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Question Why . . . Oh Why? Please tell me!

Hello everyone. I'm new here, but I've been watching the boards for months. This is the best one; much friendlier.

I tried the SBD a few months ago, but fell off the wagon 2 days before Phase 1 ended. I was losing, but . . . I have a hubby who is the son of a Mississippi Chef. "Just fry it" is their un-official motto. The menu challenge was tough.

I started SB again 2 days ago, and I'm already down 5 lbs. on the scale. (I'm 5'5, 170 lbs (now), and a size 12-14.) I'm in denial right now, and I can't figure out why. I love bad, refined, 0 value carbs, and the fact that this works so well for me is kind of a bummer, ya know? I'd almost feel better if I flopped, in an odd way. That way I could keep my bad food friends, and have an excuse.

Could someone tell me in real plain terms what weight I'm losing? I just don't understand the water weight concept. My tummy definitely feels and looks less bloated. Its where I carry 80% of my weight- the post-baby zone. Ugghh. By the way, my kids are 4 & 7.

Say a little prayer for me, I'll need it. Thanks.
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I wish I could explain what weight you are losing, but I don't know. However, I wish you welcome and hope that you can find the strength to keep on with this diet!

I totally know where you are coming from...I am a total food addict, and find that I am completely bereft when torn away from my 'friends'. The truth is, however, that these 'friends' do not really help us in the long run. I keep trying to think of that when I have cravings. This board can be really supportive. I hope that things work out for you! Search for recipes that make you feel happy (if you like Mexican food, try the taco bake!) and keep lots of foods that you like and are OP in your kitchen with none of the bad stuff. Tell your DH that if he wants to have you around for a long time, he will move his fried stuff to his parents or eat out at restaurants. Ask him to stop making it around you! To tell the truth, even if he is skinny, he probably has horrible cholesterol issues with all that fried food. Perhaps he can do SBD with you! My husband is very skinny, only two inches wider around his waist than he was in High School! However, he has a tiny belly, which makes me scared of his fitting Dr. A's "central fat" paradigm. He is, thankfully, doing this with me. I am sure that he will probably be on Phase 3 before you say "boo!", but at least I know that he is not eating the stuff I want in front of me.

I hope your DH can be more supportive and you can find a way to eat that works for you and makes you healthy!
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Hi Midwestmama, and welcome to the beach! I must say, I used to be just like you - I loved my trashy carbs! There used to be nothing better that potato chips with a huge bowl of ice cream. I've been on SBD since Jan 26, and now I don't even desire those kinds of food. My taste buds have changed dramatically. I still enjoy a good dessert now and then, but a spoonful or 2 is all I want. Hopefully you will find that happening to you, too. Good luck!
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Hi Midwestmama! Welcome. I too used to love the crappy carbs and when people like cottagebythesea would tell me that my tastes would change I would think, "you REALLY don't know me!" (Sorry, cottage but it's true.) The crazy thing is that she WAS telling the truth!! I can hardly believe it but I have really lost interest in most starchy, fried, empty-carb foods. That's not to say I don't get occasional cravings, but they are fewer and further between. Good luck and hang in there!

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Not sure why I couldn't sign on for a few days?? Anyway, thanks for the words of support! So nice to have some encouragement. Yesterday was my b-day, and I'm on day 6 of Phase 1. Everyone kept saying, "just have a piece of cake, it's your birthday". I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs,

Also, just wondering. My gal pal is a nurse. I told her I was doing SB diet, and she just went off. Said I was ruining my body, ect. Kept lumping it in with Atkins. When I read her the food list in defense, she kind of calmed down and said "Oh, it's just low-fat; which is OK". I don't think it's just low-fat. By the way, she is more overweight than me; so go figure.

And, this is my last vent. When people, like my mom, finally develope Diabetes, they have to go on a "diet" very similar to SB. What is wrong with just changing eating patterns before you develope full blown Diabetes?

Whoops, my daughter just got up. Thanks, and keep up the good work everyone. Your posts crack me UP
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