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Fabulous Friday Bodacious Beach Chat

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Default Fabulous Friday Bodacious Beach Chat

Hello everyone. It's been awhile! I am living in Maryland, again. I will start the SBD on 5/18/2013. For lasting two weeks, I will reward myself with the new Leo Dicaprio movie (The Great Gatsby). I have a job interview on Monday, so wish me luck. Take care!

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It's coming!
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Hi there, BellaLucia. Nice to see you back. Time you were in bed though.

I've been awake since 4 and finally decided to get up and wake the sun. It worked as sunrise is happening. Lots to do today as usual but I did get a good whack at the tea party cookie baking yesterday. More this morning and then I want to get my kitchen back to normal for the weekend. All I need to cook tomorrow is several loaves of sandwiches for the dance and whatever has been forgotten for the Sunday tea party.

There was panic in the streets of Delta yesterday as it looked like the LCBO was going to go on strike. It's our first long weekend of the summer so people were really stocking up on booze. (I must admit I have a case of wine in my car trunk.) Luckily the strike was averted and a great sigh of relief can be heard on the morning air. Even the loons are hollering about it.

So ... the first long weekend - BBQ, first boat rides, camping, fishing, hanging out on the deck sipping a brew - Canadians love their "happy" season. This is a really busy time of year for me but I intend to grab big chunks of summer and enjoy.

Gonna start right now by having my second coffee out on the back deck as I plan my day.

TGIF and what's happening for you this lovely weekend?
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TGIF and it's nice to see you, BellaLucia. Welcome back to the East coast and good luck on your interview!

Ruth, what's the occasion of your long weekend? LOL, that's funny about the panic in the streets with the LCBO threatening to strike! I'm glad it was averted.

The sun is up and shining in a clear blue sky, perfect for browsing and shopping for my annuals and the rest of my veggie plants this morning. I have a list and a plan of action because I do have a budget and it's so easy to go overboard. I have a tarp to put down so I don't get my pretty new car all dirty, too. Then home for unloading a quick lunch before picking up Dad to take him to the mall. He has some gift coupons for JosABank that he wants to redeem before they expire. Who ever would guess that I'd be taking my father shopping at the mall, of all places. Hopefully, there will be time at the end of the day so I can get some gardening done. Tomorrow I'll be at my SIL's most of the day, and Sunday is Cindy's big birthday bash and I'm going over for an hour or so in the morning to help make sure all is ready. It's going to be an eventful weekend!
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Quick check in this morning. With company and graduation I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow.

Lovely sun for the weekend, goes quite well with the birds and flowers.

Planned cheat tonight as we will go out for dinner. But I know a day or two of Phase I will help the inevitable water weight.

Ruth, I have rhubarb that is about ready but no asparagus. Perhaps you could carrier-pigeon some over to me?

Happy Friday everyone!
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Good morning chicks! So nice to see you on here again, BellaLucia! Make sure you check in with us every day so we "see" you!!

Ruth, that is averting disaster, isn't it!?? I stopped at the wine and liquor store yesterday (it's state run in PA) and they don't have any of my favorite wine in the county. That is a disaster! Hope your kitchen gets back to normal and that you enjoy your weekend.

Cottage - so sweet to take your daddy shopping . How is he doing? Hope you get a little bit of relaxing time this weekend!

Beth - enjoy your planned cheat and your weekend!

For me - I have the morning off. Originally I was going garage saleing with a friend, but she cancelled. So I'm off to a PTF meeting, then a hike because it is SO STINKIN GORGEOUS out there, and then clean a bit if there's time left before I go to work.

Sigh. I love living in our little mountains.

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Good morning and welcome back BellaLucia!!! Oh Ruth I hope you have an awesome kitchen with all the baking you do. I give you credit as I would sample everything! Linda have fun shopping with your dad (I think it is cute) Beth enjoy your time with your family and congratulations to you and DS!

DS and I had a really good day. Man can he eat! We went to Joe's Crab Shack. He had the Sam Adams steamer basket. He are it all plus a piece of key lime pie. I was good grilled shrimp with mango salsa and double veggies. OK so the peach cobbler was not SB friendly, but oh so yummy. I rode 40 miles yesterday and the scale rewarded me with another pound gone.

Today I am off to Joe's for gardening. After he gets home from work we are going riding. Then I was promised a skirt steak salad yum! I'll come home tonight as I need to get back in the groove. Stinks going back to work I've been off since the second. Kinda feels like retirement lol

Natasha, I really enjoy my time at the range. Glocks are very user friendly.
Have a fantastic, fun filled Friday.

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Good morning.

I'm working out with my mom and trainer today, the only exercise I'm getting now with my foot issues. She's already been modifying things for me so we'll just continue with that until my foot is better.

Yesterday I wore my hiking boots inside the house (and for one quick errand) almost the whole day. When I had told the podiatrist I was worried that I wouldn't be able to break them in for my trip in July, he said they might actually be better on my foot right now. I think he's right. But after a few hours I was going crazy wearing ankle-high shoes. Actually, I'd normally never have shoes on at all in the house and my feet are dying to be free all day, especially with the summer temps. Oh well.

Going to the library to pick up some travel guides on different destinations, still trying to figure out where to go with our boys this December.

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Good morning and welcome back Bellalucia!

Never made it on here yesterday had plumbing issues we could not get the bathtub to drain ended up having to call the plumber and that was crazy expensive- don't think I will be using that company again but it was the only one who answered their phone and could come.

Ruth glad they didn't go on strike

Cottage enjoy your day and busy weekend

Twynn enjoy your hike's I wish there was somewhere close I could go we have corn fields hehe

Hi Beth19 enjoy graduation this weekend

Jennifer glad that the scale is cooperating for you.

Karen at least you are starting to break them in a bit.

Today have a pep rally at my boss's house at 2 p.m. she is watching her weight so I know there will be some on plan food to partake in. DD2 is doing a sleepover tonight so DH and I will do date night and go see Star Trek tonight. DD1 is leaving for Jamaica tomorrow for a week, she is excited and she passed her nursing exams for this semester so is good to go for fall.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning
I already dropped Kirk off at the weight room and did some grocery shopping. Now I'm sitting in front of the pharmacy watching the lady unlock the door to go get the pups medication. I'll unload groceries then head to the pool. I'm trying to get some chores done early so I could have some me time today.
I tried to read everyone's hellos but unfortunately don't have my reading glasses and the iPhone is very small.

Welcome back Okie(BellaLucia)

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning It's official - I really hate moving. Today's plan - half a day of moving then half a day of hiking, Home Depot date (my how times have changed!), Farmer's Market, then grill and bonfire. I'm leaving for a week and don't want to spend every second until then moving.

Speaking of leaving - anyone have good leads on restaurants in the Baltimore area? Two of my coworkers and I are splitting a car rental so we can check the area out after hours and eat dinner away from the dorm (what the place looks like!). We aren't big partiers but would love some nice places to walk, good restaurants, and maybe a brew pub of wine bar or something a little more adult.

And now back to packing
Baby steps, losing the holiday excess first.

Maintaining 48 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level. 60+ lbs and counting!
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Thanks Ladies!

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Had a great 5 mile hike with the pup where we saw many many chipmunks (ahhhh, Reesie would've been happy!) and a big fat 4' black (?) snake. Came home, crumbled a black bean burger to make a salad (oh my) and then managed to clean so I looked like I did something . It's been a great morning! Now, do I have to go to work?!?

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Quick check in as I'm working and we're starting the day off w/ an officer-involved shooting. Don't know that I'll be back this weekend...have a wedding all day tomorrow (literally, I get off work at 0530 in the morning, have to grab a few hours of sleep, and then leave my house by 1000 for my hair appointment...and the bride wants to go to the bars once the reception is done, LOL) and the Autism Walk in Atlanta on Sunday. Whew...busy weekend ahead!!!

Hope your interview went well, Bella...good luck!!!

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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It is technically Saturday and I could start the new thread for the first time ever but I'm still a newbie and too shy. Plus, I am going to continue thinking it is Friday night and that I can go back to sleep soon. We are having some thunderstorms and my dear dog is panting and hiding. At least I know he will never let me sleep through a tornado!! I've given him his doggie xanax and am just waiting for it to kick in so that I can go back to bed. I finished my 11 day work marathon and am now back to a regular schedule for a week. Staying on plan was going well until I hit a snag for the first time today. I have only had scheduled off plan times but today I just fell apart. Too much stress at work and home and some darn donuts I ordered from the cheerleader down the street showed up today. It was a perfect storm. 1/2 dozen donuts later and I am resigned to look forward and forget about it. I did let the girls eat a donut for dessert after dinner and when they asked for a second one a little later I said, "YES!!", cause that's the kind of Mom I am. I figured if the skinny hyper kids ate another one each that would be two less that I would eat after they went to bed!! Is it bad that I sacrificed the kids for my own sake?
New ipad came in the mail this week and thanks to Ruth I am back on line again. My husband will be out of town all week and it is the last week of school for the girls. I need to get some serious meal planning done this weekend!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I loved hearing about all the baking and how the ride went. Jekel your vacation went too fast!! Tammy you are almost motivating me to start walking.... almost! I'd be the friend who never shows up.
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