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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday Chat Again! October 15

Happy Monday! Not keen about going to the gym this morning but maybe coffee will perk me up. I can't believe we are already mid-month.

Itís one of ďthoseĒ days with a Mill board meetings this afternoon and then another tonight to plan Christmas celebrations and to discuss what to do with the money leftover from my spring Village planter budget. I didnít spend enough! Iíll need to do a quick batch of baking for the afternoon meeting. Somebody broke into my house and ate the leftovers from the bake sale last week! I hate when that happens, donít you?

Itís supposed to clear up later today. I am kind of hoping to get a bit of leaf-raking done on my side walk. Wet leaves are slippery!

Whatís on your agenda this Marvy Monday?
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LOL Ruth, are you sure on how much coffee you have drank so far?! Hope you survive your meeting, I'm so sorry to hear your leftovers were...um...stolen.

For me - work, hopefully a run, and a nice supper for the family since it's the only day this week I have time to make something nice (roasted chicken...). Today is my day to start up phase I 1/4 (no grains, root veggies okay) and then I realized I didn't make the soup I was supposed to last night for lunch ...I'll either make something quick, or dig through the freezer.

WOW, DH made some strong coffee this AM! SPeaking of DH...he accepted his job on Friday, and he is already acting better! WOO HOO!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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The grandkids were both up at 4am this morning, but at least they were giggling about something rather than fighting.

I can't believe how fast this month is flying by, but most of the trees are late changing colors, even though it's been pretty chilly and we've had a frost. Today is supposed to be warm and rainy, though.

I'm looking at 3 long days at work with Cindy being out of town until Thursday, but at least I'll have the house to myself all day and can get a lot done. Today, the girls start piano lessons with a new teacher, and Maggie starts flute lessons, so that will be interesting to see how it goes. Tomorrow is violin lessons in West Chester, so I'll probably take the girls out to eat afterwards, and Wednesday is Pony Club, but I refuse to drive the horse trailer so I'm hoping Cindy's groom is available to drive it for me. I'm hoping that Cindy will get home early enough on Thursday to make it a short day for me since I'm spending the weekend at my DD's and can get ready for that.

OK, I'd better get some breakfast and blow dry my hair and ready.

Have a great OP day!
Live simply
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Wine alot
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's the start of a long week - day off tomorrow but I'm taking a friend to the doc and acting as her advocate (she has the same thing Julie had), then I'm heading up to Burlington the rest of the week through Saturday to work at a conference. I hate being away from home that long for work. The weather looks nice so hope to get some walks along the lake in and have dinners out with friends I don't see often. Luckily Burlington is a very health friendly place so lots of good food choices to get me through.

Ruth - Wow, bakery leftover thieves. Maybe the local police should do a Monday morning scale check to find them

Twynn - congratulations to the whole family on the new job! I made the chicken taco soup last night without the corn and added peppers and zucchini (just the last two hours). It was a big hit. thanks

Okay, time to get my plan for the day printed out and get moving. Hope your Monday is relatively stress-free
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Good Morning

I'm on the fly if I want any more coffee....I'm an hour away from work. We got up early, turned up the heat, had a cup then went back to bed. Uh oh!

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning, Cyndi you are a really good friend being their as your friend's advocate. I can only imagine how difficult it might be for you.

Sorry I did not check in yesterday. Was up at 5, on my way by 6, deli at 6:03 for a large coffee and dare I say a bagel with turkey Swiss and bacon grilled. Needed carbs for the ride, protein for my muscles, cheese and bacon just because lol. Decided this would be better to be digested before we began our ride. Started pedaling at 8, I brought up the rear in our threesome. Thankfully John's dad helped block the wind in our faces, did I mention he is 6' 4", 240 and 1 month shy of his 65th bday? it rained, was very windy and quite cold, 46 when we started. At one point I needed to ride alongside John up a very big hill because I was getting blown all over the place! He and his dad were great riding companions. We hit every rest stop (clean bathrooms yeah). The sites were beautiful however no stopping for photos (men) lol. Not only was I right on John's wheel the entire day I even lead for a while. We had laughs along the way, especially when I fell over a fence! We were coming to a stop and John stopped in front of me before I clipped out. Well I knew it was happening so I leaned to my right as not to knock him over. My bike leaned perfectly against the wall and I looked like humpy dumpty.

I learned how to change a flat, John got 2 along the way. His dad was riding upon a bent wheel unbeknownst to him. Bike mechanic fixed it enough so he could finish the last 20 miles. My cadence sensor went flying (it's a little magnet) when my chain slipped off the chain ring. We looked liked beached whales stuffing stripped down layers into our shirts by the end of the ride. Total of 74 miles in 5 hours. When we were packing up John told me I did awesome, I think he was surprised by my abilities. Even his dad said I was very fast on the hills (yeah no, but thanks). No riding today as my bike needs some serious cleaning and the outside plants need even more attention.

There was one rider who really got my attention. He was probably in his late 40's early 50's, overweight and was riding a mountain bike. He was wearing grim shorts, no padding and Merrells. He was riding with his very fit buddy who abandoned him on hills, but seemed to wait for him on the flats. We passed them a few times on different loops. He was such a motivator to me. I kept thinking look at this guy doing 70 miles making a difference in his own health. There were all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes committing to either 35, 70 or 100 miles. It's never too late to make a difference in your own life or inspire someone else's. Just like so many of you on this site have inspired me by sharing your journey. I will always be grateful for that.

Hope everyone has a great day


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Good morning!

I'm going to be selfish and get to the gym today before heading to my mom's to help her with her physical therapy. I'll spend about an hour there, until a friend shows up, then head home to shower before work. After work, back to my mom's for her second exercise session.

Somewhere in there I am going to suck it up and call my doctor to see who she thinks I should see for what I am now self-diagnosing as esophagitis. It has not gotten better and I think the time has come.

Have a great day, all.

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Good evening, ladies. Last night was my final night of eating like crap...back on plan today!!! No way I could work the fair and NOT have one of those gyros. Nomz!!!

Ruth - OMG, tell me about it. I realized the other day that it's only 2 1/2 months until Christmas. How did THAT happen!?!?!? LOL Those darn baked good theives...they got half of my partner's funnel cake Saturday night at the fair, too!!! BRUTAL!!!

Twynn - Congratulations on your hubby's new job. I know that's a relief!!!

cottage - Sounds like you have a busy week ahead!!!

Cyndi - Sounds lk you have a busy week ahead, too!!! I'm SO glad that I've just got today and tomorrow to work and then I'm off for a whole week.

Lexxiss - Hope you enjoyed the extra ZZZs this morning.

jekel - Sounds like you had a good ride. Hope you weren't injured falling over that fence, LOL Thought you'd like to know that you have inspired me...the tire on my bike was fixed this morning and I plan on putting it to use sometime in the near future. NOT for 74 miles, though, LOL

WaistingTime - I'm glad you're going to call your doctor. Hopefully they can get you some relief!!!

As for me, I'm worn out after working the fair and my regular shifts, but I'll manage. We got notified at 1:15 PM today that our time sheets now had to be in in the next 45 minutes instead of by noon tomorrow as we were originally told. That was an unwelcome surprise, but I sure do want to get paid, so I made sure mine got turned in, LOL I'll work today and tomorrow and then I've got an entire week off.

As for my surgery that I had last week, my lip is doing much better. The swelling is still there, but minimal, and the bruising is reduced to just the bottom of my lip where the blood settled. The doctor also called me to let me know that the results came back fine from the lab and it was, as we suspected, just a mucocele.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on in my life. Hope everyone is doing well.

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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