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Default Phase 2 Questions

Hi, all! I'm most of the way through my first week of Phase 2 and have some questions:
  • Is there still a limit to 75 cals from sweets in Phase 2? If so, does sweetened yogurt count in that total?
  • We are limited to two servings of good carbs a day, right?
  • What is the daily limit on fruit (or is this something that is based on your own experiences...as much as you can eat and still lose weight kind of thing?)
  • We are still limited to one serving of nuts per day on Phase 2, right?
  • Can we have phyllo dough on Phase 2?
  • Can we go by the serving size on the package for our carbs?
  • How much chocolate should we consume at one sitting? (obviously a small amount, but are we talking about an ounce, half an ounce, what?)

Thanks guys! I am sure I will come up with more questions...but for now I am set with these.
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Ok I will try and answer your questions based upon my knowledge from the book and this website.

Yes, you are still limited to 75 calories for sweets. No your yogurt does not count.

Your carbs are not limited and we do not count carbs. We just eat GOOD carbs. You are probably referring to the fact that you can add whole grains back in such as whole wheat bread, Fiber one cereal. I believe it is recommended that you add in one whole grain and one fruit and see how that goes and then eventually you can add 3 of each/day. I am on week three of phase 2 and am still only adding one of each.

Nuts continue to be limited as you said.

Not sure what phyllo dough is! Sorry :blush:

I follow pkgs serving sizes and am doing well. For instance whole wheat tortillas say 1 is a serving so I just have one. Fiber 1 1/2 cup and that is what I stick to.

I think choc. is a trigger food for me so I limit it a LOT but you will have to see what works for you. I would reccommend a serving size if needed but remember to stick to bittersweet or semi-sweet.

I hope this helps! Good luck. You will love phase 2 although I find myself bouncing back from Phase 1 to two the last couple of weeks. You will see what works for you.
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HI Beachgal!
well i'm also in the beginning stages of phase 2. i don't have specific answers for your questions but i can say that when starting out i added one piece of fruit per day. my 2nd week of phase 2 i added on starch every other day plus the fruit that i now have daily. so far i think i have 2-3 servings of fruit per day, (ie one peach, apple, some slices of mango) and i've been doing fine. i have not had too much starch carbs as of yet. only whole wheat pita at lunch on days i work out. i'm really scared of adding more, though maybe i should. i'm not sure. i am losing weight slowly and i dont' wanna further stall it by eating too many starch carbs. i'm gonna see how this goes for a bit and i might add more carbs as time goes on since i am still just starting out. i'm gonna see how my body reacts to it all.

just start slowly and i think you'll do fine! btw congrats on reaching the 200's! you're doing so great!

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I'm thinking phyllo dough would have a bit of trans fat in it and refined carbs... I'd only eat it on rare occassions... I am not sure though so if anyone knows otherwise feel free to correct me.

Congrats on your fabulous results

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Phyllo is usually brushed with melted butter and stacked before it is baked. It is also usually made with white flour so I'm afraid it's a big no. Sorry!
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Hi, guys!

Thanks for all the great ideas! I am certain I read somewhere in the cookbook that phyllo was okay, but only to use three slices, max, and use an SBD approved butter substitute rather than butter for the layers. But then I saw the phyllo cups in the cookbook, and they are labeled as Phase 3. Not sure on that. Ruth, I'll try to find where I read it.

I can't remember where I read the two carbs per day rule. I think I'll stick with it for now and see how I do. If I continue to lose, I might try three a day. I'm amazed at how much two a day seems...it's still such a treat!

So the 75 cals for sweets is only for sweets that have no other redeeming factor, right? (empty calories). We are not counting the aspartame in yogurt or in whipped cream (made by hand), but we are counting the sweetener in popsicles, gum, and Jello, right?

Does anyone have any idea what the amount of bittersweet or dark chocolate should be? I would love to know!
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