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Good morning chicks! Glad someone else is getting some sunshine, it's quite dreary and rainy here today. But, that allowed me to doze on and off til 7:30, after I originally woke up at 6.

Welcome, VanD and WisMom49! I'll have to look in the bio section and see if you told us more about yourself .

The shindig at our friends was a great time - and I will admit I was not on plan, but didn't overeat. Today's plan is to get grocery shopping done (made the menu yesterday!), and get DD some clothes for the wedding this weekend. DS needs some too, and he needs to wrap up his school shopping.

Excitement galore!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Hi Ladies! Sunday morning and we're still here at the hotel. I think I'll take my son swimming at the pool here before we check out - there's no reason to rush back today. We're going to stop at Target and Costco on the way home. I'm trying to just spend cash, not credit, so I'll have to control myself at both places, but that's ok - I will make it a mental challenge.

Visiting with my parents always makes me feel very discombobulated. I'm left with horrible guilty feelings that I should be doing more, although they absolutely don't want help. I think the only thing they would want us to do is move closer to them (although they moved away from us to begin with 6 years ago), but with my husband's job and mine it's not possible. It's also not something I want to do for a host of other reasons, primarily because I like where we live! But it's still very tricky. Sigh.

I hope everyone has a great day. I've looked forward to coming down to the lobby and posting here these past two days. It's great to connect with friends first thing in the morning!
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Good morning

Beth your son's colleges start early. Mine leaves on the 29th. I don't think empty nest syndrome will be an issue for me.

MCK Fishkill is not far from me. Hope your visit wasn't too trying

Natasha I get "lazy" too starting the thread. Mainly because I can just copy and paste my day from the one before lol

The bike ride was an adventure. Mishap 1, lost cue sheet with support vehicle phone number. Had the route on my phone and the pavement was marked, so I thought. Mishap 2 completely lost and missed the first rest stop which I actually needed due to mishap 3; a fall and a hard one at that. I was struggling on a large climb and desperately needed a gear change. Chain slipped and came off. Didn't panic as this sometimes happens. You just keep spinning your legs and it catches, well not this time. After I hit the ground and rolled myself to the side of the road to evaluate the bike I realized the bike needed professional attention. I did my best impression of McGuyver and managed to sort of fix the problem. Sadly this left me with three out of 21 gears to use. Mind you this was at mile 14 out of 60. Many dismounts due to steep hills (not falling again) I managed to detour myself to a shorter route to get back to my car. This plan was great until at mile 30 I was mentally and physically done. No rest stop resulted in not enough calories and my body was cramping big time, or maybe in pain from the fall. lol I broke down and called my knight in shining armor. Had a girly cry and Joe found me Today I will take my bike to the shop for some much needed TLC. I hate giving up, but I am getting smarter and not pushing myself. I managed half of the ride on my own route, which may have been more challenging then the planned one. Hopefully the bike will be fixed soon and I can get another ride in later this week.

Today is just a normal day of errands and cleaning Whoo hoo Have a great day

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Jennifer, one kid starts next week but went early to try out for a sports team, the other is an upperclassman who went early to set up his apartment with 3 other guys. He starts the day after labor day. I don't really have empty nest syndrome, but it is quiet this morning!! It's good to have them home and good to see them go.
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Good morning,

Got all of my chores done yesterday and went grocery shopping but spend way too much. I had to get DD2 school lunch supplies and all things Phase 1 for me since I fell off the wagon and need to get back on track again.

Jekel wow sounds like you had an emotional bike ride- good that you decided to take care of yourself- there are always more bike rides

It is pouring rain yesterday and today, Ruth I think we are on opposite cycles haha. We are supposed to get into the 90's this week and it is very humid outside.

Having problems getting DD2 on bedtime routine for school, problem is DD1 works nights and stays up late and they share a room together. I just woke her up early and said you are just going to have to stay up so I can get you to bed on time tonight.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!
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Good morning, folks! Thank you so much for the welcomes!

I must have worn myself out doing weights AND Zumba because I slept in until 8:15, which is unheard of! But, I LOVED Zumba and am going to back again today at 11:00 if I can get my butt in gear!

I am so jealous that you guys have cool weather or cloudy skies. I love the sunshine but I couldn't even bring myself to go outside and get in my pool yesterday. Today, it's happening!

Hubby and I also got tickets to go see Dead Poet's Society at our local art theatre. I am so excited. But I am going to have to pack some serious snack because their popcorn in amazing and I will want tons.

PID5 started great with a .6 pound loss dropping me down to 145.8. I need one of those ticker things! Haven't set my meal plan yet. I have a fridge full of all kinds of good stuff portioned out into small containers or baggies so I'm not worried.

I'll post tomorrow the plan most likely! Again, glad I found everyone!
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