? Isn't it frustrating when your job gets in the way of your life? My coworker and I both enjoy quilting (she's good at it, I'm a novice) and we're always threatening to bring our sewing machines in to work when it's slow! Crafts and creative work really fuels your soul, I think. : Hope you get to work on that writing this weekend!

Ruth, you poor girl! I really hope that wrist heals soon for you! Please take it easy! Maybe a friend can write down the script while you dictate it? I'm sure it will be great! Congrats on the windows...sounds amazing!!!

Jodi, so sorry you have had such a **** week! I hope the weekend is marvelous to make up for it!!! What a mess with the water heater. Those water leaks can drive you mad! We have one coming through the light in our pantry. It had something to do with ice dams on the roof, but it just frustrates me. I think DH has a handle on it, and I'm going to stay in denial and let him tinker with it. I hope DD heals well and quickly! So glad you like Cooking Light! My SIL gave me a subscription for my birthday about five years ago and I have loved it ever since! I love that the front of the magazine has a ton of real live articles about health, fitness, and traveling. I'm pouring over the traveling one on London for our upcoming trip to Europe. Hope you find tons of lovely recipes to try!

I'm finishing off a cup of Red Tea from a dear friend...got my birthday present in the mail yesterday. (my birthday was back in March) She is late, but her gifts are so precious that they are beyond worth waiting for!!! : This tea is incredible and totally SBD as far as I can tell! It's "Good Hope Vanilla" from The Republic of Tea, and is a Red Tea from South Africa that has even more good stuff than green tea, but no caffeine! It has natural vanilla flavoring, vanilla beans, and natural cream flavoring, and is really yummy!

I didn't go to the gym this morning and am really upset with myself, though I know I shouldn't be. I went to bed too late last night...I got to painting my toenails with little polka dots, and then had to let them dry sufficiently before going to bed. Oy! I know DH must have tried to wake me at 5:30, but I only remember him saying that he had set the alarm for 7:00 and going back to sleep.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it continues to go down...I'm now several pounds below my current weight. One part of my is seriously rejoicing...but I poked around online yesterday and read up on why you should only lose 2 pounds or less a week, and they say that if you lose more, you are actually losing muscle tissue. They say that your muscles need a lot of calories to function and that if you can't maintain them, your body just breaks them down. I'm doing all this exercising to fill up my loose skin (on my arms at least) with muscle, and actually I'm just breaking it back down? Maybe I should be eating more...add in one carb or one fruit to my days and see if that slows it? I am of two minds on this, but leaning towards adding more food to see. I know I should put my stuff in fitday, but I am really balking about it...I hate trying to totally measure stuff. *sigh* Yup, I'm a whiner, having my own pity party about losing weight!!! I've lost 5 pounds this week and I'm on TOM. That just doesn't seem safe.

Tonight is eat out night...not sure where we'll go. I'm eating leftovers for lunch...tuna fish, coleslaw, 3 bean salad, asparagus with beans and feta (which was not as good as it sounds).

Hope everyone has a much better day that yesterday!
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Conquering with SBD
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Just a quick check in this morning to say hi and to wish everyone a great weekend.

I'm bummed this morning. I have been so diligent OP all week, exercised everyday (something I am not particularly fond of) and lost 2 pounds at the beginning of the week. But then the weight loss stalled. I didn't lose for the rest of the week even though I had added exercise to the program. This morning is the official weekly weigh-in day and low and behold I have gained 1 of the 2 pounds that I lost. It is so discouraging, since I have wanted to lose more weight before we leave on holidays next week. However, it is that TOM, so I guess I can chalk the weight gain up to water retention.

I am counting on big things this week, though. I just really would like to be back into a tankini before we go on vacation. I even have my bikini wax booked...

Hope everyone has a great day and a super weekend. Take care.
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Default Good mornin'

How are all of you?

Little Chick- have fun today and drive carefully. Behave too

Mamacita-very interesting shopping list you've got going on. Please post us a menu of what you ate this weekend....brocolli with brocolli and cumin, zucchini with broccoli???????

Ruth- I recommend:
A. Leave town when saw+men come to town
B. Have men help with your petticoats......

Justjodi- sorry about the water heater. Maybe Ruth's saw+men can come to your house for repairs instead.

Beachgal-polka dots on the toenails. Sounds cute!

Sweet tooth- don't be discouraged about the weight during the week. (easier said than done I know). It will come.

To all other chicks to come...HI, have a great weekend.

My life is settling down to a dull roar...for awhile (knocking on wood). Just getting my house and yard ready for my kids to all come home. My 3rd child has been in Japan for two years and he'll be home mid August. My 1st and 2nd children and spouses and grandbabies will be home then too. I'm pretty darn excited.

Huckleberries are almost ready for picking, then I'll be heading for the hills everyday to go pick them. SO YUMMY! Pretty good exercise too.

I bought one of those ball thingys that you exercise your abs on. Pretty good little work out. Anyone else have one?

Have a great day!
Heaviest ever! 190.5
Current weight is 178.5
In 2004 I started the incredible journey of SB and lost 53.5 pounds! I am ready to find that road again!

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I graduated!
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Hi Everyone... quick note... I've got so much to get done today for the shower tomorrow.

Laurie... don't worry so much about having a greater weight loss. For people like us who have a large amount to loose it's not as big of a deal to loose a little more rapidly at times. If you're eating right and exercising you have less to worry about then someone who is trying to loose 20 pounds only. It's precentages really.

Me... I'm worried that I'm going to gain back the last 5 pounds I lost! And I'm not doing anything wrong MORE EXERCISE... but first... finish room box, finish memory book, finish party favors, photograph and wrap quilt... get pedicure and face waxed! AAAHHHHHHHHHH ... I need more hours in the day!!!


Goal for this week: Get back on track.
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I can do this!
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Peggy, you are so brave to get a bikini wax! I'm terrified of that...eek! I'm sorry that you are frustrated --you have every right after so much work! However, I have a sneaky feeling that because of all that exercise, you gained some muscle, which is GREAT! Muscle, as you know, helps boost your metabolism, and is a wonderful thing to have. I bet that's what happened. Also, TOM can affect you up to 3-5 pounds. The cool thing is that when TOM is over, you see them all drop at once! Happy party with the scale! I'm looking forward to hearing that news, and I bet with all those new muscles, you'll look fabulous in your tankini!

RNMom, thanks! I like the cute polka dots. Congrats about your third child coming back to the states, and on the family reunion. I know my mom is much happier when all the kids are back in the house. What do huckleberries taste like? I just remember my Huckleberry Pie doll from when I was a kid, but I've never tasted them. Picking sounds like so much fun! They have blueberry bushes near me...I should go pick someday, just for the workout alone!

Thanks, ADD! I wouldn't worry about this week alone, but last month I lost 16 pounds on Phase 2. That's 4 pounds a week. So that makes five weeks straight of losing four pounds or more a week. I think that might be a bit much, although part of me is crying, "I have 100 pounds to go...who cares if it's fast...I can't wait to lose it!!!". Oy! Your tasks at least sound fun...hope you enjoy them as you rush on through! I know how you feel about hours in the day! My driver's ed instructor told us every day (and at that time, I thought he was a dork) that "we all get just 24 hours, no matter how rich or poor or young or old you are, we all get exactly 24 hours each day." He was SO right.
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Faith in me
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Good Afternoon Ladies!

little chick I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding. They are always fun to go to. I always get misty eyed when I see my friends get married. I can't wait until my brother has his!

Mamacita I hope you have a great time at the opening of the park

Ruthxxx I really do hope your poor wrist feels better soon! Maybe the men who will install your windows will be nice to look at!

sweet tooth You are a brave woman...I can't even imagine having a bikini wax

RNNMOM I didn't even know huckleberries were real I thought Huckleberry was just a character from a book What do they taste like?

beachgal I bet that tea does taste good! I bet your toes look so cute!

I've been hanging out around the house today. My brother and his soon to be fiance are coming over later to show off her new car. I found out my cousins from GA are coming up tonight for a week. Also if any of you are in Florida, watch the Miss Florida pageant tomorrow night! My older cousin is in it! Have a great weekend ladies!

"Tomorrow is always fresh" - AGG
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good evening, Chicks~~

Let's see if I can come up with a coherent train of thought here...

Jodi, I'm SO jealous of your zucchini bargain! Before the Japanese beetle invasion, I grew my own squash and tomatoes, but the @#%*ing bugs get everything before I can. So, I've given up.

Beach Gal, I've been a storyteller for as long as I can remember...when I was 3, I held the moon in my hands. One of my handspinner friends is also into crazy quilting...she's made some awesome stuff over the years. One quilt has a diamond tennis bracelet sewn into it. Tried some of that African Red Tea (rooibos) but it had a funky flavor I can't get my tastebuds to accept.

RNMOM, I make lots of Mexican type foods and use a ton of cumin (cominos to me). But I've never used it to season broccoli...hmmm....I wonder.... Spinach is easy..sauted with a little bit of bacon, onion and garlic. :

Sweet Tooth...never had a bikini wax, but in the novella I'm working on, I put in a scene where a character gets an unexpected "Brazilian" Had a great time writing it and my writing partner laughed til she just about needed a Depends. Speaking of whom, she was very understanding about the lack of production on my part this week. Just just expects a whole chapter next week! Now, how to wrest the computer away from hubby this weekend...maybe I can lure him downstairs to watch the baseball game.

HAGN everyone~~

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If you like the African red tea from the Republic of teas you might want to try the Kalahari red tea...I love the Zambezi Red Chai..it has pepper in it. it is just kalahari dot com They are caffeine free and it is great I think it is the honey bush tea that tastes kind of like beer to me. There are about 7 different flavors they are all great.

35 yo SAHM.
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goal for August 9 lbs

"We are the pencil in the hand of God" ..Mother Theresa
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