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Default Marvelous Monday Chat, August 3

Whenever I start a new daily thread, I suspect Ruth and Cottage are typing away at the same time as me!

I'm excited to get back on the bandwagon today. My focus is going to be on lots and lots of veggies, really getting the 2 dairy servings per day (it is not difficult for me to get in cheese servings) and drinking my water. I'm also going to begin working this exercise video that I really liked in the past. One other thing - I've had really good luck (weight loss and health wise) with fasting one or two days a week (a fast being a 500 calorie day) so I'm going to try to fit in at least one of those this week, probably Wednesday.

Today is my son's first day at a full day camp (he was in summer school through July, so that meant school in the am and camp or a sitter in the afternoon - this arrangement involved a LOT of schlepping on my part because I had to get him to his school, which is about a mile away, and then on the days he had camp I had to go back to the school at lunch, drop him at camp, go back to work, and then go back to the same area to pick him up!). This morning I have to bring him to camp, but he'll come home on the bus, and for the next three weeks he'll go to and fro on the bus.

I'm also struggling to get up earlier. I want to get up at 5:30 so I can exercise and clean but it's just been very difficult. Any ideas? Has anyone listened "The 5am Miracle"?

Hope you all have a wonderful, on plan day!
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Oh MMCK, I'm failing a bit at the 5:30 am thing. I just get so darned tired thru the week. I should exercise when I get home, but then that's less time with family. Let me know if you find that miracle! (oh, and I don't think I could ever fast...)

I made a couple of goodies myself for a phase 1.5 week. I have another batch of PB nana muffins (gratefully, DD decided that weren't *that* great!), and made basically spaghetti without the noodles, and heavy on squash from the garden. Yum!

It's a Monday!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good Morning!

Thanks for getting us started, Matilda! I have no problem in the morning....staying awake in the evening is my problem. Have a good day!

Twynn, yay for cooking ahead!

I'm on the run as I have to be at work at 5:30.
Yesterday was far from "routine". I got a text, then call from DH's ex, stating there was a mini crisis. (still waiting for the baby). Ends up their dog had fleas and they had bombed/sprayed the house and were heading to a hotel. DD spent the day crying and SIL was "grumpy". So….we headed down after work and aided in the peace/comfort process. It did include food and we ended up at a 24/7 local restaurant in a big corner booth where the 2yr old could sleep and everyone else could just sit/eat/charge cell phones/ and exist for a few hours. I chose well and had just a bit of DH's giant cinnamon roll.

OK, smoothie calls!

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning, chicks!
First Monday and August and I'm starting a 3-day workshop. See, teachers work in the summer!! They are providing lunch but since I'm still doing Phase I I will pack a survival bag in the event there is nothing but potato salad.

Yesterday turned into a shopping expedition for the "boys" (that's my 20+ year olds). We went to Watertown (paging Ruth) and all found something to buy. I was happy to find a pair of shoes since I was looking for black sandals to wear to work this fall.

Ok, need to make some eggs and get myself ready. Have a great day, all!
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Come on Spring!
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Drat! Had a post but lost it when I zipped into Facebook for a minute. When will I ever learn!

Got through the BD party yesterday by going a bit late and leaving early. The fair Doreen actually turned off the grumpiness for a while and even smiled a few times. I do feel sorry for her but she has dug her own hole.

Millie and I went to Obedience class and it was terrible hour for us both. She just wanted to visit with the smaller dogs and turned into a barking and whirling dervish or Tasmanian devil when she spotted larger dogs. It was a tad embarrassing since I have put four dogs through the same training class and they were stellar. Of course she is a rescue and who knows what experience she's had. It was three hours of **** - two of them spent driving in holiday weekend traffic.

Today nothing much is on the plan since some places are closed for Civic Holiday weekend. I will make a quick run to the bank night depository and then may actually get out the Dyson and do the downstairs rugs!

Of course we have rain in the forecast again! Seems to me St Swithin was right! Has it been 40 days since July 15th yet?

Away we go with the first full week of August.
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S/C/G: maintaining


Good morning.

I'm off to they gym as usual on a Monday morning. This afternoon DH and I have our annual eye exams. I make them back-to-back so he can be my "designated driver" since I almost always have to get my eyes dilated and he never does. (I have "moles" in the back of one eye and since I've had melanoma, they watch them closely.)

Rose - just got caught up on weekend post. Condolences.

Happy Monday.

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Good morning

McM glad you are excited about jumping back on the bandwagon!!! Good luck to your friend too.

Tammy I made gluten free, no added sugar zucchini muffins. I need to tweak them a little, but great in the morning when I am rushed.

Debbie glad the crisis was not too severe

Ruth sorry training was a little stressful

Beth shopping sounds like fun

Karen have fun at the gym

Had a nice day with Joe and his son. We went appliance shopping and out to dinner. His son is really coming out of his shell with me. Today I am running errands and nursing a sore knee. I had my third synvisc injection and have been miserable since. Oh well

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Good morning

mckk. Those are great goals but I dont think I could do the fasting. You will do great

Tammy yummy for squash from the garden. I have to buy mine

Debbie. Poor dd that's a big crisis when you are overdue

Beth. I remember watertown from my days in Kingston. Hope there is more shopping now

Ruth. No rain here yesterday but today?

Karen. Hope your eye checkup goes well

had a great day yesterday in downtown Toronto. It felt almost like a mini holiday. Will go for a walk this morning and maybe garden work
take care
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Good afternoon,

Today has been crazy one meeting after another but it's all good. Talked to my sister and she seems to be holding up good hopefully that will continue.

Okay back to my meetings just wanted to stop in and say hi.
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