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Question Need Help

I have read the book. I think I am doing it right but....

I read posts on here and you guys talk about "the amount of X you are allowed per day on Phase I or Phase II" . Is there another book I should get to clear up portion sizes? Plus the foods you mention are not on the lists in my book. I thought that as long as I stuck to the lists of do's and don'ts portion sizes (within reason) didn't matter. I don't even know how many carbs / calories / fat grams etc. are allow in the different phases.

As I have said before, I am in my 4th week and slowly transitioning from I to II. I started this because I was FFF (Fat-Forty-Four) and I don't want to be FFFive. I have lost 12 pounds but that was in the first 2.5 weeks and I have now stalled.

Also, I mentioned I have NO energy. Yesterday I purchased extra vitamins to see if that would help (B-Complex, Calcium, Vitamin E) to add to my multi that I try to take everyday.

I am just wondering if perhaps there is another book or if perhaps that file that was posted here would give more insight. I don't have much money but I am willing to get another book if needed but I can't do the eDiet thing. I want to get it right

I really want this to work, I feel like it is my last chance. It "seems" like the right diet to get thin AND healthy but I need help

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First of all (((((Nina))). Rest assured you will be OK and will soon change your signature to " experienced and self-assured".

Be sure to check out ALL the stickies over in the the FAQ section, particularly the revisions which will show you stuff that is NOT in the Book. As to portion sizes, a half cup of legumes, a single slice of whole grain bread, half a whole grain pita is the norm. We are not supposed to fret about calories, fats or carbs but calories do count. Some of us use www.fitday.com to check out our daily intake.

Hang in there and ask questions. Some of us did buy the Good Fat/Good Carbs Guide which is US$7.99 but it is not really necessary although it does cover food not in the original book.

Hang in there and keep posting!
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Wise and lovely Ruth has done a great job of putting you on the right track. There is endless info in the stickies on these pages. You have the right idea, but realize that the book was written over two years ago, and Dr. A is committed to modifying the diet to reflect new knowledge in food studies and health. For instance, because of the new information on glycemic load, we are now allowed a medium banana in Phase 2, something that is listed as a "food to avoid" in the book. Likewise, we are also allowed carrots in Phase 2, which is not listed in the main book, but I believe is listed in the Cookbook. I highly suggest getting the cookbook...you can get it very cheaply at Wal*Mart and it has many wonderful recipes. In addition, both the cookbook and the GFGCG have updated lists of foods to enjoy and avoid. Also, sign up for the free "Daily Dish" e-mail at the SBD website. That tells you new information about the diet (the bananas were discussed in a Daily Dish last week) and good info on staying healthy.

Things to count are:

75 cals (at most) of non-nutritive sweets (artificial sweeteners, SF gum, SF popsicles and Jell-o, etc.)
No more than 2 1/2 cups of dairy a day (i.e. five servings)
One serving of nuts each day (2 Tbsp of natural PB, OR 15 almonds, OR 15 cashews, OR 15 walnuts, OR 20 peanuts, OR 30 pistachios)

That's basically it. The diet really is easy to work. Good for you on the vitamins. That should help, as should transitioning to Phase 2! Are you drinking enough water? You need to drink at least 63 oz a day, I believe, and you shouldn't count more than 2 glasses of things like crystal light to that total. Plain old water is so good for you, keeps everything hydrated, and helps you reduce water weight. You might be dehydrated, too, and if so, drinking water will help you become more energetic! Also, are you having issues with constipation? If so, take Senakot (my OB/GYN says it's very gentle and non-addictive) and see if that helps. Being constipated makes me pretty lethargic. After four weeks on Phase 1, I can imagine that you'd have some problems with that. Also, take your metamucil. It does help, especially if you are drinking a lot of water.

HTH! I think you'll find this diet doing wonderful things for you! :
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Thanks guys.

I have been browsing around. Gathering info.

I DO drink lots & lots of water. At LEAST 64 oz per day. Since I cut out Diet Coke water is all I drink.

I am doing the Metamucil and yes the constipation is a problem. I was previously a drinker (rather heavy) so had the "other" problem for years. My cocktails were one of the things that had to go to be on the Beach.

I guess I will get the GFGCG to see what's what.

You mentioned Daily Dish from the SBD website but don't you have to pay to get that? or did I miss something?

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To subscribe to the website you do have to pay, but if you do the free diet profile, I think there's a checkbox that asks if you want daily email updates from the Daily Dish. Naturally, they push the subscribing thing after the diet profile, but whatever... This is how I got on the Daily Dish list. If this has changed, someone please chime in and correct me.

Part of why I was so sold on the SBD is that I didn't have to pay someone for the weight I'm losing. No special meals or fees or weigh ins.
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