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Default SBD Daily Chat, Wednesday Nov. 28

Good Morning

I've been enjoying my first cup of coffee...outside with the pup...weather is mild. I've got a list this morning before work then Kirk will pick me up right after for a trip to Denver-Bing is going to visit his cardiologist. He has had a small cough for a week now so time to check it out. Other than that, food planning is good and I'm feeling energetic and happy.

What's on your agenda? Stop by and say hi
Debbie R

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Good morning, Debbie. Good luck at Bing's cardiologist appt. today. I'll be thinking of you.

The sun is just starting to peek over the horizon here, but it looks like a clear, cold day. We have just a coating of snow, but 15 minutes away at Cindy's, all we had was rain. And just a mile to the north of us, they got almost 4". Crazy!

I was up at Susie's most of the day yesterday, helping to red-up the house for tomorrow's memorial service, and will be up there again this morning to make sure everything's ready for the 300-500 people that are expected. The caterers set up a giant heated tent for the service, so at least everyone won't be in the house.

Mmmmm, coffee is especially good this morning.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Debbie, and thanks for starting us up. I hope Bingo's cardiologist can cure the cough quickly.

Natasha, I love the new hair, no matter what the reason. Glad you managed to get a decent sleep before your next shift.

Twynn, would this be the elusive Black Bean & Sweet Potato soup recipe? http://www.kalynskitchen.com/2010/12...-bean-and.html

Karen, I can't adjust to the time change either. I keep wanting to have supper around 4:30 since it's getting dark! And I was awake before five this morning.

Cyndi, I need to put out my large feeder soon. I have some suet and a seed ball but no customers. Maybe I need to advertise? I'll dig out the large feeder later today - unless it got "purged" during the big barn clean-out.

Pearlrose, I'm not doing Phase I but am keeping track too lately. I am eight pounds heavier than I was last year on this date and that is not good!

Jekel, I was in GCT only once many years ago. I think I'd need a GPS now. Is getting the new uniform a problem? And why a different one? The new shift sounds better to me anyhow.

Well, today is really Hump Day. I start with gym at 7:30, then have to deliver schoolwork to one school in the same village, home for the dogs and then off to Portland after that for Pet Therapy and then deliver another batch of schoolwork in another village after taking the dogs home. So ... Delta, Elgin, Delta, Portland, Delta, New Dublin, Delta. Good thing I filled up on gas yesterday - $50 bucks worth!

Hi Cottage, just saw you popping in. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead too. Good thing the tent is heated because it's sure winter weather around your place. We keep getting promised snow but only a few flakes lately.

Donna just called to remind me of the gym so I'm outta here to dress and get organized. Draining my coffee mug and hoping for a smooth Hump today!
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Good morning chicks!

Debbie - hope your visit is a good one today. Keep us posted!

Cottage- peace to you today friend. You'll probably be so busy you won't have time to think about things .

Ruth - It was the year for gaining weight, for many of us . That is the recipe! I have it printed out in my kitchen, but couldn't find it on this site. Am I blind? It was amazing with kale added at the end, too!

Me - shorter day. If it is truly short, I might pop over the mountain to a locally owned store to look for some christmas items...otherwise a bit of shopping here, then supper, meeting, and the regular. Our snow melted by lunch , so I'm eagerly waiting for more!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning.

Debbie - I hope Bing is okay. Our dog suffered from heart failure; before she got sick I hadn't even realized there were doggie cardiologists. (And my son's chinchilla, years ago, saw a vet ophthalmologist!)

Linda - I wondered if my son got snow. I'll have to ask.

Ruth - I was awake and 4:40 Stuck it out for about 45 minutes until I got fed up with DH snoring. Sounds like a busy day for you.

I'm going to run some errands today. One trip is to Natural Grocer, across town, for chicken sausage that only they carry. No bad ingredients added; it's yummy. But I still try not to eat it too often. DH will go with me and drive me crazy while he slowly looks for vegetarian items. Oh well. First though, treadmill.

Have a great day.

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Good morning

Debbie hope all goes well today

Linda, sounds like the memorial service will be for a truly special woman. Other than line of duty funerals, I do not believe I was ever to one so large. I'll e thinking of you. Glad the snow was kind to you.

Oh Ruth you committed a felony. You NEVER dump coffee, simply transfer to a travel mug if need be lol. My current uniform is very casual, tactical pants, polo shirt and sneakers. Now I will be back in the bag (cop lingo) our uniforms for patrol are just like NYPD. Since mine have been sitting in my locker for almost 3 years, it is a good time to freshen them up. I do need to get new turtlenecks as I cannot seem to locate any of mine. I am sure everything will fit. If I can get a size smaller in the pants or shirts I will order them ASAP as it is good incentive to stay smaller not larger. The uniform is not flattering lol

Finishing my coffee then quick shower and off to feed the critters again. Back to work tomorrow, but I have a vacation block coming up which makes me very happy Have a great day

Oh I forgot.....Linda I made your recipe from Nov 5th, spaghetti squash with spicy marinara and the cheeses. Absolutely awesome. I substituted zucchini for broccoli since I thought I was out. Yeah found the broccoli and more zucchini later lol

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Working on healthy
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It's another morning fly-by. I need to redevelop some good habits and lose the bad. Thoughtful posting every morning is one of the good ones I've lost. Then there's food Seems the best I can do at this point is make it through the holidays without adding more weight then re-lose after the first.

Started off with a healthy, filling breakfast before a meeting in a coffee shop bakery. Just one temptation at a time, I can say no.

Happy hump day friends!
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Good morning,

Debbie good luck with the doctor visit for Bing

Linda that is a lot of people Jekel is correct that must be for special person

Ruth I am up from last year as well and if I want to go skiing comfortable right after Christmas I need to lose a few more lbs, one day down and already feeling better since not eating crap.

Twynn that stores sounds interesting

Karen I do not like to take DH shopping with me because he adds to much crap food to the cart

Jekel hopefully you can order a smaller size, it is a good motivator to not get bigger

Cyndi enjoy your day.

I have work to do and need to get to it Tonight is just laundry and household chores
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Just popping in to say hello before we move into the next day. Spent most of today on the phone and texting w/ a variety of friends.

I had not 1, 2, or even 3 amazing interactions w/ friends today, but FOUR. It was the kind of interactions that just lift you up and make you realize what's important. The first one was a random message from "the one who got away" telling me that he loves my new hair and that I look fabulous (no, he's not single, LOL...he's very much in love w/ his girlfriend and she is a VERY lucky woman). Second was my cousin who randomly texted me and said "You deserve good things....just a reminder." Third was a friend who I sometimes doubt and, when I do, he ALWAYS comes through for me. Hadn't talked to him for a week and he finally texted me today to say that his phone was messed up and that he hoped he had a good Thanksgiving. I texted him back and said "I *knew* you still <3ed me!" and he said "Of course I do!" One day I'll learn not to doubt him. And lastly, another close friend made me tear up when she left me this message in response to me telling her that her friendship is a blessing to me: " Awwwww...thanks friend. You are a blessing to me too. You really are an inspiration to me. Everytime I get frustrated and want to quit working-out, I think about you losing 100 pounds all on your own. I sure do love you my precious, sweet friend."

Man, it's a good day to be me. I have some amazing people in my life and I am blessed. That is all.

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!

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