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Default Tuesday Twitterings SBD Daily for 6/25

I could have sworn there was a duck quacking away right outside my bedroom windows, but it must have been a mockingbird making duck sounds. We do have a lot of ducks around, though, especially after all the monsoons we've been getting lately. Last night's storm was a doozy that knocked out our power and internet for almost 4 hours. Thank goodness it came back on right before bedtime so we could turn the AC on.

More storms in the forecast today with a hot, sticky day predicted. We're hoping to fit some pool time in before the storms threaten, and then there's violin lessons later.

Stay cool, and have a great day!
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Come on Spring!
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Wow! The weather is really wacky lately. Let's hope your power stays on today, Linda. Life without AC is terrible.

Got a long list of "stuff" dealt with yesterday which makes me feel a tad better. Today I will focus on doing the Mill 2012 Tax Return. I think I am the Queen of Procrastination - they could have been done as soon as I closed the books for the year! I easily get side-tracked and having to restore the accounting postings for part of 2013 took up way too much time. First step will be to clear my desk of everything except the tax stuff - and get another coffee, of course!

Decided yesterday to just give up on the veggie garden for the year and have my yard contractor seed it over. (I guess that means longer than a year.) It's so silly to stress and slave over it when I can buy veggies just down the road. I hope I don't change my mind on this next spring when my green genes kick in!

OK - coffee and a clean desk so I can get a good run at the taxes.

Hope your day is cool in most ways.
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Yay for you Ruth on making your life easier with the garden. I understand the queen of procrastination....I think I am a princess in your court .

Linda, those storms missed us! I'm sure we'll get some this week in the nasty heat and humidity we're having.

I thought of Cyndi yesterday - I was jogging on the boardwalk thru the marsh yesterday, and a huge great blue heron was flying thru the trees from the creek and then made a U turn. I'm not sure how he fit with that massive wingspan thru the trees! It sure was beautiful.

I was up til almost 11 cooking for work today. I tried a new recipe for sweet potato salad, and it seemed pretty yucky, I'm hoping marinating overnight made it better! I had the pork on the smoker....oh, my....

I must go finish that stuff up, it will be a busy day today!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Off for a hike soon. Can't leave early because DH has to wait on weekdays for the stock market to open. We might get rained on today which I don't mind if the trail doesn't become too slippery. Another scorcher here.

This afternoon I'm going with DH when he takes his mom on her weekly errand run. There is an outdoors store near her that we'll check out; still buying stuff for our trip.

Have a great one.

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Already a productive morning here. Somehow on my last trip to Lowe's I came home with more perennials. They are now happily in the ground and there are fewer weeds as well. I have a hard time controlling myself at the garden center!

The big storms just missed us last night. A few miles north there were downed trees and power outages. We have thunderstorms in the forecast for the next few days.

Hope everyone has a lovely rest of the day!

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Working on healthy
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Better late than never, I suppose It's pouring again, but no lightening or thunder. On the plus side the temp dropped about 15 degrees in an hour.

Cottage - hope you made it through today's storms without any more problems

Ruth - I've had to settle for 3 tomato plants in buckets this year. Just no time to get a garden in with the move. The weather has been so fickle I don't really mind. You can always container garden next year if you get the itch.

Twynn - Hope the salad improved overnight.

Karen - I just can't hike when it's this hot. Did you find a nice spot?

Beth - How did you do today? Hard to tell exactly where the storms went.

OKay, off to do something vaguely productive before bed.
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We had a few storms through here this afternoon, but nothing like we had last night.

Speaking of container gardening, my SIL is growing all kinds of veggies in huge buckets that my brother outfitted with casters so they can move them around as needed, and the veggies are thriving.
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Evening ladies. Linda I love the coaster idea for potted veggies. I have a very limited amount of room for a veggie garden. Last summer I bought (on eBay) two, three tiered planter boxes. They are perfect for me. I only plant 2 of each veggie I like and strawberries. My zucchini looks awesome already!

Not sure how the weather is been at work indoors all day. Guess I'll feel it when I step off the train. Been OP and feeling really well inspite if the weather. Nice little water whoosh today too. I am trying to go a little under my low weight before our trip next month. We are planning on cooking some nights, but I would like a little wiggle room. Sadly I stress when I cannot weigh myself. Yet I REFUSE to pack my scale. That is just crazy lol.

Stay cool chicks

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Good evening, ladies. Just popping in to say hello. I've been pretty slack about checking in here lately, but I've just been busy w/ work and then this past weekend I was camping. I've been doing GREAT w/ my workouts (took a hike every day I was camping...one of them 2 hours long) but horrible w/ my crunches and leg lifts. Actually, that's an understatement...I have completely neglected them this month. I'll do better next month!!!

Had a much better birthday this year than last year, but I have to admit it stings a little that one of my good friends forgot to wish me a happy birthday. As a matter of fact, he still hasn't done so as of now AND he ignored my text earlier asking if he had any news on the job he interviewed for. Ignoring texts is nothing new for him...he gets in anti-social moods and does it quite often...but I'm a girl, dammit, and it bothers me, LOL Oh well...such is life.

Hope everybody is doing well. I'm going to try to do better about checking in, but I'm losing my Corporal to dayshift for a couple of weeks and will be the only supervisor on my shift, so I can't make any promises.

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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