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Default Friday Fun On the Beach, Daily Chat for 9/28

Holy Cow! Does anyone besides me think this month just flew by? And as I was driving home last night, I noticed a lot more color in the trees, almost as if they're turning overnight.

I'm celebrating the start to my 3-day weekend with Starbuck's Anniversary Blend. I have a doctor appointment at 9 to finally get my shingles vaccination and will probably pop in for a visit with Mom & Dad afterwards while I wait for Jake to get back from his physical therapy at the VA. Then we plan to go grocery shopping. Such an exciting day!
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Come on Spring!
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Sounds like a good day to me, Cottage. This month really did fly by, probably because we had our trip sandwiched into the middle.

Turned off the alarm and dozed off for another half hour today and it felt good. Doreen cancelled out on gym so some of the pressure (and irritation) is off. We are supposed to have a rainy day but I think the weather didn't get the memo because the stars are brilliant and we're heading into a clear sunrise. It's 41F out there so it's definitely fall.

Did a major closet purge yesterday and was ruthless. There is no way I need a half dozen "gardening" outfits! I also have a couple of nice blouses that I've not worn for a year - they fit but don't turn me on. The Goodwill is going to benefit. Unfortunately I also have several pair of new pants that need shortening, a job I really hate. Guess I'll bite the bullet and get them ready for hand sewing while I watch TV.

So ... off to the gym and then some sewing if the weather forecast is accurate. Otherwise I'll do some outside work, maybe pull and store the tomato cages.

TGIF to us all.
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Good morning Cottage I'm drinking Vermont Coffee Company freshly ground this morning. What a nice way to start the day. In a few I'll start cleaning and loading the car for the overnight camping trip. The colors are already beautiful in the area we are going to. Even if it rains we have a lean-to so it will be dry and snug and right on the water. Oh, and no cell service or wifi!

Cottage - I really can't believe it's October already. Fall is moving too fast for me.

Weezle - See you Monday

See you all tomorrow night
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Good morning

Natasha it is from a far stand in Ulster County, NY their website is www.eatapples.com. They have some yummy recipes for apples too.

Ruth I did a big purge this week too. I am not motivated to do or pay for altering my pants. From losing weight now they are not only too big in the waist, but too long. I think I shrunk lol. So for now they are in the attic. I hit a nice sale at Kohls and it was cheaper to buy, so why not splurge lol

Cyndi have a great time camping

Linda I agree this month flew by. I do love this time of year though and wish it would last longer.

Well, I took my first step outbof my comfort zone. I signed up for a group bike ride. It is a bike ride through the Hudson River Valley. My commuting buddy and his dad are riding too (very experienced riders). I signed up for the 70 mile ride, what am I thinking!!! It is October 14 so I have a couple of weeks to get ready. The route looks beautiful and I plan on stopping for photo ops as the leaves should be in their peak season.

Today is a P1 day as the fudge and pie showed up on my scale today lol

Happy Friday girls

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Oh and thank you for the Mexican casserole recipe. It is awesome. I doubled the veggies, used ff cream cheese and only used 3 thin cut breasts. So good!!!

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Great morning, all. Haven't seen the scale yet, so not sure what damage was done with three days with mom here, but I believe in SB, so it will be fine. Technically the food was OP, but it was large quantities, and I know there was too much sodium!!

I love seeing the "fall coming" pics - just not ready to admit September is over. During the school year, I usually wish for the time from 7-4 to rush by, and then from 4-10 to SLOW DOWN so I can enjoy my kids. This semester being on leave, I feel a little more balanced - I get to be with them from 7-8 for the big one, and 8-9 for the little one. What a joy! I can't tell you how awesome it is to brush hair and make breakfast for them.

Today looks to be a clean-up day, and a day to start my two grad courses. Luckily it is rainy, or I might go out for a very LOOOONG drawn out walk instead. Good for the health, not so much for the class completion!

Best to all - be well.

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Good Morning

We're on the go already. Yesterday was fun, with dinner at a Vegan Chinese Buffet. Today we're getting ready to load in the car for a drive to see the colors into Rocky Mtn. National Park. I'm hoping to find a healthy lunch venue.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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I just wanted drop in and say hi. I haven't posted in a really long time but actually have a day off with a couple of Dr. Appontment scheduled and had a few minutes to relax and do some reading.

I've been following SBD again since February with decent success. I'm not loosing fast but I am pretty consistently moving in the right direction. Down 63 pounds so far, my Dr. Is very happy. The nice thing is I feely like my life style has changed and it is no longer a "diet" but just my cooking style now. When I fix a pot roast I put turnips instead of potatoes because I love turnips not because I can't eat the potatoes.

Anyway, it was so relaxing to read your posts about fall colors and camping trips that it made me want to join in for a cup of coffee.

bea, I can appreciate your taking the time to enjoy your kiddos. my DD works nights as a nurse and is a single mom so my granddaughters have a room at my house and are here several nights a week. I really enjoy the extra time I get to share with them, the 5 year old loves to snuggle before bed and boy I really eat that up, she's growing so fast there won't be many more year I will get to do this.

Hopefully I can stop in a little more often, have a good day.

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Good morning, ladies. Well, it's morning for ME, anyway. I was browsing online this morning after work for sugar skull things (I love anything sugar skulls) and found the cutest apron EVER. Normally I would NOT put out $40 on an apron, but I just couldn't resist it. I can't wait until I'm in Massachusetts wearing my little sugar skulls apron in my own little kitchen, making Southbeach friendly goodies.

jekel - Thanks for the link!!! I googled directions from my house in Fitchburg and it says it's a 3 1/2 hour trip. Sounds like a fun little day trip me and the roomie can do some day.

Anyway, I'm going up to a friend's house in a little bit to go to some cooking demo w/ her. I don't really have the extra $$$ to buy anything, but I enjoy spending time w/ her and it'll get me out of the house, so I figured why not. We had made plans to go see a movie tomorrow night at 7 PM but then I realized the Georgia game wouldn't be over by then so I had to back out, LOL Priorities, ladies!!! I tried to find tickets for the game but couldn't find anything cheaper than $78 per seat for nosebleed seats. If it gives you any idea of how big College Football is in the South vs. Pro Football, Falcons tickets are running about $28 each right now.

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