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Old 09-18-2013, 06:46 AM   #1
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Default Wednesday Hump Day Chit Chat for 9/18

Hey everybody, guess what day it is!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I just love that commercial.

Anyway, I thought I'd better get us started since it's looking like Ruth had a late night catching up with her DD last night, and I'm going to have to leave early so I can get my car out of here before the pavers come back. Hopefully they'll finish today.

I'm starting my day with a hot bowl of oatmeal to warm me up on this cold morning. I just can't bring myself to close the windows at night, but I sure do pay for it when I get out of bed! :brrr:
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Mike, mike, mike mike mike mike. What day is it?!! (my tech showed it to me last week. Makes Wednesdays so much more fun!)

I must admit, this week is going well with DH gone. I think it's because I'm the mean mommy and get them to bed on time .

Today should be a decent day, and I must run to Wally World after work and get some stuff. Five cats sure do pee a lot, I think I'm always buying litter! Serving the kids spaghetti with homemade sauce from the garden (and I just remembered I bought spaghetti squash while out with Cottage, yay!).

I'm loving these brisk mornings, Cottage, I'm wrapped up on the couch with my mug o' joe.

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning. Never made it here yesterday. Drove to lower Westchester to get the train. Rode in with a co worker so we chatted. Took 2 hours off to go shopping for DS camping trip. Holy guacamole did I spend a lot of money!!! By the time I was home it was 9:45. Then the labeling began.DS worked last night, so it was a VERY late night. I finally got to be at 1!!! Yet here I am up at 7, thanks SB.

Today it is more running crazy trying to find a few more things. I should probably start getting myself organized for my trip. Oh brother. DS leaves Saturday and I leave Monday.

Tammy glad things are going well this week

Linda hope you made it out before the paving started

Ruth enjoy your visit with DD

Time for another cup of java!

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Good morning. I didn't sleep well - I got a flu shot yesterday and my arm was sooooo sore. Now its just regular sore I'm working this afternoon. Spending my free time catching up on the past seasons of Breaking Bad. DH and everyone I know has been watching it all along and they are always buzzing about it so I thought I'd see what they were so caught up in. Now I feel pressure to get through the old seasons as fast as I can since the series finale is any day now. Nice to have something so unimportant to worry about for a change.

Have a great day.

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Hi Everyone!

I'm on the run but wanted to say hi! The rains have pretty much stopped which has been helpful but flooding still continues as the water continues to move out of the mountains and onto the plains. There has been extra work with my mom's rentals and I'm taking every moment at home to continue the process of getting everything in order for when our contractors come on Monday. I'm keeping a handle on my food, which is good.

Ok, now that I know it's Wednesday I'd better get to smoothie-ing and off to work.

Pearlrose, I agree, thanks SB, I'm grateful to have the energy to keep moving forward.
Debbie R

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Come on Spring!
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Can't believe I slept late. Maybe sharing a large bottle of wine with Mary Ellen had something to do with it? We didn't get back here until 7:30. The plane was on time but we spent two hours in rush hour traffic coming home! Lots of wine and a Dr Oetker mushroom pizza before bed.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Barb wants to go out for lunch but I think we may opt out since the Princess is still asleep. I need to get to the bank and pick up a prescription and we just might hit the Forfar cheese shop and have ice cream for lunch. (Eat your heart out, Cottage!) On the other hand I could make that yummy kale salad. We shall just let the day unfold.
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Good morning,

Quick fly by for me, I am off to assist with set up work picnic today even though it is drizzling out there.

DD2 has school pictures today so last night we braided her before bed so she would have waves in her for her picture

Just running around after work, a screw is missing on saxophone so have to run it to the shop and pick up a prescription I called in this weekend.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning, all!

DD woke up crying this morning, so we're snuggling on the recliner watching cartoons. She doesn't have a fever and seems to be congestion-free, so I guess she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

DH is out in the field a few hours away today, so I'll just throw something together for DD and I for dinner. We have to do our grocery shopping this morning, and I'm sure DD is itching to go. She has been asking to "go bye-bye" every day multiple time since she got sick. We also have church on the calendar tonight, but I'll wait and see how she does the rest of the day. She has been waking up from her naps with a runny nose, still, and she's not allowed in the nursery like that. I'm sure she wants to see her nursery buddies, but that's just the way it is.

Well, time to throw some broccoli-cheese omelettes together for breakfast, and I want to see if DH took all the coffee again. He always takes a thermos on the road, but forgets to refill the coffee pot! Adios! Have a great day!
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Good morning! Got both kids and the DH to school/work, and then wrangled the maniacal kitty #4 into the carrier for her vet appt. Luckily, she freaked out at home but was a total angel at the vet. Waiting on her test results tomorrow, b/c unfortunately they somehow ran out of the quick "in-house" test. Bad news with that is that if we are lucky enough that she is FelLeuk neg (one of the 4 turned up positive last week, so we are praying lot), we have to get her BACK to the vet for the vaccine.

Still on-plan, although last night's homemade sensible chili became Chinese food laden with sodium. Feeling to need for rather a lot of water . . .

Be well!

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