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Default Fabulous Friday south beach chat - 10/5

Good morning chicks! I'm laying here in a hotel room in Baltimore all by my lonesome. I have a conference all weekend...and I really must move and check out whether or not the hotel has good coffee (most important thing!!).

My drive went great, I am slightly dreading my class, esp. with my nasty fall I had the other day (I have a hugeee boo boo on my bum!). Yeah for ibuprofen!

Then tonight, I am meeting up with Matt, he hung out here with us for a few months.

What's your plans today?

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Sending good coffee thoughts to you in Baltimore, Tammy! Yikes, I'm sorry about your fall and your sore bum! Remember not to sit down hard today, and I hope your conference has padded seats.

it actually looks like the sun may stop by to say "hi" today. I don't have any plans for the day, but some time during the day I'm going to go stay with Mom while Dad has his doctor appointment. He hasn't let me know what time, though. I'm thinking about going over to Verizon and talking to them about a new phone plan, too, but I'll just see how my day unfolds first.

What's everyone up to today?
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Tammy. I hope there are some butt breaks at your conference. Say hi to Matt for us and congratulate him on his weightloss.

Just woke up so I guess I won't be at the gym for 7:30. I was awake several hours in the night and must have turned off the alarm before I fell back to sleep. I have to go to the bank for a float for the Mill Thanksgiving Festival so will pop in later and do part of my routine at least. (They are closed Monday for Thanksgiving Day.)

This afternoon I will be at the Mill to receive contributions for the weekend bake sale. My four pineapple cakes are thawing on the counter waiting to be re-wrapped and I have six dozen squares ready to label. Folks will be bringing in garden produce and preserves as this is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Here's a picture from a few years ago with my darling Hershey.

Here's hoping we have an equally lovely October Saturday.

"Hoarders" is happening here on Monday. Friends are coming to haul stuff out of my barn and will have them for dinner afterwards and take crud to the dumpster up at John's house. (In Canada TD dinner is usually Sunday.) I thought I had the meat for a large beef stew already simmered but just discovered it's a smaller amount - enough for six people, maybe. I'll have to do some more or maybe throw in some frozen meatballs. I'll check around today to see who is actually coming rather than poop up the stew to feed ten. It'll be great to get some of the crud out of the barn before winter.

Time for some sort of healthy breakfast - I'm thinking a veggie omelet - and then on with the day.

TGIF and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to we Canadians.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning So happy it's Friday and my work day really will end at 5. I'll take time out for data entry and mailing this weekend but tonight I'm not thinking about work. Heading to Gallery Walk, something I haven't done in several years. For a small town Brattleboro has a very active arts community so Gallery Walks are a great time. After that some yummy ethnic dinner (maybe Thai?) then a relaxing evening at home. I've been looking forward to this all week. Just one more month until the election and a few days at the coast!

Meanwhile getting fully back on plan is challenging. I definitely let myself slide way too much the last year. I'm "lucky" my thyroid has been acting up or I would have gained more weight. I slipped yesterday but today is another new day. I know once I get 5 or 6 days in a row things will get much easier.

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekend includes time for relaxation and fun
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Good Morning

We're enjoying a quiet morning with mild weather. It was 55 degrees outside. The pool will be heavenly. We'll leave later today....I work at 530am tomorrow which is just too early for the 2 hr. drive although we've done it more than once when I have to work at 7.

Twynn, you trail runners are a rugged bunch! Take care with your sore spot. Ouch.

Linda, happy Friday!

Ruth, what a nice pic! Your Hershey was such a beautiful pup. Have I ever mentioned my good friend here is a PWD gal. She also does pet therapy. Wish I could be there to help with the barn...you know I love a good haul out.

Cyndi, I had 3 op meals yesterday with an indisgression inbetween. I'm with ya, working towards getting some consecutive days in. Glad to hear work ends today at 5.

Speaking of haul outs, I have a small declutter in the process. I'm going to head back to it.
Debbie R

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Good morning.

I've got lunch cooking in the crockpot already this morning. Rather a departure for me to not make it an evening meal but I didn't trust DH to get it made while I'm at work any of the next three afternoons (and I only know the shorter cook time on high temp). I've been having some bad reflux issues so have been scrambling for bland recipes And I've given up, for now, on the inversion hanging that the chiropractor recommended since I read online that it is bad for reflux. Oh well - so much for being a compliant patient.

Have a great day, all.

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Good morning,

Today is the day we are having the Awards luncheon should be fun even though I am doing most of the presenting. The scale went down for me half a pound even though I am about to start TOM so I was happy about that.

Nothing on the agenda tonight was going to take the kids to Fright Fest at 6Flags but DH wanted to do something else so that works.

Twynn ouch hopefully padded seats

Ruth that is a great picture of you and Hershey

Cottage enjoy your day

Cyndi it is hard to stay op that is for sure

to everyone else I gotta run 8 a.m. call

Have a great day everyone Happy Friday
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Good morning, sorry no time for personals. Busy morning lots of crazies today! Must have been a full moon last night lol. Tammy hope you are not in too much pain. Ruth, beautiful picture, thank you for sharing.

be back later

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Hey all -
Running around seems to be the theme of the day! Just wanted to stop in to log my food voices to make myself MAKE them!!

Be well -

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Just posting real quick - Need Prayers/Reiki/Positive Thoughts - A local meteorologist (at a competing station from my dad) but who also is one of my dad's best friends has been battling cancer for 4 years. He is currently in the hospital in Chicago with "profound pneumonia."

He's in his early 50's and is married with a few children, some small. He and my dad have been very close for a long time and this is really scary for my dad, not to mention Robert and his wife and kids.

Please everyone (sorry if you've seen this on FB too) do what you can and send good energy out, pray, whatever you can do. Thanks all.

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Good morning, ladies. Sorry I've been MIA the past few days. I had to work Monday and Tuesday and stayed busy Wednesday and Thursday.

Had to get a filling removed and replaced yesterday b/c I had chipped it...now my jaw is sore as all get out. I've also got oral surgery scheduled for next Tuesday to remove a mucocele on my bottom lip. I swear, I have the luck!!! Bit my lip several months ago now and, in doing so, apparently crushed a mucus duct, causing this mucocele. Hopefully I won't regret scheduling it when I have already committed to work the Command Post at the National Fair that evening. Oops!!!

Anyway, I hope you ladies are doing well. I haven't read anybody's posts, but just wanted to check in.

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