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Old 06-30-2004, 05:19 PM   #1
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Default New Beach mama coming in!!

Hi everybody!! Although I have already posted, I would like to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Elissa, I'm 34 yrs. old and I am a working single mom to three kids. Before getting married (no longer married now) and having my last two children, I would naturally weigh between 120 and 130 lbs. (I am 5' 2 1/2"). Since getting married and having two more babies, I reached a high of 180 lbs!! Last year I went on weight watchers and lost 20 lbs. Then, I kinda sorta stopped and gained back 5 bringing me to a whopping 165 pounds! I started SBD 2 weeks ago and to my dissapointment didn't lose any weight. After reading some of the boards here I realized that cheating was a BIG no no in phase I. SO, I have started all over, going hard core this time, and today I am on day 2 of phase I. If anybody has any suggestions, ideas, recipes, or menu plans they found works, I seriously welcome them! Thanks for having me and good luck to all of you!!
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Welcome! Look in the recipe section for a ton of great recipes for Phase 1. The Taco Bake recipe that is under Phase 1 Entrees is one that can be eaten easily as Phase 1 but you can serve to your kids with tortillas at the same time. I know I find it much easier when I can get my son to eat the same thing that I am eating. Do you have the SBD Cookbook? I think that is where I got the Eggplant Pizzetta's that were good. I topped the eggplant with the pizza stuff for me (canadian bacon, mushrooms, onions, lowfat cheese) and used a tortilla for my son. Your kids can use whatever toppings they like.
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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Hi Barb! Yep...I've had the eggplant pizzettas too....isn't it gooood? My kids eat ALMOST the same as what I eat. OCCASIONALLY I'll make some rice or potatoes for them but it goes w/the meat, veggie and salad on their plate too! I didn't buy the cookbook but I have found a ton of good recipes online and I haven't tried the taco bake yet but that is a recipe I printed out to definately try. Can I ask you...what did you eat on an average day in phase I? (Since I see you've lost a ton of weight you obviously know what you're doing! Congratulations!!!!)
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As I think, I am.
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Hi, Elissa....Nice to meet you! I'm new too and trying to learn everyone's names on here It takes a while to sort thru all the different personalities.

I'm probably about the same size as you. I'm 5'4.5" and started at 202.5. This is my highest weight ever and I'm completely mortified. I'm so ready to do whatever it takes at this point to get it off.

So far, I'm liking the plan and all the good food I can eat. It's quite different for me as I've never done anything but counting calories and fats. Being able to eat good fats feels very, very alien to me. I'm always feeling like I'm cheating eating nuts and cheeses.

Oh well, the proof will be in the weigh in after 2 weeks.

I'll be watching for your updates. Oh, I have to cook for a family too. They have been eating much healthier these past few days.

Phase 1, Day 4
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Old 06-30-2004, 06:08 PM   #5
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Hello Coolflowers! I know what you mean...it's like you have to re-train your thinking of what you can eat. When I switched from Weight Watchers to SBD it was the same thing for me. I have a question....in phase I can we have Ranch dressing (the plain, not low or non fat, ranch?)
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Old 06-30-2004, 07:51 PM   #6
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Welcome to the beach, ebplus3!
Yes, you CAN have Ranch dressing, and any other, as long as it has LESS than 3 grams of sugar.
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Hittin' the Beach
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Hi Elissa, nice to meet you. Welcome to the beach, I think everyone has given you great answers so I'm here to say hi!
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Default Hiya

you'll love it here.............there are a few rowdy people, but for the most part we behave.
Heaviest ever! 190.5
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In 2004 I started the incredible journey of SB and lost 53.5 pounds! I am ready to find that road again!

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I can do this!
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Welcome, Elissa! Beautiful name!

Good idea to start again. SBD is really flexible in Phases 2 and 3 and can accomodate cheats, but they don't work well in Phase 1. I'm sure you'll do great! If you have time, the Hidden Valley Ranch packets made from scratch will make great SBD friendly dressing. Just make sure you don't use full fat milk. You'll know what to do after reading the book. I like Pfeiffer brand ranch and bleu cheese dressings. They are great and only have 1g sugar. Yum!
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Hi Ellissa

rnmom, waddya mean, rowdy??? We are all as cucumbers, in spite of too much now and again..........and over use of icons


Here's the new rule. Break the wine glass and fall in to the glass blower's breath.
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Come on Spring!
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Rowdy? Would you be referring to me?

Welcome to the Beach, eb!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Elissa, welcome! Good for you for getting back on track!!
I am a runner!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to take all the evil people and put them over there, then we wouldn't have to deal with them. And all of us good people would stay right here. The problem is that the line separating good and evil cuts right through the human heart." Alexander Solzenitzen
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Elissa - I'm so glad you are here! The people here are nice, and I suspect that by the time you finish Phase 1 you will know most quite well!

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I put together a detailed response and then the computer ate it! This time I'll post part and then come back and edit it. Here are some of the foods I ate on Phase 1:

Breakfast- scrambled eggs OR fried egg OR quiche OR SF FF vanilla yogurt

AM Snack- 20 peanuts OR cauliflower (with or without dip) OR meat and cheese rollup

Lunch- grilled chicken w/black beans and grilled vegetables OR sardines/lettuce/cheese OR grilled shrimp and asparagus OR Shrimp Tortilla soup (no tortillas and used lowfat cheese) OR steak w/zucchini/onions/mushrooms and avocado salsa OR pork chop w/brussel sprouts and cabbage

PM snack- 20 peanuts OR yogurt OR devilled egg OR cauliflower (depending on what I had in the morning)

Dinner- Italian Style Spaghetti Squash OR Eggplant Pizzettas OR bean and turkey soup OR Shrimp Creole OR Red Snapper Courtbouillon OR trout with Avocado Salsa OR steak w/tomatoes and green beans and broccoli OR pork chop with brussel sprouts and cabbage OR Spicy Chicken Bean Soup

Dessert- occasionally had a SF fudgecicle. Tried the fudgecicle/peanut butter/Cool Whip recipe and thought it was too rich but my son still has me make it for him.

Oh, I also sometimes added shredded cabbage to recipes that would normally be served with rice to bulk them up a bit. I think I did that to the Shrimp Creole and the Red Snapper Courtboullon.

Hope this helps!
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
HW/SW/CW/GW -230/213/195/140

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