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Alyssa Nicole
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Default Failed on the First Day :(

Today was my first day and I already failed. I just was not prepared. I didn't do the shopping I was supposed to do. There aren't any veggies in my house and I didn't get rid of all the junk food like I planned to (boyfriend doesn't want to give up his snacks). What can I do to be fully prepared for this diet? I have a very bad sweet tooth and I never liked vegetables, so this diet is going to be a major change for me. I just need to figure out how to prepare myself correctly so I don't get hungry through the day. Breakfast is so far the hardest meal for me to figure out. I can't find many recipes that I would like.

What did you chicks do to get yourself prepared for this diet? Ill take any advice. Just the first day was a struggle for me as it is. And its only noon!! Oh boy....
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Hi Alyssa- I moved this so more people would see it. Hope that helps.

Sounds like you have an idea what went wrong today. You do need to plan and be prepared. I'd suggest planning your first week before grocery shopping so you have what you need in the house. It's hard living with someone who makes other food choices but a lot of us do it and succeed. It will get easier once you complete a clean Phase 1, I promise!

If you don't like breakfast food just eat what you like as long as it's on plan. There's no rule that says eggs or yogurt are required so go ahead and eat what you like. Today I had turkey because it was leftover and I really wanted it. Basically I made myself a plate of last night's dinner for breakfast. Why not, it's what I wanted and it was filling and on plan.

ETA - and that sweet tooth will be more manageable once you get through Phase 1. That's the best thing about Phase 1 and the thing that makes this plan more doable than you think it will be in the beginning, so hang in there!
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The biggest thing I've learned is...planning. Don't plan = eat poorly. Give yourself a break, browse thru the menus, and figure out what you'd like to do.

Warning! The first 3 days are the toughest. check in here often!!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Hi Alyssa,
I am just finishing up my phase one and know exactly what you are talking about! My boyfriend said he would try with me, but by lunch on the first day he was two cheeseburgers deep and guzzling chocolate milk! (my one true weakness..) It's hard sticking to it when it feels like you're constantly surrounded by the things you've always loved to eat.
I don't know how you feel about cooking, but what really helped me was going online and looking up recipes that are suitable for phase one. There's a huge community out there and so many tasty ideas that I would have never thought of on my own, and it's made the whole experience better for me. You could try googling it, or I found a bunch of really great blogs with links to recipes on Pinterest as well. When you find some snacks you like, portion them out in ziplocs and keep them for a quick grab and go. I also did what Cyndi suggested and I depend a LOT on leftovers for the next day's meals. As for the sweet tooth, I keep a handful of SF hard candies in my purse, especially now that halloween candy is so readily available in my office.
Keep it up girl! You got this!
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Phase 1 is like quitting smoking - the first three days are the worst as the nicotine (or in this case, sugar and processed crap) gets out of your system.

My recs: make a cabinet of just your boyfriend's crap. That way you don't have to see it. Same for the fridge...you can totally avoid his area so you aren't tempted.

Next, figure out what about vegetables you don't like. Taste? Texture? Then post here so we can help recommend some veggies to try..

And last, planning really is important. I go food shopping on the weekend and cut up all my veggies, make individual servings of my food and cook a lot so that way I have easily accessible food that is easy to eat and already portioned out.

PS - for dessert, check out this recipe. Should curb your sweet tooth!

Good luck.
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