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Tuesday Twittering - September 16

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Default Tuesday Twittering - September 16

Good morning. Another early awakening in Delta this morning - wolves/coyotes howling in the woods woke up my furries. Sure is comforting to have two wee dogs ready to take on the world! Now they are back to sleep, of course. (I have run the dishwasher and have some towels in the washer so the day is off to a good start.)

Today is a day with absolutely nothing on the schedule. I plan to use it wisely. I did spend some time yesterday tackling the bamboo and blocking Jazz's latest escape route so nothing is pressing. I may spend time in the quilting studio and kitchen, starting a baby quilt and doing some cook-ahead things - The Big Domestic as my DH used to say.

So what's a-happening chez vous?
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Good Morning!

Thank for getting us started, Ruth! I hope your day is truly yours!

I'm posting from my phone...also a little selfish this morning. I'm trying to get a quiet cup of coffee before DH comes down. I took the day off work so we can get started on a rental that vacated last night. I'm going up in a bit to see what we're dealing with.

I just finished my quilt. If pic doesn't show I will try later from computer

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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I'm looking forward to the picture, Debbie!

Ruth, I'm interested to see your report tomorrow...was today *really* yours!?

Jennifer - the doc I work with had a baby in January. ELEVEN and a HALF pounds. Holy guacamole! Hmmm...she had a home birth, but with his gargantuan size, she hemorrhaged and passed out. I must admit I keep thinking, Poor girl...she will never be the same down there. (and she was not diabetic....)

We're having a staff meeting today, I'm making a chickpea salad, and made pumpkin bread last night. Work has been busy, busy. Guess that keeps me out of trouble, right?

Lots to do this Am....

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Hi ladies, good morning. Sorry to be gross, but any tips for getting pet throw up out of a very low pile textured carpet?? I can get most of it but some remains and it's impossible to get it out of the textured part of the carpet. I love my carpet but this has happened a couple of times and I'm starting to get a little grossed out.

Ok, sorry to mention that first thing in the morning. Anyway...I'm in the throes of planning our trip to Las Vegas in November. First we were booked into the Luxor, which had an amazing rate ($28 per night) but then I started reading reviews, and it seems like it hasn't been updated in a while, also there's no wireless in the hotel rooms and no coffee maker (a MUST for me). So then I was looking at Circus Circus which also has an amazing rate and coffee/wireless in the rooms, but it's way at the end of the Strip, and I'm a little weirded out that it has a motor lodge and RV park attached to it. Where I really want to stay is the Tropicana, which has a slightly higher rate, but it's a Hilton property, and I like the idea of staying with a larger hotel group. Any feedback for me?

Just another day of work and being on plan...hope everyone has a great one!

September goal: 6 lbs.
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Good morning! I'm happy that I can finally manage a cup of coffee after being plagued with a 24-hour stomach bug.

It's raining lightly here this morning and I hope it's not enough to cancel the Fox Hunt. I want to get a few things accomplished before I have to leave for an audiologist appt. at noon, and if Cindy's home I can't get anything done because we end up chatting all morning. I have to run back afterwards in time to pick up Maggie and get her to her flute and piano lessons, then rush home to drop her off and pick up Audrey and get her to West Chester in time for her violin lesson, so it's going to be a busy day. Good thing I'm feeling better!

Ruth, have a peaceful day filled with things you only want to do!

Debbie, I hope you find the rental in good shape with not too many repairs to make!

Tammy, my SIL (on Jake's side) is just a tiny little thing, but all three of her kids were 10lb. babies. I don't know how she did it!

Matilda, sorry I can't help with your dilemma. I get the dry heaves trying to clean up after a pet accident, I just can't do it. If Cindy's not around, I toss a rag over the mess and leave it for somebody else to do the honors. Good luck on finding a good hotel in Vegas, that sounds like fun!
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Good morning

Sorry Matilda no help with pet puke. Maybe try Pinterest for suggestions. I stayed in Circus Circus about 9 years ago. We rented a car, but I only remember driving to the Grand Canyon and red rocks. Otherwise we walked and DS was only 9. At he benefit of Circus was it was very kid friendly. However you get what you pay for, dated rooms. I would recommend paying a few dollars more for something a little nicer. Did you look on Trip Advisor? I have found their reviews to be very accurate.

Debbie and Ruth me time is so important

Tammy she had a Thanksgiving turkey!!!

Linda your day is making me exhausted.

Had a nice visit with Ed and a not so nice visit with Joe lol. He is so stressed with building the house. Everyday there is a new set back. He was helping John and Pamela transferring their dad's guns to them. I asked for him to write something specific on the receipt as it was vague anyone could have written it. Well he got argumentative as did I. Instead of spending a little more time together I went home. I was just so annoyed. Lately he hasn't been himself at all and I deal with it. Truthfully though I think he is being selfish everything lately is about the house and I have enough stuff on my mind. He says he doesn't want to bring up my stuff so I don't worry. Gee that is considerate, but maybe I want to talk about it because I am worried. Sorry I am venting. Yesterday I wanted to tell him about my conversation with the nurse. He was so disinterested in anything I had to say. So on my angry ride home I decided I really need to take care of myself this week and not get sucked into his negativity....DS rubbed me the wrong way Sunday lol maybe it is me this week and not them. Regardless, I am always putting everyone's needs above my own. For the next few days though I am going off the grid so to speak. I'll be here though

At least Friday I have the biopsy and hopefully will know something by Wednesday next week.

Have a great day....oh I think a nap is in my plans today it is pouring here

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Linda, glad you are feeling better! It sounds like you'll be driving all over today!

Tammy, I think Natasha and I are the only ones here w/o kids. Ouch. Sounds like your work is going to be busy for awhile!

Matilda, the only thing I can think of would be to take an old toothbrush and water and try scrubbing by hand. Fortunately, most of my floors are wood which cleans much better since I never have a shortage of barf. For some reason, my new carpet has been spared for 2 years now (knock on wood)

Jennifer, I think it would be great to just focus on yourself this week. We worked with contractors and their peeps for years in Alaska. I never saw a home finished when they said it would be (just how it is) or without extra costs (just how it is) but the owners were constantly stressed and *****y....we learned not to take it personal. I know, much more difficult when you are in a relationship AND have things on your mind, too. Take care and talk to us anytime!

I went up to the rental and it is amazingly in the same shape it was when they moved in. I'm really grateful. We have 2 projects....reno the bathroom and install a new heating stove. I don't think either will be too drawn out...the bathroom still has the original clawfoot tub and we're turning it into shower friendly. I thought ahead and stopped at the plumbing place that handles antique stuff and got everything I need. I know we'll need to make modifications to get it up and running. We'll decide what to do with the floor this morning. This rental was an old bunk house for a mine. It has 4 bedrooms and original oak floors. It's very spacious....just old.

Ok, pic of the quilt on the bed where it will stay until I get home from the project. Then it will get folded and put back in the closet right where it was before. It will feel good to look and know it's finished. I learned a lot finishing it and am glad I just did it.
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Debbie R

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Good morning,

My alarm woke me at the time I get up if I am driving into work so I got up but ended up taking a cat nap on the sofa until my real alarm woke me up.

I have the dishes done and a load of laundry going and the house is quiet so I will get a lot of work accomplished today for my project fingers crossed.

Tonight DD2 has a soccer game.

Ruth I hope you get the full me day today.

Debbie looking forward to the picture...I hope the rental is not that bad

Tywnn that is a big baby wow

Matilda the Luxor is on the end of the strip that seems to have more action. Circus Circus is on quieter end. The Luxor is nice on the inside but very crowded and noisy and no idea what the rooms look like. When we went last year we stayed at Palace Station which is also more on the quiet side and over the interstate road but we stayed in the new tower and it was very nice and quiet. I agree with Jekel go to Trip Advisor and look at the reviews to decide where you want to stay.

Cottage you have a busy day.

Jekel feel free to vent here, it's good for the soul. I think most men are very insensitive to women's feelings (mind you I said most ).

Okay I need to get to work have a great day everyone.
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pearlrose, glad you got a cat nap! BTW I am impressed at your clean the siding project! There had to be exercise involved in that!
Debbie R

My last 58 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Hey all, couldn't check in this morning as we had an internet outage. Practically ruined my morning! Couldn't check the weather, my email, post here, etc. Ah well, back to normal now.

Matilda, back when I had a dog I had a spray cleaner specifically for pet stains. Maybe check your local store?

Debbie, the quilt is lovely!

Jennifer, I feel your (emotional) pain. So many times we women take care of others but don't have anyone to take care of us.

Have a great evening, all.
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