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Old 05-23-2013, 06:42 AM   #1
At last!
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Default That's Enough Thursday - May 23

That's enough rain, I mean - also enough snacking on cookies while watching TV. We had another bad t-storm last night and poor Disney was in full-blown panic mode. I feel so badly for her but don't like to give her the mild tranqs the vet prescribed because she is a zombie for 24 hours after it. Poor Katrina rescue!

Despite the rain, I did get a bit of deadheading done on my front flower bed and it looks much better. I also washed, dried and folded the 18 white sheets that were used as table cloths for the Mad Hatters Tea Party. That was a good way to end a busy but successful day.

Not a thing written on my calendar today except a Fair Board Meeting tonight. I may just make my excuses and stay home. Another t-storm is predicted so ... I did buy some more flowers for the Village planters and may get them planted today. They sure won't need to be watered in! I'd like to do my veggie garden but the clay soil is too wet to till. At least my raised bed is well started.

So let's see what this Thursday brings. I'm putting the weather gods on notice that there has been enough rain for now.

How does your day look? On we go with Thursday.
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Thanks for the start-up, Ruth. I was trying to get a post in earlier but kept getting interrupted, and now it looks like it's going to storm any minute. Poor Disney, Katrina must have really left an impression on her to still panic after all these years.

It's another hot, sticky day here with the threat of severe T-storms adding to mix to make things interesting. I have some paperwork to keep me busy this morning at the farm, and I hope we don't lose power so I can get it all finished! I may have to run down to Devon this afternoon with the girls to drop them off with Cindy at the horse show, depending upon the weather, but other than that, it's looking like a quiet day here.
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Good morning! Yay Cottage, for having a quiet day (hope it stays like that!). Ruth, have you tried the thundershirt as well? Many have found a bit of relief. Poor little Disney! We did give the girl at work ~ her dog some Valium, it worked most awesomely . I am sure she got it last night, we had a wicked but brief storm.

I skipped my walk this am, I tend to just to give the ole body a break this time of the week. I may do just a simple walk later. We're leaving for NC tomorrow, so tonight will involve prepping and then training the new person on taking care of the herd of mammals!

I can't believe it's almost summer for the kids. Wasn't it just snowing?!?

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning from Maryland. I've reached the point in the week when I am just looking forward to going home.

Xan - We've been to Fell's Point and walked along the water to Inner Harbor twice. I do love the ocean and the oysters
It's nice to see you after all this time.

Running late this morning so no more personals for me today.
Baby steps, losing the holiday excess first.

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At last!
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Oysters! I would love a dozen for breakfast, please. Never mind - I'll settle for a veggie omelet. It's raining but no thunder and lightning so all is calm in the dog world.
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seeking balance
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Hi there, I've never posted on this thread even though I've been SBing for the past year, but the storm dog reference spurred me into action.

Just wanted to say that my girl Luka here is terrified of thunder and gunshots (being in the country, that's a common occurrence). The solution we've come up with is letting her go in one of the bedrooms and turning the stereo on - it's normally tuned to a rock and roll station, lol. Now when she's spooked, she comes to get one of us and leads us right to the bedroom to turn on her music while she climbs on the bed and sacks out until things settle down outside. Works for us!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Good morning.

Today is my first back at work in almost 2 weeks. Hopefully my foot doesn't scream too loudly at me. I work the closing shift which is my longest and makes things ache even when I'm not feeling extra pains.

This morning I have my follow-up with the doctor who has been treating me for my auto-immune. (Not to be confused with the second opinion I got a few days ago!)

Bought some new, very expensive sandals yesterday that seem to work okay for my foot right now and are a brand my podiatrist recommends, but am feeling some buyer's remorse. I went for black because it goes with most of what I wear but that also means I also own several other pairs, none of which I can currently wear. The store only allows returns for 7 days so I have to make a decision fast - not my forte.

Have a great day.

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Good morning. Hi Cattails and welcome to the morning chatter. Great job on SB your ticker is very impressive!!!

Ruth we are in a rainy spell too. The only good thing about it is it forced me to clean the house.

Linda enjoy the quiet

Tammy have a great time in NC. You are right it was just snowing.....for Debbie (Hi Debbie)

Karen will you still be able to wear the other sandals? If not keep the ones kind to your feet. Standing on marble flooring for hours at work does a number on me. The best advice I got at work was be kind to your feet. They weren't kidding!

CyndiM looks like you are enjoying your trip. Hope you get to relax a little when you get home.

As for me I am off until Tuesday whoo hoo! Weather a little dicey to take the bike out. I may spin this morning before going to Joe's later in the day. Otherwise not much planned.

Have a great day

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Good morning! Three more days, three more days, three more days (until school is OVER.)

Cyndi, I've always wanted to go to Fells Point. I remember that there was an illustration from a 19th century magazine that hung in our house when I was a child (it had been my great-grandmother's, I was told) and I liked the name. It looked like a tiny village -- I'm sure that's changed! It sounds like your training program is hard!

They've promised thunderstorms today and it's looking nasty already
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Good morning,

I got like two minutes to post before I got run, looks like the East Coast is getting all the showers we had last weekend.

DD2 and her friend slept in the camper last night for her sleepover she has been wanting to do that forever so DH got it ready for them.

Okay I hope everyone has a wonderful day today, almost Friday
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At last!
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"That's enough" was a good title: it's raining, Disney had the "runs" in the back room, my email is down for an upgrade - back in 48 hours - and I have a toothache when my dentist is closed. I think I'll go to my room and eat worms!
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Ruth, that is definitely ENOUGH!

I've run short on time after some awake time at midnight turned into sleeping too late. I'm making two trips to Denver today. One for my moms eye appt and the second to help Kirks DD with wedding flowers.

Have a great day everyone! (PS OP food is packed)

Cattails, thanks for the great story! It's just amazing what our furry friends think of!
Debbie R

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Oh ladies ladies ladies. I should've known when I was awakened by a phone call telling me a co-worker's husband had passed away that this would be a crappy day. He used to be the police chief here locally and had to move on due to medical issues, but had been doing much better lately. I tried my best to get all the tears out before work, but I broke down in briefing and had to turn it over to my Corporal to finish for me while I stepped out and composed myself.

Busy weekend coming up w/ my niece's graduation AND my nephew's girlfriend's graduation. I'll be able to rest up on Sunday and then I start a stretch of working 7 days straight. At least it's more money for the move, though.

Anyway, gotta run, more work to be done, LOL

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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Natasha, I'm so sorry about your friend's death. And it does sound like a busy weekend and work. Those are the things that have always derailed me. Good luck!
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Old 05-23-2013, 11:01 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
That's enough rain
I hear you Ruth, very grey week in southern Ontario... I miss the sun.

Uneventful day for me, but I hope everyone else had a terrific Thursday!

205lbs as of Jan. 1st, Jan goal 5lbs down
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