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Questions . . .

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Question Questions . . .

What does "DH" "OP" and "DF" mean? (Still learning MB shorthand.)

Do you try hard to stay away from caffeine? I'm planning on trying to cut down, but I know if I go cold turkey, I'll get MONSTER headache. I need to wean several things out of my diet:

1. Sugar (so far, so good)
2. White flour (ditto)
3. Aspartame ("Equal")
4. Caffeine

I figure that's a good order to go in to eliminate stuff.


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Hi Tricia,
DH=dear husband, DF=dear friend, DS=dear son, etc.
OP=on program or plan
WOE=way of eating
WOL=way of life

I keep the caffeine down to 2-3 cups of coffee a day and a few diet cokes (2-3) a week. I need my caffeine.

I do use sugar substitutes such as splenda and aspartame but we are supposed to keep those foods to 75 cals a day.
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I tried eliminating caffeine and was NOT happy. Headaches, plus I was depriving myself of something I really enjoy (Diet Coke) that isn't the worst thing I could do. So, after the third or fourth day, I went back to Diet Coke and now that I am at the end of the first week of Phase 1, I've lost 10 lbs, so I haven't seen the negative effects. (I've read a couple of things stating that while caffeine can influence insulin production and your metabolism, the results are negligable at most.)

Splenda and Equal have 0 calories, I believe, so I think you are okay with them in iced tea (I did find decaf iced tea to be a help).

I got rid of ALL sugar and white flour and rice, etc, as well as all forms of alcohol. I feel a few Diet Cokes a day isn't going to kill me, and will go a long way towards keeping me sane. It may not be optimal, but I really don't think it is going to completely derail you, either--maybe just try to balance the consumption by keeping up with your water drinking, as well. (IE, don't let the coffee or diet soda or whatever become a replacement for the water.)
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Thanks so much! Great ideas. I agree, artificial sweeteners may not be optimal, but there are worse things to ingest!

185 (Feb. 2003, started WW)
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Besides isn't the purpose of this diet to not be deprived?? That's what usually sets me up for a food binge. JUlie

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