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Old 11-15-2013, 06:43 AM   #1
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Default TGIF SBD Daily Check-In

Thank goodness it's Friday after a very last couple of days! And I was called away before I ever had a chance to check in here yesterday. It's all good, though, and I do plan to catch my breath and take it easy today.
Tomorrow it all starts again with catching the early train into the city to spend the weekend at my DD's, keeping Carley company. Monica is running in the Philly Marathon on Sunday, and there will be lots of fun activities tomorrow, and Carley and I will be there on Sunday to cheer her on.

Who wants to join me for a relaxing cup of coffee this morning?
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Cottage, I'm in for the coffee but it won't be relaxing! My thermos is full and I'm on my way out the door. Somehow I actually was ready a minute early and had time to check in.

The snow melted yesterday and the weekend looks to be in the 50s. I know winter is around the corner but I'm glad to let Mother Nature procrastinate all she wants. I need to pull in the bird bath, cut the last few Brussel Sprouts and toss a frozen mum or two this weekend.

Hope you have a great visit, Cottage. My weekend will be filled with the regular niggles although I hope to start a little Christmas shopping. With Thanksgiving so late this year I know those weeks will be a whirlwind!

Time to go- hope all the chicks have a great day!!
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Good morning

Linda, thanks for coffee and getting us started! I'm going to enjoy this second cup! Take it easy today tomorrow sounds like lots of fun!

Beth, hope your day speeds by and the weekend comes soon!

I've been working through niggles. I'm not sure exactly what's on my agenda yet. The drywallers did come yesterday and will finish today. Too bad I start at the restaurant tomorrow. I would love to get the painting finished. Oh well.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Wow Cottage, awesome for your daughter! Have a great weekend with the granddaughter, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Beth, glad you can stop in and visit us. I am enjoying these nice days for November.

Gordon was a champ with his ultrasound yesterday (LOL....a little narcotic never hurts ), but I don't know how to handle his results and am waiting on a specialist's advice. *sigh* my poor boy. He did get lots of extra lovin' yesterday though.

Thought of you Cottage today, I'm meeting a friend at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It's right next door to Kohls (oh darned!) so I might use my 30% coupon, then it's time to do some grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and a quick run before work at 2 pm.

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning. Cottage that is so exciting!! I am certain you and Carley will have fun cheering Monica on.

Beth I too need a "warm" day to pull out dead zinnias and store my little garden figurines. I have a frozen mum in a container that has definitely seen better days.

Tammy hugs I hope the specialist can help Gordon. Cracker Barrel and Kohls in one day, now that's my kind of fun!

Debbie glad the dry wall is done. Sorry work is interfering with getting the painting done.

Today I am forcing my errands done. When I get home I will try and peddle the bike for awhile. Thanks to some really poor food choices, TOM and being quite swollen the scale jumped 8 that's right 8 pounds since Sunday. If only it jumped down not up I wouldn't care lol. I actually am not stressing too much since I know how to rectify this. The first leg procedure I had a big gain too.

I was so numb yesterday I couldn't even feel my foot. Felt like my entire leg was sleeping which made walking quite funny. I was a zombie and passed out on the couch right after dinner then hobbled to bed before 9. But boy did I sleep lol. This time around hurts a little more, probably because he concentrated on the back of the leg behind my knee. Once the stitches come out Wed I know it will ease up. I won't take any sick time, but try to stay in the office as much as possible when I go back to work Sunday.

Have a fun filled Friday

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Old 11-15-2013, 07:52 AM   #6
Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Having a bit of trouble cranking it up but this second moment or two with Paul may help.

Linda, strange that you posted about Monica and the Marathon at the some time my cousin Simon Guthrie posted that he was doing it too! I know M 's been working hard at this so wish her a good run and enjoy your Carley time.

Debbie, I can so relate to wanting to get at the painting. When I renovated the house next door - a.k.a.Ruthie's Folly - I resented going back to work on Mondays when I really wanted to work on my project.

Tammy, I am sure Gordon is just full of love these days and will have the very best of medical attention. He's lucky to have you as a kitty Mum!

Beth, glad to "see" you this morning. Your ToDo outside list sounds like mine although I also have to drain the outside well pump and cover the AC. Sure hope it's warm enough today as I'd look pretty ridiculous out there in my fur coat!

And there's Jennifer! Hope the weekend speeds your healing. You are a real martyr to be going to work. Wonder Woman is alive in Gotham City!

Not sure what today will bring but sure have lots to fill it up. Next week is wild so I am going into overdrive from now until Sunday afternoon to ease some of the stress. I'll spare you the details but we have four bookings for the Town Hall and Joanne the Manager will be away.

Time to get cracking while I still feel a bit energized. TGIF, Beach Babes.
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Good morning,

Just about to leave to DD2 to school, it's spirit day so she is all decked out lol

I get to wfh today so hopefully will be able to get caught up.

Cottage sounds like a fun weekend

Jekel hope you recover quickly

to everyone else

Have a wonderful TGIF!!!
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Good morning.

I'm off to work out with my mom and trainer soon. Then I'll start dinner in the crockpot before heading to work this afternoon. DH and I have now officially started our holiday shopping - woo hoo. We also bought a new casserole dish at Sur la Table yesterday; I decided I really needed on that had a real cover since tinfoil wasn't always working well on the dish I've been using most since we got if for our wedding 26 years ago.

Have a great day.

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Great day, all - lots of stuff going on, so hopefully I will get on here more regularly soon. Still very on plan with DH, and he is doing well maintaining and not too worried about losing more. I however need to keep going! The stretch between Halloween and New Year's apparently causes an average weight gain of 7 lbs, so I am gonna shoot for maintaining overall between now and the New Year. Here's to planning well, even if I eat lots of it!

Be well -

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