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Old 08-22-2013, 06:37 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday Chat on the Beach - August 22

Good morning - coffee on the back deck, AnyChick? It's very pleasant out there although there is a crispness in the air. Rain is in the forecast but I don't need to go out in it and the ground needs it.

Donna comes to clean today. She goes for her wrist operation Sept. 11 and is trying to get the fall housecleaning done before then. I plan to do some baking shortly and then just get out of her way. The baking is for the Mill cafe and I must admit I will be glad to see it close on Labour Day Monday. We need to review the pros and cons of doing this again next year with paid, not volunteer, staff.

Whoops! Reminder just popped up about trash collection so I'd better herd the stuff out to the road. I need a trash can on wheels! (I guess it's too early to hint for Christmas, isn't it?)
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Default Thursday Thunder SBD Chat for 8/22

The sky is dark with the rumble of thunder this morning, but so far it's not raining. I have a hair appointment first thing before heading to the farm, then I have to make a shopping list and get groceries since Cindy and the girls will be back this afternoon. I've missed them, but I sure got a lot done while they were away. If they get back in time, I'll take Maggie over to her school for Meet the Teacher, and tomorrow we're going shopping for school supplies, and Monday we'll say goodbye to summer since school starts.

How's your day shaping up?
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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I have time for one more coffee, Ruth. Thanks!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Come on Spring!
Join Date: Aug 1999
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You and I always have time for one more coffee!
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No bloodwork today, Ruth?

Although I work up way early, I easily fell back asleep until my alarm went off this AM , I guess the day at the amusement park wore me out! I would love to say we had a blast, but....my 8 yo DD, on every ride, would start to freak saying it might break. Really? So, I denied myself riding the roller coaster again (of course, it reminded me I'm getting older anyway) while she went on a kiddie ride. My DS did have a blast though, and went on a ride I wouldn't even in consider.

Today is back to real life...working a long day. I don't like Thursdays, I admit. Thank goodness for coffee!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning,

Checking in before driving in, I have meetings first thing. Feeling so much better and most of the bloat is gone yeah!!!

Ruth did you get your blood work done ? Hope Donna gets all the fall cleaning in before her surgery

Cottage enjoy your day, my scheduling is filling up quite quickly for evenings now that DD2 is back in school.

Tonight DD2 has a soccer game so that will be on my agenda.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
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Morning ladies!
Sounds like everyone is busy wrapping up summer and moving to fall activities.
Ruth, good luck with the baking. I would have a hard time not tasting.
Linda, a break from the family can be useful, can't it?
Tammy, glad everyone enjoyed the park. May your work day go smoothly.
Pearl, enjoy the soccer game.

Yesterday DS1 and I did a round trip to Rochester to pickup his apartment keys and drop off a load of stuff. There were a few snafus on the way, but overall it was productive. Today will be the real day of packing since the plan is to move permanently tomorrow.

Although I try it is hard to stay OP while traveling. I've been doing the best I can but I'm up a couple pounds. I'm hoping it is mostly water and will try to make good choices especially today when I am home and in control.

Off to another day at the races!
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Good morning, finally a day where I can stay close to home. You know it's bad when staying home to do housework sounds appealing. For once no alarm clock. The rain did wake me up, but only briefly. Now enjoying my coffee and smoothie while listening to thunder. Mind you it is sunny and warm out.

Well the truck made it home from Massachusetts with no problems. I get nervous buying something that old without a warranty. Today I plan to make it all pretty. Oh I mean rugged for DS. It is going to smell nice, maybe a vanilla air freshner.

I need to kick it into high gear if I a going to reach my weightless goal this month. Guess the sun gave up, here comes more rain. Nature's car wash.

Tammy sorry DS was worried about the rides. Glad you still had fun.

Ruth don't forget your blood work. Consider the chicks like niggles reminders

Linda enjoy your second cup. I'm still working on my first!

Pearlrose glad you are feeling better. Enjoy the soccer game.

Beth deep breath everything will be fine for DS and the move.

Wow it's dark in here I may need to turn on a light! Have a great day

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Good morning

Ruth hope you aren't too tempted by the delicious baking

Cottage. Must be fun not spending your own money

Twynn. Hope yourlong day goes fast

Pearlrose have a nice day

Beth. Soon things will be quiet er

Jen. Hope you relax a little on your day off

Me. A little excitement here. The other day our home line was acting up. In the evening dh used the phone to call our cell phone to see if it was working well instead he got 911. The police came to the house to check it out. Yesterday the bell repairman told us that only 20 percent of their business is in home lines and sure enough the bell store had only one messily phone in the back. Our box had a short and that short circuited the phones.
Off to Montreal tomorrow. Wish me luck too many favourite restaurants there
Take care
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Another vacation day ahead packed with fruits and veggies. Today I'm canning peaches, freezing blueberries, and drying squash. This week is giving me a good start on things. I should have started sooner but it's been that kind of summer.

Yesterday we dragged a tube down to our swimming hole and played in the water for awhile. It was so peaceful.

Of course we slept in, so it's another late start. Not so bad today because the SO works second shift so I will have all evening to work on stuff. Time to get moving though, if I'm also going to get a walk in.
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Baby steps, losing the holiday excess first.

Maintaining 48 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level. 60+ lbs and counting!
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Good afternoon. I was here earlier but got distracted before I left a comment. No hiking today since my foot hurts and I am working this afternoon so didn't want to spend extra time on it. Went to Costco and Whole Foods this morning. It is finally getting seasonally hot here - 90s predicted for the coming week.

Have a great day.

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Good Evening!

I didn't get here, either, this morning. We have so many peaches we NEED to keep the dehydrator going which meant a marathon session this morning before we headed to the pool. We went to water aerobics then I came right back here to pick up the neighbor kids and take them to the pool...our once a summer thing. Back at 1...nap....then took the kids to the mall with me. Now Kirk's friend is over for dinner. They're sitting outside while I catch up a bit. I have a 1/2 peach pie in the oven. A throw together...I hope it turns out. I will have one small piece.

See ya'll tomorrow.
Debbie R

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