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Come on Spring!
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Default Finally Friday - January 11

Good morning. This'll be a quickie since I have stuff to get done before I go to the gym. I'm not sure where the time went this week but here we are on Friday! I have a meeting here tonight and definitely need to vacuum. As my Dyson isn't working properly, I'll haul out the old clunker.

More "mild" weather is predicted today so I'll be able to get rid of more ice and snow from the deck steps. I can't use salt because it's bad for doggie paws. We're going to be at 44F tomorrow and Sunday. I expect my crazy snowdrops to pop up.

Have a great TGIF. It's been a long week.
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Default TGIF SBD DAILY Chat for 1/11

Happy Friday!

I'm feeling so much better after a good night's sleep, just in time for my 3-day weekend. And I have absolutely no plans for today, for a welcomed change. Maybe I should hide my car, turn off my phones, and pull the covers over my head?
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Good morning Ruth and thanks for starting us off. My Dyson was having problems as well, and I asked DH to fix it, which he happily complied (what man doesn't like a project?). I guess the filter was clogged, so I hope I have an overzealous sucking machine again. I have to admit, not having a dog makes it not work nearly as hard though .

I have a short day that should be interesting with a possible (groomer) abuse. Off at 2, and I'm hoping for some kind of workout - I've been good this week and it makes me feel so much better. DS, if he behaves, gets to go to a sleepover....does anyone want to take my DD so DH and I can have the night off ??

Cottage - YAY!! I vote curl up with Paul and a good book .

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Good morning.

I'm off to work out with my mom this morning. It is supposed to be unseasonably warm here, close to record-breaking, so I need to get out of the house and enjoy it today.

I went out to lunch with a friend yesterday and tried a kale salad for the first time. My only other time trying kale was home-made kale chips which I didn't like. I was pleasantly surprised with the salad and will be trying kale at home now. Got to do some internet research about massaging it

Have a great day.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning I seriously overslept this morning (went back to sleep for 45 minutes ) Oh well I was working until almost 7 on data so it all balances out.

Tonight is date night and we had planned a trip in to town for a wine and appetizers thing at the co-op then dinner out but now we have a freezing rain advisory. Might just stay home and watch a movie.

So glad it's almost the weekend!
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Good morning so glad to be home and off for a few days. Nothing exciting planned. I do have a doctor's appointment this morning. I made the mistake of peeking at the scale this morning. We are not speaking. Have a P1 day planned as I need to undue the damage of poor eating this week. Looking forward to getting on the bike. It is supposed to be gorgeous, but I am a little hestitant to take my rides outdoors. The paths, trailways and roads may still have debris from previous storms. Spring will be here soon enough.

Cottage glad you slept in

Tammy hope you get a date nite tonight. Cyndi enjoy yours whatever you decide to do. Sometimes just staying in is the best. Karen glad to hear you liked Kale. I think I need to try it. Ruth I hope your Dyson is Ok I have the rechargeable one and a Kenmore canister Vac. I don't know what I would do without either of them.

Happy Friday

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Good morning, chicks. Planning my menus and shopping and then I've got to get to work. I am going to get strict now and any off-plan stuff still around is getting thrown out this weekend.
I've got a one-on-one call with my principal at work this morning. It's supposed to be a big deal that we get "face" time with him to talk about anything we want, as generally principals are not that available, but I always feel like I'm on the spot - I have to come up with something important to talk about. Right now I have no ideas, so that's my first task of the day.
DD wants me to go see Les Mis with her tonight. She is going to need LOTS of and attention while she is unemployed. Hopefully, it won't last too long.
DH set the spellchecker to French and it's driving me crazy because every single word is underlined!
Speaking of DH, I am enjoying his Cafe du Monde coffee this morning. He left an open bag, so I figure I can finish that one, but I won't touch the rest of his stockpile. He would be very sad to come back to none left.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Good morning,

Quick fly by for me, I am so glad it's Friday

Sounds like everyone has some good plans for the evening/weekend. I have no plans for tonight or tomorrow but on Sunday I need to go to the viewing for one of my employees mom who passed away this week.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Off to NY unexpectedly - didn't realize the inauguration falls on the same weekend I am supposed to go for my sister's birthday so I am leaving in about an hour and coming back early Sunday so I can make the training. Excited that I get to see my nephew on his birthday (my sister and brother's was the 9th, my niece yesterday).

Have a good weekend everyone. I am not bringing a computer so I may not check in.
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Have a great day, everyone. So far the day is all sorting and pitching and fixing things with screwdrivers. I am considering lunch out as the kitchen has a gaping hole in the ceiling -

On the other hand, lunch out this early in P1 could lead to errors in judgement. Better rethink that idea. Maybe I can spruce up the last of the taco bake and polish that off . . .

Be well!

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Slept in and headed right to a project. Happy Friday everyone! I remember the good ol days when I didn't have to work on Saturday.
Debbie R

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BBAAAAHHH!!!! I just realized YankeeinSouth is my friend Wendy!! LOL, I kept wondering why that chick called me by name (gosh, I don't have it in my signature, do I?!?!). YAY Wendy!!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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So I'm special. Left work and drove across town to the vet for Voo's heart worm pill and realized I left my phone at work. All the way across town again, then finally home. Oy!

Staying in as much as possible this weekend. Freezing rain tomorrow night and snow and ice Sun. Hooray. Looks like errands are happening tomorrow.

Hope everyone's having a great night!!!

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