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Come on Spring!
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Default Think Fall Tuesday - September 17

Good morning and brrrrr! The furnace and propane stove are both working hard to warm up the house. We went below freezing point last night and the smell of fall is in the air.

Survived yesterday and the Mill Board meeting. Now I have just one or two things to do and I should be able to relax a bit. Our next event is a dinner/piano night on the 27th but I am not cooking, serving or doing any other kind of work that evening - I'm just going to relax and enjoy myself.

A few niggles around the house to clear this morning and then I take off for the Ottawa Airport to pick up my darling daughter. Spoke with her yesterday and she is really looking forward to the break. I do have a few things planned to do but we'll mainly be relaxing and catching up.

Time to get into niggle bashing mode.
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It's hard not to think of Fall with these cold nights, but it sure does make good sleeping weather! Have a happy reunion with your DD, Ruth, and have a great mother/daughter week!

I'm planning to do some weeding at the farm this morning and clean up the veggie garden. It will feel good to work outside on this cool morning. Then after school I'll do the taxi juggle, but it should go a lot easier today since I know exactly where I'm going this time. They are repaving the driveway and parking lot at the farm today, so not only will I have to deal with the on-going paving of our street, but will have to deal with it at the farm, too. I hope I don't have to park too far from the house!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot

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Good morning Ruth! The piano event sounds lovely, glad you're not committed to helping. It wasn't as cold last night, but I know it's not long until the furnace comes on.

The kids were awesome last night (woo hoo!) and we had a great evening at home and library. Today is just a long day of work, so unfortunately they're stuck at my work for a few hours, but gratefully they just picked out a bunch of books (both fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes....woo hoo!).

I noticed on the way to meet Cottage that some leaves had started to turn . This crisp weather is bringing on a the urges of fall!! Get the sweaters out!

Good morning Cottage! Enjoy your time outside!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Good morning.

Yesterday DH and I tried to hike after my morning workout and found the trails closed after the recent rains. I hate when I'm all geared up to go and something foils my exercise plans! Last night we saw the Blue Man Group.

I'm working a short shift today. Not much else planned.

Eating has been OP. Back to no grains or fruit for the week.

Have a great day.

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Good morning,

Ruth enjoy your visit with your DD

Cottage that sounds like a lot of drive around you have to do today, hopefully they finish soon.

Twynn glad you have a good evening last night

Karen I need to remove grains and fruit myself falling into having too many carbs again.

Today is back to back meetings and then DD2 has a soccer game this evening which should be lovely weather for.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
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Hello, all! Late start this morning. We were all up late last night as DD was having coughing fits and we had a very hard time getting her settled in to sleep. Thankfully, she seems to be doing MUCH better this morning.

Ruth: Yay for a commitment-free event at the Mill. Enjoy your time with your DD. I would adore some one-on-one time with my mom.

Linda: Ykikes! Maybe the universe is just trying to help you get some extra walking in with all these paving projects. Enjoy your yard work. We sold our house with the great veggie garden and are renting now, and we really miss getting out and in the dirt.

Tammy: Woohoo for kids and Calvin and Hobbes. I have a few books waiting for DD when she's older. How great that they hunker down and read while waiting for you!

Waisting: Have a great, unplanned day!

Pearl: Enjoy your day! Especially the soccer game!

Still not much here.

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Oops, my previous post got cut off. My Nook doesn't like the 3FC forum for some reason.

Anyhow, we will be staying home again today so that DD can continue to rest & recover. We still have some catching up to do with chores and laundry, so that's on the agenda. I am planning to get back to my workout while she's napping.

In bad news, DD dropped a pound as a result of being sick. I've been doing lots of eggs, peanut butter toast, and pasta and we're going to head out this weekend to find a blender so I can start making her some good fat/high calorie smoothies for meals. Hopefully it'll work. Only about 3 weeks to try and get 2lbs packed on her.

Well, time to switch out laundry and get lunch started! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Almost good afternoon

Ruth. Enjoy your dd
Linda. Working inthe garden today sounds great
Twynn so glad the kids behaved yesterday. Sometimes parenting is great
Karen. Too bad about the hike
Pearlrose. Enjoy your soccer game
Kim. Sorry to hear your little one is sick. I'm sure she will be better today

Went with dh for a long walk in the forest this morning. So refreshing. Tomorrow we are going apple picking. The galas are ready. I had a request from ds to bake some boston cream cupcakes so that's my afternoon
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So - can you believe I have been up since 6? First chance at the computer . . .

So Phase 1 gave DH a 13 lb loss - I think he is pleased, although he keeps asking when he can just go back to eating whatever he wants - doesn't like the answer of never! I managed 6 lbs down, so it was a successful 2 weeks. Embarking on Phase 1.5, which is pretty easy for me as I have been here before - but I get texts from him all day about what he "can and can't have" - because he refused to read the book. He just wants me to be the Cliff Notes!

Hoping to get all the summer clothes rotated out and the fall clothes rotated in today. Everything is clean after doing laundry all day yesterday, so now just to put everything in its place. Easy, right??

Everyone take care - and be well.

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Good evening everyone.
A sunny cool day here after a frost last night. I covered the last few tomato and cucumber plants and they seem to have survived but I had to scrape the windshield this morning!

On the food front, I have a hard time staying OP during the weekend so I basically try to do Phase I Monday-Thursday and then loosen up a bit. But we have such an abundant apple crop this year (4 trees that are so full the branches are bending) I have allowed myself an apple a day this week. But I will not make crisp or pie!!

Hope all the chicks had a good day!

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