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Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday Chirping on the Beach - June 25

"The sun is ashining to welcome the day,
Heigh-ho! come to the fair!"
but it's also a tad chilly out there at 49. However it's beautifully sunny and will warm up by noon.

In a little while I'm going over to put up the winners list for the schoolwork entries. I love to get that done with before all the baking, sewing and quilting judges start their task. Linda and I will probably wander over there to check out the winners this afternoon. This evening we are supposed to meet the DWARPS in the beer tent for a libation. (One guy calls it "Going out for a beer or six"!)

Disney seems to be in recovery mode this morning after her ordeal at the vet. Leslie removed ten more teeth - good thing dogs have twice the number we have! Her mouth must be sore so I'm feeding her canned dog food which I hate. However, it's a good thing to hide her anti-poop meds. The vet techs had a lot of clean-up to do.

Time to unload the dishwasher and maybe get dressed before I go over to the Fair Hall. I wouldn't want to shock the carnies as I wander through the grounds.
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Morning Ruth (and Linda)! Enjoy your fair outing! And the nice cool weather- 49 sounds heavenly. I LOVE cool/cold weather, believe it or not. You'd never guess I grew up in Florida!

Aww, poor Disney! *scritches for puppy* I hope she'll be feeling better soon!

I started off the morning well so far- I've met my July weight loss goal of 6 pounds! Hoping I can squeak out another pound or two by next week

Nothing exciting on the agenda today, I'm just doing laundry. Lots of laundry. I ran out of clean underpants and figured I had two options-do laundry, or go buy more. I seriously considered the second option!

Have a great day, all!

OH! Speaking of chirping on the beach, I was at the post office yesterday and some guy walked OUT of the post office with a pallet of baby chicks! Live, chirping, baby chicks! What the heck?! I didn't think you could send live animals through USPS... (Can you do that in Canada, Ruth?)

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Good morning oh I so miss my morning cup of coffee today. Just waiting on the train, which is late. My scan isn't until 9:30, but I have to drink liquid chalk (yuck) at 8:30 again. Ruth and Linda have fun at the fair. Congratulations penmage on reaching your July goal.

I wish I brought a fleece with me dare I say I am cold lol. Enjoy your day

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Ruth - enjoy the fair, and especially meeting the DWARPS group. Poor little Disney ~ she'll feel so much better without them! (PS - you can just add water to dry - so much less stinky!)

Penmage - CONGRATULATIONS! I don't think I'll ever be able to lose 6 lbs in a month again, LOL. (well, unless it's a stomach bug...) I'm loving this cool morning too! I had to ask DS to bring one of his blankies down here for me .

It is a beautiful morning out, the crispness makes it feel like fall! (ahhh, a teaser!) I'm getting all anxious for a meeting with my boss tomorrow ~ I'll tell you the big news then. But until then, it's a long packed day that is hopefully routine (I think I say thatevery Tu-Th). I am bringing my "old man" in with me today ~ my 17 yo cat thats senile and deaf needs to get some bloodwork done. (how can they not have a little heart emoticon here?!)

Have a great day!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Good morning.

DH and I are going to hike today, our first since returning from our trip. My intention is to keep it up even though we no longer are in "conditioning mode."

I'm researching podiatrists so that I can get a second opinion. My foot still hurts although maybe it is a bit better. Hopefully I won't be told "give up hiking" but won't so much mind if I'm told "give up your standing job."

I've been working on a travel journal of our Alaska trip. Still waiting on my brother to share photos with me but suspect it will be a while since he works full-time and took hundreds of shots.

Have a great day.

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Good morning,

Ruth and Cottage sounds like you have a wonderful day planned out. Poor Disney hope she feels better soon

Penmage it is strange but I think they make special boxes for just that

Jekel good luck with your scan

Tywnn you got my curiosity up on your news

Karen on my right foot I have plantar franticitis (sp?) that keeps flaring up and I have avoided going to doctor for and probably should go.

It is beautiful today and does not bode for wanting to work lol. DD2 wasn't feeling good last night so she came to bed with us but that really keeps us up and ended up getting up earlier and getting to work early. I am going to do wfh tomorrow so I can get an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Morning. I've been out to pick blueberries (another quart!!) already and am now sipping my coffee. Not sure what else is on the agenda for the day; probably mostly niggles both inside and out. In particular the bathrooms need cleaning and the gardens need weeding.

It's a pleasant 70 and sunny right now with low humidity. What an improvement over that 90+ and humid!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and OP day!
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