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Default What's Up? Wednesday on the Beach 2/26

Aren't you proud of me? I didn't even say yesterday you had 10 shopping months til Christmas! (*ducks* and runs....)

DS woke me up at 5:15, and I couldn't fall back asleep. I should've gotten on the treadmill, and didn't, so hopefully I'll have time for that later. Although today is my short work day, my boss is gone and I'm on call until 7 pm (keep your fingers crossed).

It is teacher appreciation day, and I am apparently famous for my black bean and corn salad, so I need to make a jumbo batch of that. I'll accidently spill some in a bowl for me to go with my supper .

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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You're talking about Christmas already, Tammy?!!! You really plan ahead!
Today should be my short day at work, too, but with the way the week's been going, I'd better not count on it.

It's snowing all around us, making the roads treacherous this morning, but so far nothing is happening here. I don't feel like heading out this early, so I may just wait until it's all over.

My tummy is rumbling and I just realized that I never did eat supper when I got home last night. I had a Kind Bar around 6, but that was it. I think a nice, hot, bowl of oatmeal is in order.
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Come on Spring!
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Sheesh, Tammy! I still have the door Christmas wreath on the stairs ready to go to storage. Maybe I'll just put it up again. Linda, we go some snow up here too so it'd be appropriate.

The drive to Kingston was great yesterday with bare dry roads! There sure is a lot of snow out there to melt before Spring though! The periodontist discovered that one of my teeth has to come out as it's being "reabsorbed" by my body. No wonder I've been having jaw pain and funny bloodwork. I can either spring the big bucks for an implant or go around looking like Ma Kettle. I think I'll go with the implant.

The dogs just let me know that Major Tom is yowling at the back door for his breakfast. He sure has me figured out. On cold mornings he would be glad to come in to eat in the warmth but I am not getting sucked in. Gave him a bit of chicken in his kibble.

Pet therapy today at noon but little else scheduled. It'll be a day of catching up on house tasks - like putting away the wreath and packing up the old wine bottles for pick-up. I'd rather be quilting.

Happy Hump Day!
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Good morning.

Tammy - Sounds yummy.

Linda - Drive carefully.

Ruth - I know several people with implants and once the work is done they've all been quite happy with them.

Our guests arrived late enough last night for me to watch Downton Abbey while I was waiting. They are working today but taking us out to dinner tonight. Ironically, after being taken by clients for BBQ last night, something our town is famous for, they are interested to try a vegan restaurant today. Right up DH's alley.

I've either got to get out today or tomorrow for some groceries. It's cold and wintry here again. Come one, Spring!!!

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Good morning,

Twynn bite your tongue (J/K) I just want to think about spring and summer no more winter thoughts

Cottage drive safely

Ruth I was picturing Ma Kettle, I think I would fork out the big bucks as well

Karen that is good that they want to try a vegan restaurant.

I am starting to plan for my conference trip at the end of March. We are going down a weekend early so I need to find a different hotel to stay at, I may book a hotel on Disney for a couple of days prior to moving to hotel where conference is. Ironically Disney is cheaper than the hotel for the conference.

I am going to get my eyes checked out in a bit and then it is meetings all day.

Have a wonderful day everyone
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Livin' On The Beach
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Good morning everyone. Sitting here at work munching on some cottage cheese for breakfast. It's raining and cold here in South Texas. I'm really over winter.
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Goodness who plans for Christmas this early...bring on the last minute deals plz

A vegan restaurant could be interesting. I'm finding that I'm developing more of a palate for different beans, veggies and even soy meat products over time. You will have to let us know what you have.

Well another quiet day here. We are getting ready for our first big rain which we desperately need. I'm planning to do laundry and I think I may make the peanut butter cookies from P1 desserts thread. My roommate & I always get a sweet tooth when we watch TV.

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Working on healthy
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Buzz, buzz, buzz busy week here. I worked until 11 last night so slept in a little this morning then hit the deck. While I'm working Tim is painting the end room. It's fun to watch it come together. It's our exercise/movie/emergency guest room (we encourage summer guests and camping next to the river ) and the colors are really rich. I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm of to a meeting soon. Hump Day is living up to its name this week!
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Stopped in here earlier and managed to lose my post (again!!). I'm having a bad technology week.

Anyway, to whine some more, it was cold and snowy this morning. Had to use the ol' 4WD to get to work. I want spring! Some days I wonder WHO decided to live in this climate?! There's sub-zero weather in the long range forecast; maybe the weatherman is wrong.

Anyway, another mostly OP day. I was up a couple pounds last week from a combination of TOM and some restaurant meals and was quite glad to see the scale click downward the last few days. I will not make my Feb. weight loss goal but I don't think I will end the month up.

Other than that it was another day of work; fairly uneventful which is fine by me. I live such an exciting life!!

Have a great evening chicks!
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