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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Talk on the Beach - May 14

Good morning. A gorgeous day is unfolding although it's pretty "chilly" at 33F. I did go out this morning to help Jazz chase a cat who was gorging his/herself on birdseed from my feeder. Must have been one hungry cat. I kind of feel sorry for it but ... Must be a new cat in town. I already have two cats who think they live in the barn or on my side steps.

Yesterday was a wash with taking my friend to the city so today is going to be fifth gear Tuesday! I did get one of the new students oriented for tours at the Mill. Man, it was cold in that building yesterday! However, none of the baking marathon happened. Today is the only "free" day this week so it has to happen. Too cold to garden anyhow although I may take a wee tour to check out fatalities.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my coffee and a gorgeous bouquet of Bleeding Heart on my desk with two dogs lying on my feet.

What's happening in your neck of the woods? "Let the games begin!"
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Good morning. We're colder than you at 29*, Ruth, and I can see that we did get a frost overnight. I'm so glad we put my veggie seedlings in my garden shed last night.

I have a hair appointment first thing this morning, then it's my long day at work. I must remember to find time to pick up a birthday present for Cindy some time between today and tomorrow, too. We're having a big birthday bash for her on Sunday, but her real birthday is Thursday and I want to give her her present then.

Okay, Tyler keeps wanting my attention so I'll try to check back later. Have a terrific Tuesday!
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Quick fly by on this sunny but chilly (32!!) morning. Growing up the rule of thumb was don't bother to plant the garden before Memorial Day and this year it definitely holds true! The 10 day forecast contains several close to freezing nights.

My day should be a fairly typical workday with tons of paperwork and a staff meeting. I think I would rather be training with Ruth at the Mill!

Already excited about leftover Mexican Creamy Chicken Casserole for dinner.

Gotta run!
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Beth, that leftover cass is one of our family favorites! I'm struggling to figure out what to bring the mom with new baby that lives a round the corner...making supper for her tomorrow night. THat would be a great option, but someone brought her burritos last night. My opinion...can you have too much mexican!?!?

Ruth, hmmmm....bird food.....for a cat?!? Awwww, poor kitty!! What baking are you doing today? Your famous rum cake?

Cottage - enjoy the cut and the day.

Yep, it's 32 degrees here, just returned from my walk which was nice and toasty thanks to several layers of clothes. The deer looked a bit stunned to see us . I have a long day of work, and am thinking about tomorrow's supper. I did consider pulled pork, but then need to figure out side dishes.

Have a great day!

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning it's 32 here this morning. Guess I'm glad I don't have a garden in yet. It's more of the same for me - a little work and a lot of move related stuff. I have 2 days off this week which will definitely come in handy.

Ruth - never thought of picking bleeding hearts. Maybe I'll bring a bouquet over if they survived. I miss them. Moving plants will be my last week of May project.

Cottage - glad your seedlings survived. Thanks for the reminder, I need a haircut before I leave for Maryland.

Beth - I grew up with that same rule though I often try to sneak some early plants in. Hope your staff meetings are more interesting than mine.

Time to get moving. I wonder where I put my cold weather clothes?
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Good morning. I sure thought I posted yesterday but I don't see it. Hmm.

Yesterday I saw the podiatrist. I either have capsulitis (which is a form of inflammation) or a nerve thing, but either way the treatment is the same: stay off if possible, hard soled-shoes with good arch support, Advil, avoid certain things like kneeling and squatting and long times spent standing that put pressure on it. He gave me an injection. OUCH. I'm trying to get out of my longer work shift this coming week.

So today I continue with my week's diagnostic quest. I'm seeing the dentist about some tooth issues. Ugh. Not sure I can pinpoint the tooth and know that if anything he'll suggest replacing one or two crowns. Ouch. Had thought I should get it done before my big summer trip but now second guessing that plan.

Other than that trip and grocery shopping, will spend day with my foot up.

Have a great one.

P.S. Going to be summertime hot here today!

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Good morning everyone,

Sounds like everyone is chilly except for Karen and me so far, it is going to hit 90 degrees today, I have on summer dress hehe

It is meeting after meeting for me so I gotta run but I did get in 2 extra walks yesterday, still got this allergy/cold thing going on but seems to be a bit better today but still on dayquil for now.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning all!

Back from the cruise and vacation and back to job hunting and Ph1!! Hope you all have been doing well and that I haven't missed much. So glad to be back on plan - hard to SB it in the Caribbean.

Will stop by later after my interview!

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