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Old 08-10-2003, 05:58 AM   #1
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Lightbulb Silent Sunday DAILY 8/10

Just for today......

I will not complain, I will not talk about anything negative, I will not think any negative thoughts and I will not belitttle myself for any reason.

Just for today I will think about NOTHING!
I will revamp my attitude. I will write me a letter stating all my good points, NOT my bad.
I will tell someone something positive about them.

Just for today I shall take some time to be with ME and to reflect on this past week in a positive manner. I shall look to my inner child and rejoice that she is still there and helping me on this journey.

Just for today I shall be quiet and think about the good that I am doing.

Just for today I will remember my old way of eating and living.

Just for today I will let go and not worry.

Just for today I will.......?

The ants came marching BACK!! My kitchen looks like a grocery store. This time they attacked my NEW ww crackers!! Heaven to Mergatroid! I want them GONE! RAID, where are you? SPLAT! you're outta here!

Will take mom to church then come home and play exterminator, once again! I baited them with these ww crackers and I shall soon see....hopefully NO ANTS!


Drat, all caps! Oh well, I really wasn't shouting, but on the other hand...hee hee

Have a GREAT Silent Sunday.

You all put a on this Lady's face.

Lady Marcie

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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Old 08-10-2003, 06:35 AM   #2
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Now Marcie, darling... would "an ant rant" be classified as "negative"? You poor girl. Nature is taking over your house. Could be worse, hon. Could be cockroaches. shudder.

I'm feeling good this morning (except for the humidity, but that would be negative). We're heading to Montreal for a few days with the children. Friends are watching the house for us, and it's great to be getting away. The kids are SO excited. We're taking the train (a new experience for both of them) and staying in a "nice" hotel. Also a new experience for them. They're used to camping and cottaging, and are looking forward to a wee bit of luxury.

I'll talk to everyone when I get back. Love and hugs to all...
I am a runner!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to take all the evil people and put them over there, then we wouldn't have to deal with them. And all of us good people would stay right here. The problem is that the line separating good and evil cuts right through the human heart." Alexander Solzenitzen
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Old 08-10-2003, 07:32 AM   #3
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Oh Lady, how I love your posts....(Heavens to Mergatroid..haven't heard or said that in ages, made me smile)
Now for the ant thing...I had them, got them out with this: mix boric acid powder with karo syrup and place on little pieces of cardboard or in flat jar covers and slip them under the fridge, stove, and put one or two in your panty...I think it works. You can search on line for the exact *recipe*...Just be sure to keep them out of the way of pets....

I am back on the beach and enjoying the comfort of the sand and the warm sun on my face...much better than my stint on the boardwalk (got splinters in my feet!)...Hoping I am not tempted by the boardwalk for a long time!

peace to all,
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Old 08-10-2003, 07:50 AM   #4
In Control: E+R=O
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Marcie, you always give us something to think about, thank you for today's post.

I have been revamping my attitude about some things, not just for today but from this day forward. I am in charge of my destiny, and even though I con't control everything that happens around me, I can control how I react to those things. And my reaction will not be to run to my old comfort foods but rather to find the strength within myself to deal with whatever is happening in my world, and to rely on good friends for support when necessary.

Ellis, have fun in Montreal!! It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned. We are going to miss you while you're gone.

Tina, pull the splinters out of your toes and then bury them back in the warm sand!

I let myself over-indulge (I refuse to use the word cheat) a little bit last night. I decided to try some pistachios again, and bought a bag yesterday. Well, I guess it was a little too soon to try, because I ate the whole bag while I was watching Trading Spaces on TV. At least it was not the biggest bag, so that's a positive! Ah well, now I know to keep them out of the house for a while longer. And it most definitely could have been worse....it could have been peanut M&Ms.

Enjoy your Sunday at the beach ladies!!!
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Old 08-10-2003, 08:19 AM   #5
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What a gorgeous day it is today!!!!!!!!!

Lady~~While you're at church, pray that the ants will be gone when you get back~~~miracles do happen

Gofishin~~I was wondering how the puppies are doing. I'm so glad they all made it and I hope that Nacho has finally come out from under the chair and bonded with his babies

Ellis~~Have a wonderful trip. I will miss you sooooo much while you are gone

Tina~~Welcome back to the beach. I saved your spot under the umbrella

2Dog~~Keep the positive attitudes: they look good on you

Today I'm going to start the morning with my coffee outside on the deck and watch the birds and butterflies. At the end of the day I will relax in a nice hot lavender bath and reflect upon all the wonderful things in my life (including my Beach Chicks ).

Have a great one
March start wt=146, goal= 130
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Old 08-10-2003, 09:12 AM   #6
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Good morning all!

I didn't post yesterday because my Crohn's Disease was on ACTIVE flare-up. I was pretty much on Percocet all day. And, because I felt lso terrible, all I had to eat yesteday was a container of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Ice Cream. Not exactly "beach food". But, I felt terrible and that is what I wanted. Much better today, so I am back to all beach all the time.

Ellis - you will LOVE Montreal. I couldn't tell from your post if you have been there yet or not, so I hope I am not telling you something you already know. Lots of great shopping, places to eat, and you have gotta ride the metro. Gets you to alot of places in the city. If you weren't bringing little kids, I would even suggest checking out the Casino. Have a blast!

Well, that's all for today. Talk to you guys soon.

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Old 08-10-2003, 09:12 AM   #7
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DH and I talked about SBD last night a bit. I explained how Leens asked me how it was going. I told her that this isn't an all-or-nothing WOE. No, we did not stay 100% on the plan! We goofed a few times and on purpose. But, we went right back on the plan right after.

There was no feeling like failures, no regrets. Thin people don't beat themselves up if they eat pizza or have an alcoholic drink! They enjoy it and then continue to eat healthy!

I haven't weighed myself and I don't know if DH did or not. We both feel that our clothing feels looser. We also notice that we stay feeling satisfied between meals. When we eat carbs, we got hungry sooner.
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Old 08-10-2003, 11:21 AM   #8
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Thank you so much Marcie for your words today. This is a bad day for me. My husband is working and I am home alone. Always a dangerous situation. That's usually when I binge like crazy. So just for today I will keep myself busy. I'm taking my dog for his shots and going to buy him a harness for walking. He is only 20 pounds but a strong little guy. He gets too excited when we walk on the beach with the people and other dogs.
Ellis have a great time in Montrral. It's a beautifull city. Tina enjoy the beach. Unfortunatly they are predicting more thunder storms for us today. Tippy, I wish that I could keep away from the scale. Unfortunatly I am drawn to it like the proverbial moth. Enjoy the day all. Julie

8/4/03 230
present 210
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Old 08-10-2003, 12:18 PM   #9
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Good afternoon girls!!!

Marcie, thank you again for your words of wisdom ... I have so much to do today but I think I'll cross a few things off the list ...

Tippy ... even though the scale may not register any weight sometimes, feeling like you've lost and your clothes being looser is more important ... when you feel good you look good!!!

Ellis ... have fun in Montreal; never been to Canada but planning a trip when my youngest graduates from high school in 2005 and thats where I'm going ...

Twodog ... I can't handle the nuts with any moderation (or the peanut M & M s) ... at least you only ate a small bag!!!

Have a nice day on the beach everyone!!!

SBD 150/140/130
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Old 08-10-2003, 12:56 PM   #10
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Good Morning!!

Thanks for the warm welcome

Just got back from grocery shopping.

Made some sirloin burgers on the George Forman to take to work for lunch or have for a quick dinner. Cut up all my vegetables and I think I am ready.

Having a hard time getting away from the Atkins thinking with lots of fat. I find myself thinking I can have that and then realize it's a no no

Anyways I guess it will all come together in time.

Day 1 starts tommorrow.
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Old 08-10-2003, 01:07 PM   #11
Captain of MY Destiny!
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Default Enjoying the silence...

Marcie, thank you again for your thoughtful post. I am trying to take your words to heart and not run around like crazy today. It is my only full day off with the rest of the family and I often feel I have to overcompensate and "do stuff." Maybe just a bike ride later if the weather holds.

We have problems with ants as well...I have my DH put down a line of diazonon around the house foundation....a last resort for me, but it works.

Ellis, have a wonderful time in Montreal! I have heard so many good things about the city and would like to visit some time.

Tina, shift over and make room for me! I have been tempted by that boardwalk as well...so far I have managed to NOT raid the food stalls, but I need a spell on the beach!

Twodog, sorry about the pistachios...I don't even keep them in the house 'cuz I'd raid the stash. I think my DH has some hidden somewhere but only eats them when I am at work. Bless him. And your efforts to change and revamp your attitude will not go unrewarded!

2BFIT1, ah...coffee on the deck...sounds like a piece of heaven! I may try a spell out on the patio later if it doesn't get too hot and muggy.

Nikki, sorry to hear you were feeling so badly yesterday. Sending good thoughts your way for a better day today...and tomorrow...and the next day....

Tippy, you are so right...when I started this I was a member of the "all or nothing club!" I couldn't make one bad choice without going back to all my old, ugly habits. Now I know I can deviate from my plan and not completely derail my progress...and it makes a world of difference!

Julie, you are on the right track...you know today COULD be a bad day for you, so you have plans to keep busy! Good for you! I am thinking about putting my scale in the closet or up on a shelf for a while...out of sight, out of mind? I don't worry too much about what it says, though. When I am eating right and getting my exercise I don't put a lot of stock in the scale...but I still can't stay off of it! Argggg

Kathy, hope your day is as productive as you want it to be!

ZuzeQ, you will get the hang of it...I changed from low fat, low cal to SBD and had to make some mental adjustments. Even now when I am eating full fat dresssing or a cheese stick it hits me...I didn't eat this a few months ago! I do find this a lot more user friendly...nothing to count or log! I am starting to keep a food log so I can better monitor what I put in my mouth, but that is it. Good luck!

Have a wonderful day on the beach, and enjoy the peace and quiet!

It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow. -unknown

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