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Default Thankful Thursday Beach Chat 3/28

Good morning only 5 hours and 15 minutes until the end of my tour. My bed keeps calling me. I guess it misses me. I haven't worked an overnight on patrol in almost three years. Guess I adjusted to day tours better than I thought.

Eating has been a challenge today. Although I did choose wisely. Yummy fried egg with turkey and Swiss on a whole wheat wrap. Hey there isn't much open and it was a better choice than dare I say a donut!!!!

Ok time to roll....have a great morning...while I zzzzzx

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. We are up and getting organized for that sad drive to the airport. I wish I could just keep Lind here and the dogs do too!

I should be home around noon and will have to make my own lunch! Linda "nannies" me.

Jennifer, sleep well.
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Hope you're happily sleeping in bed now, Jennifer. I couldn't do night shifts anymore!

Ruth, so sad Linda has to go home . I'm sure you had a wonderful visit!

The kids are off school for the next 5 days, and unfortunately I couldn't find a sitter, so off to work with me they go (I'm lucky I can do that). They love it - it's 6+ hours of playing electronics, which is an absolute no-no under normal terms.

Oh - and the fairy was a bit late, I saw her fly by about 10 minutes ago. I bet she almost forgot again - sheesh!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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I just read the end of yesterdays thread - Natasha, you crack me up...laughing so hard you pass out!! Scary, but funny!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Yes, Debbie, east We spent the night in Zanesville, OH after about 11 hours driving. We have another 6 or so today. No big rush since DS is working; we'll get to his place before he does. He's got a little birthday surprise treat for DH tonight. Weather looks okay but maybe some rain or flurries as we go further.

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Morning ladies! I hope everyone is doing well this morning.

Jennifer- your breakfast sounds delicious! Much better than an icky doughnut (ahem...) I hope you were able to get some sleep!

Ruth- Safe travels to the airport and back!

Karen- Zanesville, hmm? You weren't too far from me! Have a safe rest of the trip!

Getting back into the "Beach groove" again. It's so nice to not be ravenously hungry! I'm just praying that my family doesn't decide to get Romeo's Pizza for dinner this weekend (I'm not sure if it's a nationwide chain or just here in Ohio?) - they have a 5 cheese stromboli that is to DIE for. I don't know if my willpower is strong enough to resist that particular call.

Well, I should probably go continue the job hunt! No one wants to hire me because I don't have any experience in my degree field (uh...obviously, I just graduated.) I guess I should have done interships instead of classes

Talk to y'all later!
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Good morning ladies!

Jennifer - hope your sleep is RESTFUL!
Twynn - I remember going to work with my mom when she worked at a trophy making place - it was so much fun making trophies and running around the warehouse, climbing boxes! I still remember making a dance to Living on prayer there.
Karen - Safe travels!
Penmage - I too am looking for a job. I've been laid off for 3 months What are you looking to do? I know some people in Ohio...

As for me, I stepped on the scale and was THRILLED to see that I was down 2 pounds. And down into new weight kind of territory. Wondering if that little bit of sugar jolted my metabolism again? I won't change my ticker until Saturday though, to make it official.

Today I will be running errands and doing laundry. Ahhh, the life of the unemployed... Have a good one all
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Fly-by good morning I'm working a half day before heading to see the folks. Trying to get that half day out of the way quickly

Hope your day is a good one. I will be without internet until Saturday night so probably won't pop-in at all. See you Sunday
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Good Morning

It IS sunny and beautiful here! I even got a short bike ride in yesterday. I've picked up, enjoyed my smoothie at moms, have done my 15 min. home workout and now get to say hello before heading to the pool. It doesn't get much better!

Natasha, a gal with a tattoo fetish should definitely plan a visit here. You'd love it! Especially, since it's a year round thing!

Cyndi, safe travels!

Twynn, after reading Jenn's post I imagined your kids "helping" at work...

Linda and Ruth, glad you had such a nice visit!

Jenn, kudos on the scale movement!

Penmage, glad you are back with us!

Jennifer, thanks for getting us started while on night patrol! Hope your rest is good!

Karen, I was so glad to hear you didn't come our way! 1" turned into 6" and the roads were horrid!

Ok, gotta run!
Debbie R

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Good evening, ladies. I have already been informed that I will be needed at work this Sunday...I'm hoping I don't get tagged for the other 2 days, too. I'm supposed to have a date on Saturday and really don't want to cancel. Did I already tell you guys about this??? Oh my...I feel a tad ridiculous...he's 25, LOL But I figured what the heck, might as well go out and have a nice dinner.

jekel - "Only 5 hours and 15 minutes" isn't very encouraging, is it??? Hope you slept like a baby once you got home!!! You reminded me of one of my FAVORITE pullover stories EVER in my career. We pulled over a van w/ no lights and it was a church group delivering doughnuts. Cutting them a break, the officer decided not to issue a ticket, but as it was dark he couldn't let them continue driving the van. So he loaded the doughnuts in his car and delivered them. I would've LOVED to have seen the faces of people passing by as they watched this officer steal the church group's doughnuts and place them in his patrol car.

Ruth - Aww. Hope you had a safe drive to the airport!!!

Twynn - Your story reminds me of the nights me and my bestfriend used to get to visit her granny at work. She worked at Krispy Kreme and would let us fill the jelly donuts sometimes. Ida Mae just passed away a few months ago. Also, I think your tooth fairy needs a talking to. LOL As for the passing out...the first time I did it I was at work and didn't realize what had happened. Now when I get to laughing, my shift will yell "BREATHE, SARGE, BREATHE!" or simply "DON'T PASS OUT!" LOL

WaistingTime - Enjoy your trip!!!

penmage - Good luck w/ the job hunt. I feel your pain. I have had very few willing to give me a chance (literally TWO out of dozens of resumes I've sent out) b/c I'm out of state. I realize it puts me behind the 8 ball, but I'm darn good at my job, if I do say so myself!!!

jenne - Woot woot for a 2 pound whoosh!!! Good luck w/ your job hunt as well. I would love to just pick up and move to Massachusetts and worry about finding a job later, but w/ the economy the way it is, I know better. maybe if I was still in my 20s...but darn sure not when I'm fast approaching 40!!!

Cyndi - Have a good visit w/ your folks!!!

Lexxiss - You don't have to tell me twice...I've got my bags packed already!!! *drools* LOL

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