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Default Thursday SBD Daily Chit Chat 10/25

Coffee's ready!

It's been said over and over again, but I am still amazed at how good and energized I feel after being totally on-plan all week. I only hope I can remember how awful I feel after eating sugary foods and not do that again.

Yesterday was fun and interesting. It was parent visitation day at Audrey's middle school, and I spent the day with her, going from class to class. It brought back a lot of memories from my school days, and I even had to restrain myself from raising my hand in class. Audrey already has asked me to do it again next year.

Today promises to be another good day. A friend of Cindy's little boy will be keeping me company all day. His mother is in California for the week, and as luck would have it, he fell and broke his arm yesterday and can't go to school, so I volunteered to stay with him for the day. We'll spend the day playing board games and when he gets tired of that, I'll let him watch TV for a while, which is a big treat for him since his family doesn't have a television. That should keep him happy, and his mom is flying home tomorrow.

OK, it's time to get my salad packed for lunch, and I need a refill.
Have a great OP day, Chickies!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! Slept until 6:30 and am glad I did as I cannot have coffee this morning - fasting bloodwork at 8:30.

Linda, your yesterday sounded like fun. Today may be too - I know how you like wee kids although the poor little lad is probably hurting. And today is YOUR Friday!

After the Dracula appointment, I plan to finally get some groceries and then just come home although I should shop for Halloween goodie - or should that be baddies? I am trying to think of things I really dislike so it doesn't "shrink" in the next week. I will definitely NOT get chips or liquorice. ! Actually I should wait to get this crud around 4:30 on The Day!

Tonight we have a planning session for the Mill at the Old Town Hall which still does not have a porch and stairs. (The doors are a good 5' off the ground.) I spoke with the contractor late yesterday and he is making some today - we have several people, me included, who could just not climb a ladder to get to a meeting. He kind of grimaced when I said "with a railing too". We'll see what happens today.

If you are sipping coffee, have one for me. I'm sipping water which really doesn't cut it. Maybe I should get caffeine pills?

Enjoy your Thursday. See you for coffee tomorrow.
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Default Newbie, sort of!

Good morning, just a quickie for now (cause I'm late for work...but I do have my priorities!) My name is Laurie, I used to be on this forum years ago...many many years ago...don't even know if South Beach had been written then. Was, and still am, a Weight Watcher member. Used to come to 3fat chicks way back then. But, that's all history. I'll be back later tonight to post more. I'm on day 11 of Phase 1, and will get weighed in tonight. So much to read here, can't wait to get to know you all!
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Good morning.

Linda - I so agree with that first part!

Ruth - I used to put the candy in the car trunk to help deter myself. And I never got chocolate!

Laurie - Nice to meet you. I first found this forum with WW years ago too.

I'm going to hop on the treadmill soon since I work at 11. I get home mid-afternoon and am hoping to finally make a dent in the Kindle book I started on my trip. Need to get the teen's Halloween treat package in the mail today too since it takes forever (it seems) to get to LA.

Have a great day, all.

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Good morning,

Cottage have fun with the wee one

Ruth good luck with your blood work, a rail would be a good thing

Laurie welcome!

Karen wonder why it takes so long to get to LA, did you enjoy your parent's weekend?

Today, I am jam packed with 1:1 with my staff, then tonight have last soccer practice and parent/teacher conference for DD2. Her report was great, not straight A's but close enough

Have a great day everyone
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Good morning albeit a little tardy. Playing catchup at work and already wishing to be off! Cottage I completely agree! After my week of "vacation from the beach" I am on day 3 of P1 and feel great. So glad you enjoyed your time at school. Hope your little friend is not in too much discomfort. Very nice of you to take care of him.

Ruth, good luck with your agenda today. The least the contractor should do it put a ramp to make entry accessible to all.

Welcome back Laurie!

Karen love your suggestion about Halloween. I normally buy disgusting gummy sour type candy that I won't eat no matter how desperate. Or I give little bags of pretzels or chips which served double duty as leftovers went in DS lunch. Fortunately there will be NO temptation for me. Working and won't get home until long after the ghosts and goblins are in for the night. After all it is a school night

Have a great day

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south beach dieter
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let's say that i reached my mini goal 2 - 255 by haloween but i wait till tomorrow to see because yesterday i didnt drank more that 2 glasses of water and i dont wanna get to excited about reaching the monigoal.

geep you fingers crossed for tomorrow. lol
master goal
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Come on Spring!
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Life is good! Just back from Nurse Dracula who managed to suck out 9 vials of blood from the first stab. That never, ever happens.

Checked out the Office on the way home and we do have stairs with a rail!

Now to tackle the groceries and maybe do the piecrusts for the four pies I promised for a sale on Saturday which is in support of the Food Bank. Just got a call that the cookies in the freezer at the Town Hall are lousy so will bake some more for tonight's meeting. But we do have stairs!
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Good Morning

I'm running a bit behind this morning and need to get some kale chips out of the dehydrator before we head to the pool. I have a dreaded dental appt at noon, then church pictures at 4. DH has aTBI meeting tonight but I'm going to pass because they're doing "art therapy" not my thing.

Laurie, Glad you are joining us!

Natasha, I always check back on yesterdays thread for you! Glad we're hearing from you so often now!

Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Another fly-by, ladies. Hopefully by Sunday I'll be able to check in a little better.

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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good evening everyone,

I'm not anti social just busy. I have most things organized for my trip to dd. Have made about 10 little receiving blankets and all the baby stuff is washed and packed. Still have to shop for their christmas presents and do some baking. I bought them a crock pot so meals will be easy to cook.
Had my csan done but I guess nothing too serious because dr. whats to see me only on Nov. 6th. Boy was I in pain and am relieved because I thought it was something serious like bone cancer.
Posting on the on plan thread. Wishing everyone a happy November as you go into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
take care
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