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Default Labor Day Beach Chat, Monday Sept 1

Good Morning

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

I'm probably the only one who works on Labor Day...seems I always have LOL

I head in early today so it was an early night and I'm up working on my quilt for awhile before I need to get serious and tackle some household chores. My quilt is going well and it looks like I'll be able to finish it, even with my limited skills. There is lots going on right now and a project is my way to keep busy and not delve into emotional eating.

What's on your agenda today? Stop and say hi!
Debbie R

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Come on Spring!
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Rabbit yourself! You beat me to it, Debbie, but thanks for starting us up anyhow.

I suspect I will be working too. Yesterday I got sucked in to being at the Mill all day dealing with visitors. The person scheduled was very ill - heart stuff - and was in the ER. I do have two other people scheduled for today but will go over to the Town Hall to get a few things organized. Things should be calming down shortly.

I made a sausage, pepper and mushroom dish yesterday and it's way too salty. Discovered my new Italian seasoning's first ingredient was salt! I usually serve it in a ww roll but this was way too salty. Not sure what to do with it - maybe make a bean soup? Maybe change it into chili with beans I cook myself? Suggestions welcome.

Today I am going to get a few big niggles done around the house laundry is in process but that's really a necessity, not a niggle. Since it's going to be a sunny warmish day, I may take a stab at some of the weeds that have invaded my front flower bed. Creeping Belleflower is a real sneak and hard to get rid of. This week I'll try to get some fall mums to bung in for fall colour.

Right now, another coffee and then crank up the week. Labour Day always seems like New Year's Day to me.
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Ya-ouch on your dinner Ruth. I kinda like your idea of making a soup of it...but no salt broth, right? Sounds like your person scheduled yesterday had a pretty good excuse not to work, hope they are recovering uneventfully.

Lexiss - hope today goes quickly and easily. I'm looking forward to a pic of your quilt!

I woke up at 5:30 am again (dang it) because my neck was burning (this all started in April). I started seeing a PT last week, now I have to look up- if it gets a lot worse, do I still keep doing my exercises? Dunno.

My family is back, and life is back to normal. I need to make my breakfast for the week, but lunches are salad (better pre chop...). My friend had that homemade dressing, which inspired me to make homemade balsamic vinaigrette, which is AMAZING. Why do I purchase some dressings?!

We may go to an auction today. We haven't done that in a longggg time.

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Morning ladies and happy September!

Yesterday was mostly rain and thunderstorms although it cleared out enough for DH to grill last night. With my luck the nice weather will return full force for the start of school. At least I was forced to stay inside and managed to do some cleaning and laundry.

Today I may go to the mall and check out the sales, just to get out of the house for a bit. What I really should really do is pick all the tomatoes that are ripe and make sauce or salsa or something. We'll see if that happens. I do need to do some food prep for the work week.

Have a great day, chicks!!
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Good morning! The sun is shining here and it's promising to be a steamy, uncomfortable day. I think the pool will get a good workout today!

I hope today is a good tip day at work, Debbie!

Ruth, add beans and more veggies and turn it into soup. Throw a couple of potatoes into it, too, since they're good for soaking up excess salt.

I had a nice time at my friend's, and the drive up and back was pleasant. We had stayed up into the wee early morning hours the night before, so last night was an early to bed for me.
We didn't plan anything for today, but Monica and Carley are coming out later and Jake is cooking steaks on the grill. I'll probably scrounge up a veggie burger for myself.
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Good morning steamy here too, put the AC ion before taking the dogs out.

Debbie this is my first Labor Say off in quite some time. You can usually count on me working most holidays....not by choice lol

Ruth hope the person from the mill will be ok. Linda thanks for the potatoe tip I did not know that. Fall is coming Ruth so soup or chili would be great choices. Your trip sounds lovely too.

Tammy hope your neck feels better

Beth enjoy what is left of your summer before going back to school.

Had a great score at the farm stand. One dozen red peppers, 8 orange peppers, celery, green beans, zucchini and cucumbers for $7.50. Currently they are having a deal on red peppers. You can fill an entire shopping bag, the big ones, for 10 bucks. I may go get more Tuesday.

I may try making a green bean and bean salad. I had some with dinner last night and it was very yummy. So was their cucumber salad. The rest we will not talk about, but was reminded of my bad oh I mean bad choices all night. Was up past 3 am tossing and turning.

Today is just planning for the week. I do want to clean out my fridge and cabinets to make room. Now with DS away I can toss some things he did not eat. I will get the house clean today and maybe grocery shop. I want to ride, but it is really too humid for me. I may put the bike on the trainer for a few days. My goal for September is to concentrate on strengthening my mushy core

Happy Labor Day

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Good morning ladies! Ruth, I am with you - Labor Day always feels like a fresh start to me. Today is IT! I took care of some things that had been on my mind - sent an email to my son's teacher this year with a summer update, created a chart for a funeral reception I am organizing, and cleaned out my gmail inbox. I had over 7,000 messages in my inbox, and I am not someone who does well with that kind of "general" email filing. So over the last couple of days I deleted about 80% of them and the rest I filed in folders (which gmail calls 'labels') and set up filter so a lot of the emails I get will be automatically filtered. I'm trying to achieve "inbox zero" although I'm still not really clear on what exactly that means.

Today is my birthday :-) and we are going to the American Museum of Natural History and then out for Indian food. I have been so completely off plan the last couple of days/week since my husband's accident...I will be jumping back on tomorrow, although not fully, and starting a new 11 day Phase 1 on Thursday. Need to clean out my fridge and make a shopping list! I can't wait for my life to get back to some kind of routine. Hope everyone has a great day.
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Good morning

Debbie. Your quilt sounds nice, a good way to keep your mind off food. Sorry for all your stress. Dh says he's on the mend, whatever that means. I also suspect that he is getting bronchitis. Hope we get over all this before the trip. Sort of takes away my enthusiasm

Ruth. I took all my petunias out and planted mums. Grocery store had them on special

Beth. Does full load at school start tomorrow

Linda. Enjoy your pool and bbq

Jen. You are filling your hours well with ds gone

Maditlda. Happy birthday. Good way to start September. 700 emails wow

we cancelled going to bbq. So its a quiet day today
take care
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Good morning,

I slept in this morning but hate when I do that because I don't think my body likes it lol

As some of you are aware we got into a car accident on Saturday, a out of control mustang was spinning on the interstate and we missed him on one of his rotation but he swung around and hit on the driver and passenger doors. Everyone is okay from both vehicles but we cannot open either door and part of his bumper is still sticking out of our door. We called their insurance company but no one will call us back until tomorrow because it is a Holiday weekend....crazy

DD2 had two soccer games this weekend and they won both games, yesterday I think my toes got sunburned....

On the agenda today is getting our old 66 mustang ready to sell and DD2 needs to get her homework done and she may go to the pool today.

Debbie I hope your day at work goes by quickly

Ruth I hope you don't have to go to the mill today

Twynn I hope your neck feels better soon.

Beth enjoy sale shopping at the mall, we went on Friday night and there was a lot of sales going on

Cottage enjoy your time with family today

Matilda Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a great day

Sophie I hope your DH knee is feeling better.

Have a great day everyone!
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