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Old 12-09-2013, 06:25 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Merry Monday on the Beach

Good morning. We had snow last night so it now feels right for Christmas. All we got was a skiff, nothing like the dump that has been happening elsewhere on the continent.

Hustling a bit this a.m. as I need to be in town for 8 to drop off my car for some bodywork. It's a half hour drive but I'll allow some extra in case the roads are bad. I'll be getting a rental for the week which should be interesting - sure hope it has snow tires!

Finally got my DD's gift box packed yesterday but will come home to take it to the P.O. rather than lug it to town and then forget to transfer it into the rental. The rest of the wrapping is yet to be done. Gift cards are so much easier to wrap than car mats and a car vacuum! I also have a drawer of about 20 "just in case" gifts like candles, fancy soaps and tea towels that I've collected over the years - none are "re-gifts", just items picked up at the after Christmas sales.

Time for a decent breakfast before I set off for town. The two furries made a quick trip outside a minute ago and are now back, muttering at me since I am keeping them in the back room until they deal with their snowy paws.

So Merry Monday to us all! Be safe if you are in the Storm.
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Old 12-09-2013, 07:04 AM   #2
Working on healthy
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Good morning Ruth and beachies yet to arrive So far the storm is a threat but not a reality here. I'm still glad I don't have any major driving to do today. I do hate ice.

Our new stove is coming today! unless the storm interferes and I refuse to worry about that. Tim works Tues. and Thurs. second shift this week so I will be a baking fool I think I'll do some holiday gift baking this year. It's been a long couple of years and I have some friends I would like to make goody baskets for. I'll stick to gluten free/low carb type recipes with a few white whole wheat goodies tossed in. And I'll try to keep myself out of the baskets!

It's our party week with two events this weekend (actually 5 but 2 we will probably get to) so I'm going to make a meal plan for the rest of the week to hold this disaster in check.

Hope your Monday is safe and unexpected stress free (with just the usual amount of Mondayness)
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Good morning, chicks.

We had a bit of white stuff here too yesterday. Last night's book club holiday party was pasta. Tons and tons of it and I was wishing for at least one to be whole grain, but no. I'm off to my last workout with my mom for a while since she is having minor surgery later this week. Then I work this afternoon. DH and I have a few more stocking items to figure out for the boys but I only have one more to get for him and I know what it is, just need to carve out the time to drive across town.

Have a great day.

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Good morning I am adjusting to the 2 hour time difference. Thanks to the auto dialer calling my cell at 3:30 saying school was on a two hour delay. An hour later canceled . No clue how much we got. It is freezing here though. Bought a pair of boots yesterday. I did not pack well for this trip lol

Meals will be challenging. Just going to pick the best of the worst choices. Foray it was a small peach yogurt and an English muffin with PB. None of which were SB compliant.

Well time for this chick to go to class

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Old 12-09-2013, 09:01 AM   #5
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Happy Monday!!!!

We got some snow here overnight as well....not much but it sure looks pretty

Well this is day 14!! Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am feeling pretty excited!!

I went to the gym this morning and spent about an hour and a half there - I am so energetic and so motivated lately!! I love it!!

Well the plan for today is work and then a Yoga class tonight that I am going to try desperately to get to...but with a 5:30 start it's a little iffy.....if not then the dog will enjoy a long snowy walk after dinner

I hope you are all staying warm!!

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Old 12-09-2013, 10:06 AM   #6
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WOW what a weekend of unfortunate food! Today and the rest of the week will have to be much more on plan or that average holiday gain will be well on its way . . .

Here's to V8 and salad!

Be well -

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It's almost afternoon here,

Crazy day today that has still not calmed down but I am taking a break to eat some salad.

Tonight I got the AT& T Uverse tech coming to look at my internet. I think every 4 months they have to come adjust it.

Hope everyone stays safe and have a wonderful day.
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Good afternoon

I have been relaxing all day after the weekend. Proud to say that everyone enjoyed mr french macarons at this tea function. They are a craze here right now. I was so happy that they turned out because if they don't have does little feet they aint french. So I made about 80, I had one. Back on track today and leaving on wednesday for my gransons 1st birthday. Hope the weather cooperates and we can get back friday. Drive carefully everyone during this season
Take care
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90 minute delay! 90 extra minutes of sleep (well more like 60) this morning and then the day flew by. And now it looks like maybe some snow tomorrow! I know I will regret it when we are still in school late in June, but I wouldn't say no to a snow day.

My brother is getting married in March and I am hosting a bridal shower this weekend for my soon-to-be SIL and I have so much to do. But I fit into the dress I wanted to wear to the shower, so I am super excited!

I hope you all are having a great start to the week!
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Hey ladies! Just wanted to let you know I am still here!

Vowing to be strictly OP this week to counteract too much snacking this weekend as well as the impending holidays. I'm thinking I'll go back to the ricotta desserts for the next few nights with my evening decaf. Keeping my fingers crossed for a whoosh...

Snowy and blustery here today but nothing like the weather much of the country is getting so I guess that's good. However, pretty much all the teachers I know bank on a December snow day to get their holiday preparations under control. More finger crossing since it hasn't happened yet.

Have a great evening all!
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Happy Monday! Boy, did it go quick. After a partial week last week (only Mon - Fri) on phase one, I'm all in today. I did see a difference in the way my jeans fit, which gives me the motivation to go for it now. I don't have any more holiday parties until Jan, which helps.

We got about 3 or 4 inches of snow yesterday and last night. Thankfully, not enough to mess with my drive this morning. It was very cold today - warmest when I got to work at around 10F. Left at lunch and it was 7F. Got home at night and it was 2F. I am looking forward to sun, sand and beach in about 45 days.
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I'm on a countdown: 12 days until Christmas break. I'm looking forward to having some days off! I'm also looking forward to a break in the horrid weather we're having.

It's time for me to get into the Christmas swing. With my job and my graduate school work I've had no time. The tree got put up yesterday and we made some cookies with the kids last night. A bit more shopping to do (thank the lord for online shopping) and I should pull it together just in time!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday. If not, just consider- only 4 more days until the weekend
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