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Default Monday Morning Beach Chat 8/26

Where did the summer go?

My son was elated to say the least!!! I had the truck hidden in the garage. When we pulled into the driveway and the garage door opened, it did not register right away. Once he realized it, he was over joyed. He is with his dad until Wed, but then will be with me for the remainder of the week. We agreed on a "monthly car payment." If he proves responsible, I will transfer the ownership to him upon graduation (but he does not know that)

Otherwise it's work, work, work.

Have a great day!!!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Jekel, I wish I could have seen your son's reaction! He must have been way beyond excited.

It was a lovely weekend with just the right balance of socializing, some banking and doing things around the house. I also put in a couple of hours piecing my quilt which I hope to donate to a silent auction at Thanksgiving. On the other hand, I may keep it myself. I've been making quilts for several years and have yet to make one for me although I've done lots for gifts and for cancer patients.

Nothing official on the schedule today but I intend to cut down the darned fake bamboo that is growing very tall beside the deck. It's getting ready to flower and that will bring clouds of hornets so it has to go soon. I've been fighting it for years. It's invasive and a real pest! Today's dehydrator job is to dry banana slices - my dogs adore them and I use them for treats. Of course, I'll probably find a few other odds and sods to fill up the day!

Hope your day is a good one, a No Moan Monday.
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It's nice to start off our Monday with a happy report about your DS's reaction, Jennifer. I hope he shows his responsibility and takes good care of the truck.

Your deck will look nice without that bamboo, Ruth, but be careful cutting it down. Are you going to use your weedwacker?

It was a very pleasant weekend here, and I'm ready to face the week and get back into the school schedule routine again. That reminds me that I'd better leave a little earlier this morning because of the school bus traffic.
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Good morning chicks! Linda, my kids don't start until next Tuesday (although the rest of town starts tomorrow). I can't believe school is back already!

Jekel, so glad he liked his gift!

Ruth, glad the weekend was a great one.

A friend at church gave us awesome tickets to the ballgame last night that ended in fireworks (I'm still giggling, Linda) which was our playtime for the weekend. Today is a 1/2 day that since I'm covering for the boss, I *should* get out on time (oh, I hope I didn't jinx myself!).

I really excited for my kids to spend the day with the new sitter. We had a picnic with our bible study at her place yesterday, and my children loved her 1 and 2 1/2 year old. Here's to hoping it lasts all week!

My shorts are getting a bit snug! I think I'll do phase 1.5 this week since this weekend will be nearly impossible to be OP, then phase I next week. Anyone with me?

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning.
Ruth, glad you had a good weekend and good luck with the bamboo. You might end up dodging rain drops.
Jennifer, I'm so glad your son was pleased. But what kid wouldn't be?
Linda, I still have 1 more week before I officially start, but am already telling myself to get to school and get organized.
Tammy, I am with you. Phase 1.5 for me means keep a little fruit but skip the red wine and dark chocolate and watch portions more closely. I hardly eat any grains. I'm one of those compulsive types that weighs almost everyday. Yesterday I was actually less then when I left on Friday but today I'm up. I know the weight swings are often water related. I move in about a 3 pound range during the month and I'd really like to shift that range down 3 or 4 pounds.

Today is PT and then I'm going to make some salsa with my abundant cherry tomatoes. I found a recipe for freezer salsa I'm going to try since it seems easier than doing the hot water bath. Other than that, it's some housecleaning.

Anyone need another cup of coffee?
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Working on healthy
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Yuck work and end of vacation Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

Ruth - Funny you mentioned your dogs and bananas, I was planning to tell you that Cricket was actually begging for pieces of dried summer squash. Silly little creature

Have to run, I should be in the car already!
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Good morning.

I am recovering from a terrible insect bite just under my eye. On Thursday night I was sitting on the deck and something flew under my eyeglasses and bite me. On friday morning my eye was swollen but we decided to go to Montreal anyways left at 6am. By 5 my eye was completely swollen and one side of my face was swelling up even though I took bendryl. The hotel gave us back one night back which was better than none. Drove back home and dh dropped me off at er. We had a 5 hr.wait. .when they saw me they gave me an iv with antibiotics. Next day back for another round of antibiotics and now 10 days of oral ones. I am extremely itchy but I will ride it. Enough of drs. Needless to say. I'm staying indoors for awhile.
Take care
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Good morning,

Two meetings under my belt for the day already. It was a nice weekend but went by fast, DH and I ended up going shopping half the day looking for a new tv for the one that died in our bedroom. (2nd appliance to die this week hopefully that will be if for awhile). I knew the price online but wanted to see if we could pick one up in the stores for same price and found one at the last store we went to lol.

Jekel so glad your son was excited

Ruth good luck cutting down that weed

Cottage enjoy your day back

Twynn hope you get your half day

Beth I got away from weighing every day but now I back to it, I just think I am more accountable with my food if I do.

Cyndi enjoy your day

Sophie oh that sounds like quite the nasty bug bite. I will say I am also very itchy as I was attacked when I was powerwashing the house on Saturday, didn't realize until I was finished. I caved into scratching last night but that is it won't do again it just makes it worse. I hope you feel better soon.

On the agenda for tonight is Awana, okay back to work for me.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
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Oh dear, might not be able to do phase I next week, if I pick up that box of peaches I'm fantasizing about! I'm decent at 1.5 (no grains).....mmmm....peaches!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Losing to live longer.
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Is it too late to write in here? Not too sure about the rules.

I got a bug yesterday or something upset my stomach. I am very very let down because I celebrated my anniversary with fried food. And I know I shouldn't have, and I know my husband knows I shouldn't have, but we did anyway. Twice, more or less.
I feel like I might have a problem, like I am eating for something that I am missing. I have done really well so far and I am sure I gained a few lbs, and even a few lbs just really makes me hurt because of the fibromyalgia. I am sad and well, sick in bed right now.
I don't know why I keep doing that, I know what is good for me and I follow it just fine and then I find any excuse to "celebrate" and I cheat.
Thanks gals...sorry to dump.
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