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Old 08-18-2014, 06:09 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Thumbs up Merry Monday - August 18

Good morning. The doggage decided 5 a.m. was a good time to bark and wake me up. They are sooo spoiled.

Sipping my mug of Paul and thinking about Robert Redford. Does this mean I'm over Paul? Today is Robert's birthday. He was born in 1937 and he's still alive so I do have a chance! Stop being a silly old woman, Ruthie! Paul still makes good coffee though.

Yesterday's promise of sun was a ploy to get people out of the house but the day ended up cool and gloomy but no rain. Today we really will have sun if it does get up at 6:09 as scheduled but it's still fairly cool.

Mill Board meets this afternoon and I need to cobble together a financial report for them. I'll do that quickly this morning and also get some vacuuming done. This place looks like a dump since I've been on the go so much. This week is not so bad and I plan to keep myself as free as possible - maybe even plan menus as I've been in grab and go mode this past few weeks.

So grab a mug and chat a bit before you start your Merry Monday.
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Good morning!

Ruth, thanks for getting us started this morning! I hope you find a few vacant spaces in your schedule this week! My house was looking pretty bad but with company coming it's spruced up over the past few days. Kirk's daughter is coming up with the babies today so in addition I D cluttered all the things that two-year-old want to grab.

Today is my early day at work so I am enjoying the final cup of coffee before I move into my smoothie.

Have a great Monday everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning, Ruth, and Jazz and Millie, too! Paul does make good coffee, but lately I've been enjoying Folger's Black Silk. My store had a good sale on it, and I stocked up. Thinking of Robert Redford is a dreamy way to start the morning. He's still nice to look at.

It's on the coolish side this morning, but supposed to warm up later. The grandkids are scurrying around getting ready for their first day of school, but most schools here don't start until next week. And my DGD in NJ doesn't go back until after Labor Day. I wonder why they don't all start back to school the same time any more? I remember when I was a kid, Labor Day was the last big hurrah for the summer, as everybody was going back to school the next day.

I have to take Maggie to the doctor for her school exam this morning, and then make sure the girls are all packed up. Cindy and the girls are going to stay with friends at the shore for a few days, and they're leaving tomorrow afternoon. That will make for a very easy week for me with them gone.

I'm hoping to get home in time to do a little repotting this evening. My viola plant has about had it, so I'm replacing it with some pretty lavendar colored celosia that I found at the nursery. Mums are out already, but I'm not ready for them yet. That says summer is over, and I'm not ready to call it yet!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Hi Ladies,
All this gardening talk makes me jealous! It's supposed to be nice here this week except Thursday. I'm going to think about moving my exercise to lunchtime and I'm thinking about switching my gym membership from my building to the YMCA, because they have a pool there. It's just a thought...I need to look into the cost.

These last weeks of summer really throw me off - our routine goes out the window which is always difficult for me to deal with. But I'm thinking about what I want the fall to look like - I'd like to get back on the goal setting bandwagon. Does anyone here set goals aside from weight loss?

Hope everyone has a great day...
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Good morning chicks! Lots of early chatter in here (how bizarre! It's Monday!). Thinking of Robert - isn't he one of the few celebrities that aged normally....aka no surgery?! Gosh, some of them look pretty darned bad.

I've got the batch of chili almost done so that we have a yummy dinner that no one complains about. That should make the day easier (well, for DH that is). Next is to make my salad for lunch, but since it's 7:05...I'm running out of time!...must go...

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning, ladies! I'm enjoying the quiet as I sip my coffee this morning, but it is chilly out there!! It was 50* when I got up.

I didn't' make it to the grocery store yesterday, so I will need to do that, but first I should cruise through the recipe section to find some new ideas. Other than that, it will be some cleaning and laundry. And I hope to get in some garden chores if it dries up.

Ok, I'm off to search for breakfast.
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Wow so many posts!!! Must still be summer. Linda, my mum from last season is growing but no buds yet. I too am not ready for mums. Although I really do enjoy them.

Mmckellen, I set goals besides the scale. Some weeks it might be miles on the bike or steps. The ones that work best for me is picking a fitness ride then training for it. I need something to work towards. The scale and I do battle most weeks. However if my clothes fit, which they do, I am happy. Here is an example, Sunday I was 142. Sunday I rode 30 miles (positive) two meals and snacks were OP. Dinner was heavy Italian food, not my normal, but was a guest. Monday evening weighed in at 151!!! Did I eat 9 pounds of food, absolutely not. Did my legs look heavy and my face fuller, yes. My body stores water like crazy. It will take me several days to undue one bad one. I finally accept this is my bodies norm (thanks hormones too). Wow I just went off on a tangent lol, sorry coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

I lost this great easy chickpea and ground turkey breast chili recipe I had. I planned on making a huge batch. Guess I'll just have to be creative.

Summer must be winding down as I am sick of salads lol

Ruth Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood are two of my favorites. I agree Tammy too much emphasis on plastic surgery. I am ok with aging gracefully Maybe because I am not wealthy lol

On that note, have a great day

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Good afternoon,

Didn't have time to check in earlier, DD2 started school today and she wanted me there for pics so I went in to work a bit later and then had meeting after meeting.

Tonight is just a relaxing around the house but may try to get a run in that I did not get this morning since I did not hear my alarm due to DD2 turning down the volume on my phone.

The next 3 days I am in system admin training so should be lots of learning to do. Looking forward to it.

Sounds like everyone had lots to do as well.
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Hello ladies! Hope everyone's day went well. You ladies wear me out! lol

Especially you, Jennifer....30 miles? Yikes!

Woke up to a gloomy day with lots of rain.

Ah well, it is what it is, eh? Felt more like an early spring or fall morning.

I've got to wrap up my work for today and then hopefully after my little guy gets to bed DH and I can snuggle up in front of Netflix for a good movie...

Robert and Paul may still be cute, but personally, I prefer Sean Connery!

(I tell my hubby that if Sean came calling he might be in trouble - lol!!)

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Wismom, a movie w/hubby sounds nice!
I'm sitting at the airport in Denver. My sisters plane has landed...just waiting for the call to pick her up then off to WhFoods for dinner. See y'all tomorrow.
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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