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Default Help! Having hard time staying on track in Phase I!

I am a stress/emotional eater and as a result, I am having a terrible time staying on track for Phase I. Four weeks ago I started and did really well the first week (I went off track one afternoon, that was all) and I lost 3 lbs. I was so motivated...for a little while.

Now for the last 3 weeks I keep trying to stick to Phase 1 and at first every few days I'd eat carbs (like salty or sugary junk) and now I've almost given up and can't even stay on track for 24 hours. I'm eating out of emotion, out of habit, and out of having too much non-Phase I food around (I have 3 kids and work from home, so it's always around). I've gained all the weight back. It's so frustrating.

I know this is the right diet for me and I'd really, truly love to "make it" through two honest weeks of Phase 1. Please, can any of you give me advice for really sticking to this for 2 weeks? Thank you.
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One of the biggest things that helps me stay on-track is to write down a menu for the week with all my meals and snacks included. Then I make up a grocery list so my fridge and pantry are stocked with everything I need. If I know what I'm going to have ahead of time, it's so much easier and I'm less tempted to stray.
Make sure you have a wide variety of Phase 1 recipes to keep you from getting bored, and have plenty of on-plan snacks easily accessible.

I hope this helps, and good luck!
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Check in here too! The daily threads, forums, recipes you name it. Read people's bios and goal stories, great motivators. P1 is not so bad after you get a few days under your belt. I too am an emotional eater. in the beginning it was late in the day when I would "stress eat." I made myself a deal I could only eat veggies after dinner. I found I was enjoying red pepper slices and cucumbers without any guilt or regret. If I were "craving" sweets I enjoy LF ricotta with no sugar added cocoa powder, vanilla extract, stevia and sliced almonds. Be gentle on yourself it takes time, but in time you will find it is much easier.

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Here's a few tips that helped me..
Re-organize your pantry and fridge. Since the South Beach Diet limits carbohydrates during phase one, before starting the eating plan, purge your pantry and refrigerator of breads, cereals, chips, crackers, sweets and other off-limits foods to help you succeed, especially if you are a carb-lover. If the carbs aren't there to tempt you, success will be that much easier. Give it away to friends or throw it out, and steer clear from the snacks aisle at the grocery!!

And like cottagebythesea said, make a grocery list to restock, and plan meals ahead! grab a serving of nuts, cashews or sugar-free gelatin.. I would suggest pre-dividing portions of nuts into baggies when you first buy it.. it would help you avoid indulging in them too much. Another good idea might be to prepare food ahead of time, so then there's no excuse for you to reach for junk food, and fill up on those veggies!!

Drink lots of water or tea! It might make you refrain from reaching for those salty and sweet snacks. It's a really good idea to let the ones who live with you know what phase one is, that way, you'll be held accountable, and they might even stop you from reaching for those carbs! Anyways, really hope you get back on track and goodluck!!
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Great ideas given here already!

One thing that helped me so much was when I got active here. I read from other Beachers how their cravings really vanished. I wanted that. I'm able to say now that mine are gone, too. It's a really liberating feeling! I, too, am an emotional eater and I am still working on that via Beck Diet Solution.

I became determined to achieve a clean phase one. These are a few of the things I can remember that helped:
1. I always had SF jello handy to "fix" the craving for sweets
2. I planned my meals out and had everything available so I didn't have to hang out at the grocery
3. I had several protein items ready in the refrigerator for when I "just had" to eat. (already cooked chicken breast strips from costco and string cheese).
4. I accepted that when I felt "starving" I would eat something OP
5. I kept social stuff to a minimum. I ate before going to a BD party at a bar and left early.
6. I checked in here every day.

It got better. More than once, I felt like I was going crazy. I didn't and the feeling passed.
Best wishes!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!

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These chicks are giving such great advice. I agree on the plan, plan, plan. When I don't, or don't have something prepared, I fail because I have to eat something else.

You are probably trying to change your eating habits, after a lifetime of other habits. It will take time and patience! Phase I really works fantastic at controlling cravings, if you let it.

Good luck, and hope to see you around!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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This is so helpful and motivating - thank you. I also found a few more older threads with a lot of good advice. I'm back to doing 2 weeks of P1 starting today, and will go from there!
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