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Old 09-02-2003, 12:08 PM   #1
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Question New to the Beach

Hi Everyone,
Today is my first day on the beach. I have been reading your site for a couple weeks as I prepared myself to dive head first into the water. This is it. DH has agreed to join me this time, so maybe we can do this together.
I have several questions about the diet. There seems to be a bit of inconsistency in Dr. A's book. He says it is OK to have caffeinated coffee, but the suggested menus for Phase 1 call for decaffeinated. He tells us it is better to eat whole foods rather than juices, but then the menus call for tomato juice. He says eggs are OK, but many recipes call for egg substitute. Am I missing something important? Are these things OK only in certain circumstances but not others?
I am not sure how the journals work. Will I be able to use that feature to keep track of my food intake and exercise and weight, or is it meant for tracking the emotional part of dieting?
Thanks Ruth and everyone for making me feel confident that I can do this and that I will have a large, unseen support group.
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Hi Koalabear! I'm just starting my second week of Phase 2. I am really enjoying this diet because I am never hungry. Sorry I can't answer your questions, but I just wanted to say hello!
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Welcome, Koalabear. You will love it on The Beach!

Let's tackle the questions one at a time.

1. "OK to have caffeinated coffee, but the suggested menus for Phase 1 call for decaffeinated." Sometimes weightloss is affected by caffeine but, if yours is not, go ahead and have real coffee.

2. "He tells us it is better to eat whole foods rather than juices, but then the menus call for tomato juice." I think he meant whole fruits, rather than their juices. Tomatoes are considered a veggie as they have a lower Glycemic Index than oranges, for example.

3. "eggs are OK, but many recipes call for egg substitute." Some doctors want their patients to limit the use of whole eggs so egg substitute is suggested. I also use the substitute for shakes, rather than fresh eggs, as it is pasteurized.

4. "Am I missing something important? Are these things OK only in certain circumstances but not others? " Nope you are not missing much. It depends on your personal circumstances. This is a flexible plan so he leaves the choices up to us, not like Atkins where coffee is out, for example.

5. re Journals: "Will I be able to use that feature to keep track of my food intake and exercise and weight, or is it meant for tracking the emotional part of dieting?" You can use your journal for whatever you want. Some folks track their food, some track their feelings, some use it to rant and some use it as a "notes to self" feature.

I hope this helps. I'd give you page references but am too lazy to go downstairs for the book. Post away with any further questions.
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Welcome Koalabear
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Koalabear! Welcome aboard...you'll love it here! Post often and let us know how you are doing.

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Old 09-02-2003, 04:50 PM   #6
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Welcome Koalabear. This is a great group of ladies, and you'll find lots of help and support here. Lizzie
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Welcome koalabear. This is a great place to come to get your questions answered. Come often. Julie

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Welcome Koala!!!

I think it is vague at some points so you can adapt it to what is going to work for you, and Ruth gave you all the answers you were looking for.

Just a note on the decaf ... at first I did not give up my caffeinated coffee thinking it wouldn't make a difference, but for me it did ... the first week or so the weight really didn't come off as quickly as I would have expected so I started using half caffeine/half decaf, then went to all decaf ... that's when I really starting loosing. Try going without caffeine (or wean yourself off like I did) and see if you are one of those whose weight is affected by caffeine ...
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Come to the Daily at the Beach.


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Welcome to the Beach Koala!! (By the way, I love koalas, I think they're adorable!!)

I can't really add anything to what Ruth said. You're right, there seem to be a lot of inconsistencies in the book, and I agree with Ruth that this plan really does have a lot of flexibility and allows you to taylor it for how you react to it.

Be sure to visit here often, and ask questions as they come up. Post on the daily thread, or start a new thread whenever you want to.
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Thumbs down Hi, Koalabear!!!

Welcome to the beach, Koalabear!

I'm so happy you can join us. I'm in week 2 of SBD, and really loving it!
The plan is so flexible (as Ruth told you) , and if you ever have a problem, just post it, and many wonderful "Beach Ladies" will come to the rescue. Just reading the daily posts has helped answer many of my questions.

My DH eats the foods that I eat, also. It's a healthy way of eating, and I know it will be good for him, too.

Just jump right in to the SBD, and come join us often!!

Have a great time on the Beach!
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Welcome ...this is a very good place to be....

I am on day 6 myself. This is the longest that I have stuck to the WOE that I know is best for me in 5 years. I would not be doing this if it were for the wonderful geneorsity on these boards!!!

Good Luck!!!
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YOu will love this place and this diet! I am having such an easy time and I never have an easy time on diets!!

Everyone here is sooo sweet!

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Welcome to the BEACH..Ruth gave u great advise,,,I do and have drank 3 large cups of reg coffee and still hv lost weight but use egg beaters because much lower on calories,,,it is just what u feel u can deal with...may have to alter ur thoughts after 1st week,,,I lost 13lbs 1st 2wks...LOL...........GOFISHIN
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