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Default Frankenfoods

I saw this word used here and it got me to thinking. Low carb is now what low fat was to the eighties and nineties. Remember when fat free cookies came out? I go to Trader Joes to shop and there is a whole section of low carb food. You can get low carb spaghetti, low carb beer, low carb candy! I am just wondering what the backlash will be 10 years from now.

It seemed in the eighties that we could have as much sugar as we wanted, as long as we ditched the fat. The result was rampant obesity. Now it is the opposite. I see that some of these Frankenfoods now have twice the fat of the regular versions! So what, in 10 years are we going to experience rampant heart disease?

I think our society is looking for a magic bullet. I myself have tried many different diets looking for that miracle. It occurs to me that we have tried to gold plate the real magic bullet: whole, unprocessed, ungenetically modified, unmanipulated food.

I am very appreciative of the tone the SBD sets. Dr. A doesn't let us rely on these gold plated magic bullet foods- these
Frankenfoods! It is reassuring to know that we won't be part of the backlash statistics 10 years from now!
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I think that what makes this so different is that it's not lo carb, but healthy carb. Especially since it was designed by a cardiologist! I agree that I don't think there will be a backlash in 10 years because we are learning to eat healthier now
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I have to agree that people who rely heavily on "frankenfoods" are setting themselves up for trouble. Even if something is labeled "low carb," it is still processed food! So if they take the carbs out, what are they replacing them with?

I too like the fact that SBD tries to focus on whole, healthy food. Dr. Agatson talks a great deal about the process of metabolizing food and the fact that processed food already has a lot of the "work" done before you even put it in your mouth! Which just makes it all too easy for your body to use the energy too quickly.

I have made an effort to stay away from "frankenfoods" and it hasn't been too difficult. I have yet to buy something labeled "low carb," and hopefully won't start. I really don't want to fall into that black hole!

I read somewhere the quote "IF IT GROWS THAT WAY, ITS OKAY"
Now that is some food for thought!

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I tried a low carb chocolate bar and all it did was make me really yearn for the real thing. I don't think that I've ever eaten as many fresh vegetables as I have these last 2 weeks. Julie

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Exclamation Frankenfood

Who, what, when, where, how??

We don't have that in our stores, so I think I am lucky!


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