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Old 08-16-2013, 06:55 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Fabulous Friday Chat - August 16

Good morning. Pretty sunrise this morning with a few pink clouds. I think that means rain later but that's OK as long as the weekend is good. I wish they had a complaints desk up there!

Yesterday morning's meeting went well and then Paul and I spent the afternoon at the "meeting after the meeting". I was very glad to see the end of the day and celebrated with a glass of wine on the front porch before grilling a steak and roasting some gorgeous red peppers for my winter stash. (It's a messy job getting the charred skins off but well worth the effort.)

Odds and ends on the list today such as doing the flowers for the cafe and some house jobs. Donna comes to clean and I have to pack for my weekend at my son's cottage. The dogs go to the kennel for supper tonight and I will be leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow since it's a four hour drive. I plan to stop for breakfast in Ottawa and am really looking forward to time away.

Drat! Just checked my calendar and I have a Mill Board meeting Monday afternoon. Maybe I can cobble together a financial report tonight to ease Monday.

What's happening with you this weekend? I sure hope it's fun-filled and relaxing.
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I think I just got tired reading your post, Ruth. I hope it all comes together for you!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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And I was so tired I hit "post" instead of "enter". LOL.

Anyway - just took the dog on a short walk and now I need to finish packing for the camping trip so we can actually leave on time. A quick day at work, bring the pup to her weekend chalet, see the kids' art exhibit (from art camp all week), and then we're off!

(but until then, coffee....)

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning, Tammy I agree, but all of Ruth's posts make me tired Ruth have a lovely time at the cottage. Tammy hope you and the family have fun camping.

Offtiday running errands and housework for my only day off. Joe is coming down after work. No time to cook so we will go out, nothing fancy. I am hoping to squeeze in a ride today. Even if only an hour. I miss my rides

Ok laundry needs folding and I need a shower! Have a great day!

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Good Morning

Thanks for getting us started, Ruth! It sounds like you have a busy day before an enjoyable weekend!

Twynn, yay for camping! I hope your work day is a breeze!

Jennifer, enjoy your bike ride!

I'm getting some house stuff finished up before heading to Denver for an 8am appt at Chevy. Fortunately, it's recall work so I don't have to pay the dealer big bucks. I'm putting my bike on and I'll ride over to Wholefoods and do my grocery shopping while I wait. I'm sure some nice customer service person will stash my bags while I retrieve the car. Kirk is staying home (shh...yay) and will move some raspberry plants from her yard to ours. We're on our way to a pretty nice patch.

Happy Friday everyone! These days are sure going by fast!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning

Ruth enjoy your time with your grandaughter

Twynn. Hope you have nice weather

Jennifer hope you get your bike ride in

Debbie. Enjoy your bike ride and denver is such a lovely city

I am off this morning to Niagara region to get peaches and apricots. Might pick them depending on price difference. I have to share this with you. Awhile back I saw a dr who gave he a wonderful prescription - he said have a glass of wine every night. The hard part is sticking to 1. But in the most part I have been doing it.
Have a nice weekend everyone. I know I will be busy making jam and canning and freezing my fruit
Take care
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Good morning. Lovely sunshine again; this is a trend I could get used to!

Ruth and Tammy, have wonderful trips!
Jennifer, have a productive day.
Sophie and Debbie, hope your errands work out smoothly.

I'm having my 2nd cup of coffee after doing PT already. Now it will be laundry, cleaning and some yardwork. Got a good report at the dr yesterday so that was encouraging. Trying not to think about how busy the next 2 weeks will be while we move the boys off to school and start up my year. To quote Scarlet O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow"...

Have a wonderful day chicks!
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Good morning.

The darn puppy started whining then barking at 3:30 this morning. DH finally gave up at 4:00 and took him outside and he did "go." I hope we don't get a repeat of that! Just a few days of dog-sitting left. He's been fun but sooo much work.

I'm doing the closing shift at work tonight which will be my longest shift in weeks so hopefully my foot won't hurt too much. I've got some groceries to buy today.

Have a great day, all.

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Good morning,

Had to run my car to the dealer this morning to get the brakes checked, I debated canceling since the noise I thought I heard it make Monday morning as not happened again (imagining things?) but decided to go ahead, might make for a smaller bill if I can catch them in time to just need brake linings versus needing rotors taking care of as well.

Ruth enjoy your trip to the Cottage and I hope you have a relaxing time

Tywnn enjoy your camping trip!

Jekel hope you get a ride in today

Debbie enjoy your day and glad it's recall work for you.

Sophie that sounds like a great prescription, I get headaches from wine so I do not drink.

Tonight not sure what is on the agenda just glad it is Friday. Tomorrow is soccer game at noon and then Rams Football game at night.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Everybody sure is busy this weekend!

I have a wine tasting event tomorrow which involves taking a train, a ferry and lots of walking. It's always a fun day. Hopefully our weather will co-operate because this event is at a waterfront park, all outside.
"Welcome to reality would you like some popcorn?"
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Working on healthy
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Good morning I took the day off to help get the roof on the new porch but the roofing isn't in yet. Guess we will just have to kayak instead

Had a lovely time shopping with our own Cottage yesterday and met her wonderful daughter and granddaughter. I wish there had been more time but it was a treat anyway. We both forgot to get a picture, guess we will have to do that later. Who's next?!

Happy Friday friends
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Afternoon ladies! Haven't been around much, I know. Had a couple of interviews though! Getting my eating back on track- going to the grocery store today. I have seen time and time again, that I CANNOT eat bread products without it leading to days of horrible, carb filled binge eating, yet I keep trying. E for effort, maybe?

Cyndi- too bad about the roof stuff not being in yet! Hope you have fun kayaking

seachick- Yummy! Enjoy.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Miraculous Amus Babus ;)
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Talking Hey everyone ;)

Hey there-

Tonight is my third night of my spending time in my new home! I LOVE IT! It is a bit of an adjustment because town is noisy and the apartment is smaller but I am quite content and happy here

Today was a crazy day, Comcast's tech was supposed to come install my services at my new place and the tech hung up the phone on me! He was very rude, nasty and worse once he got here, when he went out to his truck, I called his supervisor and told him that the tech could go home, I wasn't going to tolerate his b.s. So another tech is going to come tomorrow, sigh.

My friend is coming tomorrow after the Comcast tech comes, hopefully he will help me with some around the home stuff. Then on Sunday, I may go to Philly to see a friend at his CD release party!!! He is an avid musician, music teacher and actually taught me guitar for awhile but I am taking a break. I think the CD release party will be a lot of fun

I must do laundry tomorrow, I have been procrastinating doing it...

Take care!

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