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Come on Spring!
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Default Friday aka TGIF - October 26

Good morning. Back to Newman's this morning so grab a mug and chat. The dogs left the door ajar last night so the back room is very cozy from the thermostat controlled stove running most of the night.

Off to the gym again and then need to scurry around in the kitchen to get my pies made before Donna comes to clean. Claire is going to pick them up here tomorrow when I'm at Pet Therapy. The pies are for sale at a Food Bank fundraiser tomorrow morning.

Good planning meeting for the Mill and Town Hall last night. We seems to have more people on board now for fundraising and renovations of the Hall. Lots of good ideas - I sure hope they follow through. (I'm suffering a bit of volunteer fatigue. I'm sure I'll recover; it's just that it's been a stressful several weeks.)

Enjoy your Friday and, if you are in the path of Sandy, batten down the hatches.
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Good morning Ruth, I think you could spend some time off from volunteering. Burn out happens!

Yesterday was a loong day, with some testing for me at 7 am (really?!) which I think will all come out fine. Work was packed, but it was one of those that just dragged on and on and on! Yesterday was also DH's last day of work!! WOO HOO!! I asked him, after he had a piece of pizza (the boss didn't know his new diet, and bought pizza) if he felt crummy like we on SBD do, and he laughed and said "NO"!!!

Today is a half day, then hopefully some kind of exercise esp. since it's so beautiful out. I guess Sandy is supposed to reach over here too...Cottage, you wanna come hide out here!?!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!

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Good Friday morning! didn't get a chance to really introduce myself yesterday. Not much time this morning, either, but it seems after work, and at night, I'm just too darn tired to check in! So,here goes. In a nutshell, I'm Laurie, live in a suburb of Buffalo NY, I'm married (May will be 40 years, high school sweetheart, I guess you could say!), 2 grown daughters, older one lives here with her 2 daughters (16 & 11), younger one lives in Albany. I work at a cardiology office, answering phones and sometimes in medical records. I love to quilt!! It's my passion (hence my username!)
I'm a lifetimer at WW, but over the years, put it plus more back on. Take off, put on....etc. Who hasn't done that! I started SB (today is day 12 of phase 1) and so far have lost 2 lb. I wanted more, but I guess at MY age, I'll take it! I do weight training at the gym 2x a week (just started with a new trainer), love to lift!! hate cardio, and know I have to get more of that into my week. I try to run...have done a few 5k's, and 1 5 miler. But, don't really LIKE running! But, I shall persevere! I'm enjoying (?) SB, looking forward to phase 2. I'm bringing my iPad to work, so on my lunch break I can read all about phase 2!! I know I mentioned in the other thread, that I tried SB years ago, and it worked. So, I'm giving it my all!!
Now, I really do have to get ready for work!! Have a great Friday everyone! And, thanks for all the welcoming messages yesterday!
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Good morning.

Rose - We had a very nice trip, thanks. Saw our son for a short time each day and spent the rest doing touristy stuff.

Jennifer - My husband was just complaining that I got crappy candy so I wouldn't eat it and I had to disagree since my boys would eat the "crappy" things like Nerds, just DH didn't like them!

Well, I never did get to read my book yesterday. I totally forgot that we had a visitation that evening for a 48 year old neighbor who died unexpectedly from a heart attack. Then we had our dinner group, but I went after dinner since I am still avoiding so many foods because of my throat/mouth issues.

BUT, I finally see someone about it today! I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a medical appointment!

And I work the closing shift tonight.


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Good morning! We are busy making storm contingency plans at work today. Fortunately I am off Monday and Tuesday, but if the phone rings I may not have a choice and be ordered in. Usually it would be to work at 1PP (anyone who has seen any NY cop drama knows what 1PP is lol). Hope to be upstate Monday, but may need to stay close to home.

Day 4 of P1.99 (I ate half an apple such a naughty girl) Almost back to my lowest weight and still under goal. So the damage I did while Rick was here is gone, now to work off the post TOM gain. Not worried in the least as I am back to my routine that has been working quite nicely.

I do have to give a special kudos to spaghetti squash. It has quickly become a favorite staple in my new eating. Today I am having gumbo over it for lunch. Love those recipe boards!!! Makes me feel like I can cook. lol

Tammy I had to laugh your husband is quite resilient lol. No effect after eating pizza. Well most men seem to have cast iron stomachs. Hope he loves his new job. What we he be doing?

Ruth I hope you get all the help you need and more so you can take a break!

Laurie, I too am a lifetime WW member. If you hate running why not try cycling? Much kinder on your joints too. The chicks will tell you cycling is my go to exercise. I used to run (hated it) but liked the results. Back surgery put the kibosh on it permanently (yippee). I really enjoy the scenery cycling offers and bring my riding indoors on bad weather or cold days. I live about an hour north of NYC so even though out weather isn't as severe, it still gets cold brrrr. Welcome to the gang.

Hellos to all the beachers to come...Natasha enjoy your few days off lucky girl

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Life keeps getting in the way, but I tried to start the Daily twice this morning. No matter, Ruthie, got us started and now I'm all breakfasted and dressed for the day.

Ruth, I think a nice break from your volunteering will do you a heap of good. Only do what you WANT to do. No sampling those pies for the fundraiser, you hear?

Tammy, thanks for the invite, but I think Frankenstorm is too far off to know what will happen by the time it hits us. I'm not concerned - YET. Did hubby enjoy his pizza? When does he start his new job?

Quilter4life! It's nice to "meet" you! I hear you RE the roller coast ride of trying to keep off the weight. I've had a lot of slippage lately, so I've been really strict this week and am feeling so much better. Good luck and enjoy The Beach!

Karen, good luck with your dr appointment today. That's funny about your buying only "crappy" candy. Jake loves his candy and we always have had it around, but it doesn't bother me. This Halloween will be hard on Jake, though, since now he has diabetes and high cholesterol and has to avoid the sweet stuff completely.

I'm running up to an Amish store to get some more of their apple butter, which is the best I've ever tasted, and only 5 calories in 2 TBSP. I love it! Then I may stop by Walmart for a few things, then home for domestic stuff. I love my days off, but it seems all I do is run since I don't have time to do it during the week.
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Good Morning

Flyby check in .....this morning has quickly gotten away from me. We pack up and leave later today (with my new bicycle) I'm leaving "ol trusty" over here and am taking "new sporty" over there for riding in Denver parks during the winter.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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afternoon all - getting used to being 35 AND being back at work. Have a long day ahead of me in trying to get a ton done. Why is change sometimes so hard?

After gaining back 6 pounds in my birthday week, I have completed 2 days of Ph1 and am now back on Ph2. Feeling much better.

Batten down the hatches east coast friends!
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