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Starting Over...
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: PA
Posts: 454

S/C/G: 256/ticker/156

Height: 5' 9"


User Name: aangel22/real name: Becky

Starting weight/current/goal - 221.1/215.5/150

Location: PA

Age: 27

Marital Status: In relationship

Kids: 4 (my 3 boys and his girl)

Pets: none

Work: training to be a nursing assistant

Plan: South Beach-currently on phase one, day 4

Favorite diet cheat: chocolate, peanut butter

Hobbies: spending time with bf and our kids, reading, walking

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: To feel better about myself and be healthier
Starting over!

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S/C/G: 203/203/170


User Name: Gatita

Starting weight/current/goal: 205/196/165-170

Location: California

Age: 55

Marital Status: Engaged

Kids: Grown stepkids

Pets: 1 cat

Work: Reporter at a small town newspaper

Plan: South Beach Phase 1 as long as my doc says to, then a light-on-grains, gluten-free Phase 2 & 3 forever

Favorite diet cheat: Salty, fatty, and starchy (garlic bread, anyone?)

Hobbies: What hobbies? I'm too busy!

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I have been diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance and SIBO and I want my healthy body back. I don't mind being a slightly big girl, but this is too darn big (I got to goal weight with Medifast five yrs ago, but I gained a lot last year, before and during my diagnosis).
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Location: Canada
Posts: 33

S/C/G: 182/176/135

Height: 5'4"

Default Amie K (aka harmonyBelle) says Hello! (and makes confessions)

User Name: harmonyBelle ( a user name that I apparently came up with five years ago when I first joined 3FC and I can't for the life of me remember why I chose that particular handle). I prefer my real name, Amie. But I do like the avatar that I picked back then.

Starting weight/current/goal - 181.5/ 181.5/ 135

Goal: Rather than a specific weight, my real goal is to fit back into my favourite purple skirt, which is a Canadian size 10. This means losing at least 14.5 inches from my waist. Yowzers!! But it used to fit me once, so it will again.

Measurements: 45.5 in./ 42.5 in./ 45 in. Goal 36/28/36

Location: BC, Canada

Age: 48

Marital Status: Married, for 29 years, to the same wonderful man that I fell in love with 32 years ago.

Kids: Three: Two sons, ages 27 & 21. They're my Boomerang Boys - the house they were renting together was sold, so they're currently living at home again; I don't mind because my husband works shifts out of town, two weeks at a time, and I like having the boys around. One daughter, age 25. She's away attending university and I don't get to see her anywhere near often enough.

Pets: One incorrigible 14 yr-old dachshund, Skippy, whom I inherited from my youngest son. Two rescue cats- the indomitable April Kitty and Tiva, the crazy Tortie.

Work: Retail. Part-time sales associate at a jewellery store.

Why I chose South Beach: My mother-in-law followed the TOPS program for many, many years. Eight years ago, she told me how she never lost those last stubborn 15 lbs to goal weight until she switched to South Beach. I bought the book and decided to give it a try; I lost 11 lbs doing a clean Phase 1 and daily workouts on the elliptical. But I didn't transition to Phase 2 properly and between that and slacking off on the workouts and mounting stress from juggling work, family and school, I soon gained it all back plus 10 lbs more. Fast forward to today: I initially considered doing WW again since fourteen years ago I lost 52 lbs (all since regained +) following the plan religiously. But I counted points for two years and I just couldn't bear the thought of doing it again. I remembered how much I enjoyed doing South Beach and thought that I ought to give it another chance, this time putting more effort into doing Phase 2 properly. South Beach looks like a plan that is designed more realistically for maintenance. I mean, who really wants to count points for the rest of her life? amiright?? Besides, I have multiple food allergies/sensitivities, most of which coincide quite conveniently with the South Beach Avoid List - these include wheat, all other gluten-containing grains, processed corn products (cornmeal, corn syrup, corn starch), soy, potatoes, and yams.

Favorite diet cheat: I don't really like to think in terms of "cheats" but I will own up to indulging in red wine and dark chocolate more often than I should.

Exercise: Pretty much non-existent right now. This plays a MAJOR role in my weight issues and I know that I have to change. To be honest, the only physical activities that I really and truly enjoy are dancing and sex, not necessarily in that order.
I'd rather read a good book than do most other things. I will go for walks and yoga makes me feel really good in my body but I dread intensive cardio.

Hobbies: Need to get some of these. Does looking for a better-paying job count? Taking university courses to complete my BA has taken up the lion's share of my spare time for the past five years. I haven't lost my love of reading though.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: To be leaner and healthier and better prepared to face the physical challenges of aging. Nah! Who am I kidding?! My primary reason is to fit back into my nicer clothes and feel more confident about expressing my wacky fashionista sense. Also, I am very apple-shaped and I just don't find that sexy when I look at myself naked in the mirror. I'd love to have an hour-glass shape but I've accepted that that's just not gonna happen in this particular physical manifestation. So I'm working on visualizing myself as lean and kinda straight up & down.

Challenges: Making a clean transition to Phase 2. Fighting my night-owl tendencies and getting a decent amount of sleep each night, so that I will have energy for workouts. Also, a "marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth."
Start: 03/10/2012
Measurements (B/W/H): 45.5 in./43 in./45 in. Current: 44.5/ 41.5/ 43.5
Goal: 36/28/36 (Canadian size 10)

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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Arizona
Posts: 15

S/C/G: 206/152/120

Height: 5'2"


User Name: Michaloula

Starting weight/current/goal: 206/152/120

Location: AZ

Age: 43

Marital Status: Married and celebrating 24 years this year

Kids: 4 Ė 2 girls/2boys

Pets: 2 turtles, 16 hens and 2 goofy roosters

Work: Iím a sahm and homeschool our youngest son

Plan: South Beach

Favorite diet cheat: Pizza (or anything else that Iím not supposed to have!)

Hobbies: Reading, crocheting, crafting

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: To feel comfortable in my own skin
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Location: New Port Richey, FL
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S/C/G: 238/226/175

Height: 5'11"


User Name: AlleyJude, real name is...Alley!

Starting weight/current/goal - 238/228/175

Location: Tampa Bay Area, Florida

Age: 25

Marital Status: Married to a lovely lady named Lyndsay.

Kids: Not yet

Pets: A dog, Zombi, and two cats, Spencer Reid and Loki.

Work: Well, I just quit my job and got the **** out of dodge to move back to my home town. I'm currently in the interview process for a few places.

Plan: South Beach. I've tried just "eating healthier" in the past, but seeing as I didn't have a great grasp on nutrition it never worked. I love SB because the guidelines are strict so I never have to question if something is okay or not.

Favorite diet cheat: Somehow, SOMEHOW, I have yet to cheat. But my God am I dying for a Cheddar Bay biscuit from Red Lobster.

Hobbies: Makeup, crocheting, and I'm a huge movie nerd.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I was in a car accident that's been terrorizing my body for years. I want to get in shape so my back and knees don't have to put up with extra strain!
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Location: Indian Head, MD
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S/C/G: 228/212.5/175

Height: 5'9"

Default Newbie here!

User Name: Redrachel

Starting weight/current/goal - 228/213.5/175

Location: Washington, DC area

Age: 30

Marital Status: Separated, patiently awaiting my divorce!

Kids: Daugher, 2 years old

Work: I am a secretary for the Navy. aka sitting on my bum all day!

Plan: South Beach. On Day 17 and I am feeling great. Happy with my phase 1 loss, planning on sticking with phase 1 for awhile until I can quit my carb addiction!

Favorite diet cheat: No cheating yet, but if i COULD i would eat some fully loaded nachos!

Hobbies: Shopping, Pinning, Walking, Playgrounds with my daughter

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. After high school, BOOM, i blew up. Highest ever weight was 235 back in 2005. (Not including my pregnancy weight, yowza). I hit 185 in 2009 and i was skinny for me! So 175 is my ultimate goal, i don't think i could maintain much lower than that and it seems reasonable! I just want to lose the weight to be happier, healthier and more self confident.
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Join Date: May 2013
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User Name: Twinsmommy/Candy

Starting weight/current/goal: 400/270/199 had a gastric bypass in 2001

Location: Kansas City, MO

Age: 44

Marital Status: Married for 10 years on Friday!

Children: twin girls aged 7

Pets: three cats

Work: Homemaker

Plan: I will be starting South Beach on Saturday after my anniversary dinner. I have done before but wasn't devoted to it. I went grain free in 2009 and got done to 215 but could afford or stand being without any grains. I am looking forward to getting healthier and lighter which will help my knees and back so I can keep up with the kids.

Favorite diet cheat: Not a cheat on this but love to get the sf fudgesicles

Hobbies: Reading, crocheting and painting cat related items for a home business I am going to try, watching Netflix and Hulu while crocheting

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: to feel better and not have to buy bigger clothes for summer.
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PCOS Cyster/SBD Eater
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Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: TX
Posts: 9

S/C/G: 246.4/Ticker/145

Height: 5ft5


User Name: Brit3, real name: Brittany (Brit)

Starting weight/current/goal - 246.4/243.2/145ish

Location: Texas

Age: 26

Marital Status: Married. High school sweethearts. Been together 9 years, married for 5 years.

Kids: none yet

Pets: 3 dogs. Bella (wolf hybrid), Nala (german shepherd), Oreo (border collie mix)

Work: I do some odd jobs online right now while going through nursing school. I graduate in December and will be an registered nurse working in a hospital after that

Plan: South Beach. I did south beach April 2012-July 2012 and lost over 20 lbs but then nursing school started and the diet went out the window Now I'm back and hope I can stick with it this time!

Favorite diet cheat: I just started SB this past Monday. No real cheats yet but I do love having a no sugar added fudgesicle at times

Hobbies: Nursing school! LOL It takes up TONS of my time. Other than that I enjoy music, spending time with my dogs and hubby, and (sadly) facebooking lol

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: First and foremost, to be healthy!! I have PCOS with insulin resistance and am pre-diabetic with high blood pressure. Secondly, after nursing school I would love to start a family so I want to be in shape and healthy before we try to conceive. Being a mom is my #1 goal in life, I want it so bad!!
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Location: Upstate NY
Posts: 8

S/C/G: 275.6/269/175

Height: 5'9"


Name: Jessica
Age: 34
Where you live: Upstate NY (Like near Albany, not just slightly north of NYC)
Where you grew up: About an hour North, aka even more Upstate.

Do you have kids? How old? My son Aaden turns 13 on July 21st. He's from my first marriage.

Who do you live with? My son, my husband and our two crazy felines, Drummer and Harley.

Current job or field of work / studies: I am a phone based pharmacy tech for a mail-order pharmacy.

Why did you choose South Beach? Recently confirmed I'm Type II diabetic and this is one of the better ones for blood sugar regulation.

Are you going at this plan by yourself or do you have support (other than us of course)? Thankfully, I convinced my husband to join me so we're both doing it. He needs to lose more than me and is a worse diabetic than me, so I hope we can turn his health around, he's 5 years younger than me!

Favorite Color: Purple which is where I get my username from

Favorite Foods: Too many to list and many of them now not allowed.

Favorite Exercise: I can't do much now due to a healing ankle from surgery, but usually walking or the Wii.

Problem In Weight Loss: I have issues with food and eating, binge eating, overeating in general. I'm reteaching myself how to eat and I like the freedom to be able to eat certain things without limits, it keeps the hunger cravings at bay.

Beyond the facts
Favorite books: Too many to list, Harry Potter! Also, Patricia Cornwell is one of my favorite authors, and Tess Gerritsen.

Favorite kinds of music / bands: I like 90's stuff, except rap/country. Some folk.

Favorite movies: Again, very long list. My Best Friend's Wedding, Birdcage, anything Harry Potter.

Hobbies: reading, writing when the plot bubbles bite, crafting when inspiried (scrapbooking mostly), and taking pictures.

Passions / obsessions: Um. Harry Potter is an obsession...

Are you a camping and hiking kind of person or do you prefer less sweaty and “roughing it” kinds of activities? My idea of camping is having to book the motel instead of the hotel. LOL!

The place you’d most like to visit: I want to tour Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and then end up over on the British Isles to see England, Scottland, Ireland and Wales.
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Location: Jacksonville NC
Posts: 284

S/C/G: 265/see ticker/175

Height: 5'5"


User Name: SillyFluff - Real name Tina

Starting weight/current/goal: 249/249/175

Location: Eastern NC

Age: 30 (31 at the end of the month)

Marital Status: Married 3 years

Kids: One son, CJ, who is 6 months old

Pets: 2 spoiled rotten cats, Cynn and Little Bit

Work: I'm currently waiting for a pending 2nd grade teaching position.

Plan: South Beach. I was on this program a few years back and did REALLY well but things happened that I fell off the wagon...HARD

Favorite diet cheat: Sweets (candy and cake) and salty foods (mainly potato chips)

Hobbies: All I do in my spare time these days is play with my baby. He is my pride and joy. I also like to do arts and crafts and I read but mostly teacher resource books.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I want to get healthy and feel better about myself. I want to be able to keep up with my little munchkin once he's more mobile.
"It's always better when we're together... Or somewhere in between together..." ~Jack Johnson
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Miraculous Amus Babus ;)
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: the great USA :)
Posts: 2,093

S/C/G: 271/217/140

Talking Hi!


My name is Amy

I just turned 37!

I live near Philadelphia, PA.

I am single. I have no kids. I also have no pets currently.

I am not currently working, I am in the process of moving, and I am not completely sure what I want to do regarding work. I have experience in health care.

I am going to try SBD again, I think it is a great plan.

My favorite cheats are the salty and sweets, haha, I am a poet and know it. I do write poetry too. I love to swim, play guitar, go for walks, read.

I want to lose weight and I need to lose weight for so many reasons! My health would be so much improved if I lost weight and I think I would be much happier.

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Location: Way too sunny California
Posts: 6

S/C/G: 230/230/175

Height: 5'7"

Wink About Me

Hi! You can call me Netters (Annette really). This is my first post in the group.

I was looking for a diet that was very close to what I've already been doing for the past while but would help me keep on track and some structure. I've been concentrating on protein and I have also been nearly gluten-free for the past 6 months. The gluten thing wasn't to lose weight. I was having constant tummy troubles and some skin rashes and a friend suggested I cut out gluten. What do you know the problems went away within a week. If I eat something like a scoop of cookie dough ice cream...it comes back for days. So giving up gluten was really tough but the incentive is huge.

I'm going to do my own version of SB so try to just think of me as an experiment. It will either work or it won't. I had been playing around with different ideas in magazines etc. and had some success with eating mainly protein two consecutive days a week and just a healthy diet the other five. My intention is to eat Phase 1 on Mondays and Tuesdays and Phase 3 the other five days of the week. I'll let you know how it goes. I want to lose 50-60 pounds but really I am much more about my health and feeling better. I'm 52 years old and going through pre-menopause. I also have a large fibroid that has been troublesome and the gluten problem and some blood-sugar issues...so for the most part I'm going to be about the gluten-free...high protein and only healthy carbs thing.

For the rest I am 52, single (widow as of 2005) and I have one son who is 23 and very autistic who lives with me. He's a sweetheart and enjoys his day program and movies and music and it isn't stressful like it was when he was younger...so for anyone going through that...it can really get better over time. I mainly take care of him and the house and spend my spare time on the computer or reading. In other words I could be more active and need to to start getting short walks in every day. Oh...and I have an "internet boyfriend" who I have never gotten together with in 3D but we spend much time together and have been in a committed relationship for...three years! Yes...it can work if it is honestly what both parties want. Keeps us both laughing and happy.

Anyway I'm 230lbs right now and want to get down to 170-180. I have no desire to get skinny as I would just look droopy and old and tired. I just want to feel better and rock as pleasantly plump. I had eating disorders in my 40s and ended up obsessive and bulemic. I looked good but I was miserable! So none of that. In fact I haven't owned a scale in years and just bought one...so I limit that thing to once a week.

Hope to make some friends here who can identify with any of this...or can't but want a friend anyway.

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Default My introduction!

User Name: asc6429 | Real Name: Andreana, or Andi

Starting weight/current/goal - 202.6 | 199.2 | 150.0

Location: US

Age: 26

Marital Status: Me and my boyfriend are highschool sweethearts - so 10 years! lived together for 3 so far.

Pets: Two cats, and 1 puppy. we have our hands full.

Plan: South Beach Diet.

Favorite diet cheat: Breakfast is my hardest meal because i HATE eggs. If i could cheat, i would make a whole-wheat pancake for breakfast. or OATMEAL AND STRAWBERRIES. omg. that would be a wonderful day.

Hobbies: Training my dog, baking, hiking, running, shopping

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I hate what looks back at me in the mirror after gaining all previously-lost weight back, and i need to fix that. i realized unless i am fully committed, it will not happen.
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Location: Far East, Texas
Posts: 2,144

S/C/G: 214/210/164

Height: 5'0"


User Name: Kim_Star060404 Real Name: Kimberly

Starting weight/current/goall - 214/214/164 (For now, starting with a 50 lb loss goal)

Location: East Texas, in the Tyler area

Age: 32

Marital Status: Married for 9 1/2 years to Jason

Kids: A darling little girl named Leilani Crystal. She turned 2 on August 12. (I still can't believe we've been blessed with her!! I still remember the painful days of filling out these things and putting "no, but trying"!)

Pets: A yellow-lab mix named Toby, and a not-so-miniature Miniature Dachshund named Ranger. They are old crab-apples and are indifferent to the newest member of our family.

Work: Staying home full time right now to raise my girl.

Plan: South Beach P1 starting September 10 for at least 2 weeks, but possibly the full 4 allowed if I need it.

Favorite diet cheat: Anything bad for me. Seriously, that's why I'm here again.

Hobbies: Right now almost 100% of my free time is spent developing a curriculum to get my slightly-behind two-year-old caught up on her speech development. Other than that, I love to read, blog, attend church activities, and spend time outdoors with the family.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: A recent physical revealed a slightly elevated LDL cholesterol number (not above average, but the high end of average), and stellar numbers for everything else. I want to knock that cholesterol number down and keep the others as perfect as there. Also, quite frankly, I want to enjoy intimacy with my husband again and be a healthy weight before my daughter is able to understand and utter the words, "Mommy, why are you so fat?"

What else? My friends call me "Monica" because cleaning is my stress release just like the character in Friends. Nothing is more cathartic than cleaning out a closet. I LOVE high intensity workouts, but am so out of shape that I can't do it right now. And the lower-intensity workouts I need to do to get me there are boring me to insanity, to say the least.

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Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Montrťal, Quebec
Posts: 7

S/C/G: 183/183/160

Height: 5'8


User Name: EveMarie Real name : Eve-Marie
Starting weight/current/goall - 183/179/160 (My favorite weight is 150 but...)

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Age: 36 in less than 2 weeks arggg

Marital Status: Married for 4 years

Kids: A beautiful girl of 3 ans a half and my adorable 'baby' who turned two 10 days ago

Work: Marketing ans communication advisor in a law firm

Plan: South Beach P1 started on September 4th.

Favorite diet cheat: Pasta and bread and chips arggg

Hobbies: Reading, shoping, yoga

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I gained weight from my two pregnancies and with some meds I had to take for anxiety. I stopped taking the meds, now I want to come back to myself. I want to be proud of myself, not hide...

I have some HIGH hopes, I hope it'll work for me !
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