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Come on Spring!
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Default What the Heck Wednesday - Aug. 21

Good morning. I seems like the month has accelerated and here we are even closer to the end. We are having a shot of real summer weather to wind up the month. The AC turned itself on this morning which means it'll be really, really hot.

Once again I "forgot" about getting bloodwork done and am into my second coffee. I may have to just hide the Keurig until I get my act together. Driving for 30 minutes without coffee is not my idea of how to start the day.

I did manage to get the dehydrator set up and working yesterday and dried kale, plums and some cherry tomatoes yesterday. It really heats up the kitchen so I am going to set it up on the deck this morning to dry the peaches. I must remember to do some zucchini chips too to add to winter stews.

Scale is being a B**** these days as I've fluffed up over the summer. Yesterday I put away some summer clothes that are too tight - maybe by next summer? Alas and alack - I suspect I'll need to buy a new outfit for the Sept. 14 wedding. I hate the thought of it - maybe a complete Spanx bodysuit would work?

On with the day and over the Hump we go!
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LOL Ruth, I do love your posts! I'm glad you get to relax enough in the morning that you forget not to drink coffee . I hope it's not too hot up there today!

I did pry my behind out of bed for a run this AM, and it was just beautiful. The big problem is it was still dark (when did the days get so short already?), but there was a full moon out! The deer and beaver were a bit disturbed by my jaunt through the marsh , but I did enjoy it. Silly dog is a bit lazy though.

I'm off to work shortly, and it's a short day. The boss asked me to be on call this afternoon, and I said "no"!. Good job, Tammy (I am covering the rest of the week for her). Instead, I'm debating on taking my kids to a super cheap yet fun amusement park nearby. Who can pass up 5 bucks for riding a roller coaster all afternoon!?!?

And that should wipe me out by tonight...

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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I think if I had to forgo my morning coffee, I'd sleep right up until it was time for my bloodwork.

I've fluffed up over the summer, too, Ruth, and had a serious wake-up call when I saw some pictures of myself at the lake. How did that happen? It goes on so easily.

Have fun at the amusement park today, Tammy, and kudos to you for saying "NO!" to your boss. Family comes before work, and your kids will remember this day for a long time.

I had to turn on the bedroom light to get dressed this morning, and it's sad that summer is coming to an end. Most kids around here start school on Monday, and Amber & Tyler started back to their charter school this past Monday. Back when I was in school, we never went back until after Labor Day.

I've been getting a lot done at the farm and taking advantage of the girls not being there to go through their stuff and toss things out. It's stuff they haven't touched in the past year or longer so they'll never miss it, but if they were home they'd have a fit that I wanted to toss it out. I cleaned out and reorganized their bathroom, too, while I was at it. Today I'm hitting the playroom. Watch out, LOL! They aren't going to be too happy with me, but Cindy has given me carte blanche to do whatever I want, and they have been warned.

I managed to have another OP day yesterday and can feel my energy coming back. I haven't decided what supper will be tonight, but it will be something with zucchini and tomatoes since my garden is overflowing with them right now.

Jennifer, I posted that recipe for the quinoa stuffed peppers in the Phase 2 entrees for you. Enjoy!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Good Morning

We made it over the hill and I'm off to the pool (soon)! Then off to look for organic local peaches. Bing has an appt at 2 with his sexy Cardiologist. I'm glad it worked out here because we get to be with him for his echocardiogram....she hooks him up to her laptop. Amazing Vet technology.

Well have a good day everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning,

Got just a few minutes before the 8 a.m. call. Had to stop and pick up donuts and cookies for staff to celebrate Birthday's and Anniversaries. Needless to say I will not endulge in them. Woke up this morning feeling much better and 2.5 lbs of the water is gone- now to get the rest of it going hopefully by the end of the week.

Ruth you must have needed the coffee more than the bloodwork lol you may have to hide your machine.

Tywnn good for you your kids will enjoy

Cottage August has not been good weight wise I have been back pedaling time to start pedaling forward again so as not to lose what I have achieved this year.

Debbie enjoy the pool.

Tonight nothing on the agenda so I will try to get some laundry done and will cook dinner at home.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!
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Good morning.

Yesterday we hiked and I worked. This morning my mom and I are working out. Later I want to check out a brand of running shoes I read about in a blog. Hoka. They look strange but are supposed to be good for various foot issues so I'm thinking maybe they'd work for me. They only have one style at one store in town here but many options online.

I've also fluffed up a bit. Such a kind way to put it! All since my big trip. And lots of unhealthy food around when DS was here (pizza, Chinese, BBQ...). Unfortunately we have many social events coming up which are always my biggest challenge.

Have a great day.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning Apparently sleeping is the thing I'm doing best this vacation I also got all 10 giant heads of broccoli processed. I still have the stems/stalks and realized I can just set them to cook in the crockpot and run them through the foodmill later. I am really looking forward to having broccoli puree in the freezer for quick broccoli cheese soups this winter. The recipe with white beans is one of my faves.

Fluffy here too, but no worse than last spring. Also no better, unfortunately. I'm just not motivated to take those extra pounds off again. I'm wearing size 10s, not so bad and I feel pretty good. I just need to keep on the exercise. For now fitness is my focus rather than thin.

Ruth - Do you dry the tomatoes and plums at the same time? I'm tempted to do that because I don't have enough of either to run the dehydrator today but enough of both.

Cottage - That recipe is going on the top oi my list for the next cool day. Looks delicious!

Twynn - Hooray for boundaries! Enjoy the park

Rose - Hope the call was painless. SOmetimes those calls instead of meetings are dull.

Debbie - hope Bing is doing well. Good luck with the peaches. They are crazy plentiful around here this year. We've already gone through one box and I'm tempted to get another.

Karen - I'm curious about those shoes. Off to google

Okay, time to get a late breakfast on and then off to do some end of the summer tubing. Tonight a birding friend is coming for dinner and then a fire, full moon, and wine
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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I'm fluffy too Was proud of myself for not having dessert out last night. Instead opted for a protein bar. The scale is stuck (denial I stuck) trying to get back to my "happy weight."

Thank you Linda for posting the pepper recipe. Cannot wait to make it.

Ruth I chuckled reading your post. The people at DMV must think I am nuts.

Tammy have fun on the roller coaster!!! Kudos for saying "no" to your boss.

Well I did it. Bought DS, well me too, a vehicle. He has no idea as he is on vacation with his dad this week. It's an older dodge pick up, 2001, but it only has 50,800 miles!! My 2010 Camry has almost 80,000!

So today is DMV. Later taking the train to Joe's. he is going to drive me to pick it up in MA. It's less than an hour from his house. Tomorrow I will give it a good cleaning or splurge on getting it detailed before DS comes home.

I always "stress" over these decisions. At least I didn't comfort myself with food porn

Time to watch the big board for my number to be called. Have a great day

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Come on Spring!
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Height: 5'0" on a tall day


Oy! My wedding outfit arrived by post today. It's still in the box but I WILL face the mirror in it later. Nothing glitzy, a flowing royal blue crepe pantsuit, but it may be a bit too dressy for a 4 PM wedding.

I re-instated my ticker but will not be showing it much after today - unless I quickly lose 20 pounds! (Can I do that by September 14th? Then I could wear a dress I know I like.)
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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