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Come on Spring!
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Default Frazzle-Free Friday Chat - August 10

Good morning. My kitchen smells yummy from the huge pot of chicken stock that simmered overnight. (I'm starting to ease into fall cooking and love having cubes of boiled down stock.) I also have cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator, adding to the aroma.

Yesterday's BD party for Aunt Rose went well and she looked great in her mauve suit and CROCS! The cake was an ice cream cake which I did not resist but how often does one attend a 100th birthday? I drove home in a delightful rain and could almost see the fields smiling. We are sooo dry!

Nothing vital on the schedule today except writing paycheques for the Mill staff. I love days like this and may just stay indoors and cozy in with the dogs. Maybe an afternoon nap? I AM on holidays.

I hope you have a comfortable day with islands of pure fun.
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Aunt Rose sounds like quite a character and I think you are following in her footsteps, Ruth.

Jake and I planned to go to The Green Dragon in Ephrata this morning, but it's looking like we're going to get hit any moment with a storm. I can hear the thunder rumbling and the clouds look pretty ominous. It may end up being a stay-at-home day, curled up with that book you gave to me, Ruthie.
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Ohhh, what book?

Ruth - I agree with cottage, you are following in her footsteps! The crocs are an awesome touch .

Cottage- can I go with ?!!? LOL. HOpe you get to read your book today.

When do I get a vacation? Between Reese (she didn't do well yesterday, and now has decided it is normal to pee/poop in the living room, so I have to retrain her), work (drama, drama, drama) and everything else, I am exhausted! We're going to go see DH's parents in VA (at a HUGE flea market) labor day weekend, which will be like a mini vacation. NOw that the kids are a little older, it should be a lot more fun.

Otherwise, I have the morning off (I *should* clean) and then work the afternoon/evening. At least I'm eating decently!
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Ruth and Cottage - I'm relaxing just reading your posts! You both have such pleasant days planned!
Twynn - way to go on the eating. and I know the *should* feeling!

I was up in the middle of the night for a bit - DD wasn't feeling well. So, now I'm sitting here exhausted wondering if I should reschedule my customer visit for Monday. It's one of those days where I almost feel too tired to drive! The scale is never my friend after one of those nights - I think that's one of the reasons I put on so much weight during perimenopause! Aaach - I'm rambling! TGIF everyone! Have a lovely springboard into the weekend!
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Good morning looks like a wash out here too. Not complaining at all as it will force me to tidy up inside. Also, I will be baking wggplant later for quick lunches next week.

I have a confession to make. Thiscweek has bee. rather hormonally emotional. I found myself shopping for ice cream and nuts. Oh and bean chips (gluten free high protein low carb so not a terrible choice) Well the past few nights I rewarded my hard work with ice cream for lunch and snacks. Last night I realized there are 14 servings in a half gallon of ice cream! Well not in my eyes.
I actually put the container in the sink knowing it will be poured down the drain in the morning. At least I stopped my binging after two days in stead of countless nights. So today I admit I a. powerless over ice cream, perimenopaus is a challenge and I still do not like broccoli! I had to try row that one in as I just ate my omelette (egg whites, turkey, red pepper, LF mozzarella and broccoli)

I may be under my goal, but I still have a lot to do to make these changes permanent. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning It is a rainy, gray day here in NY. Last night's sleep was interrupted by loud storms. Might be a nap afternoon for me, I'm supposed to be catching up on rest this week.

Ruth - I've been thinking about my freezer and winter prep too. Amazing how the brain goes that way even when it's 90. Enjoy your relaxing afternoon

Cottage - It is a perfect book, cup of tea day

Twynn - i hope you can find an hour of down time. It's so hard to find recharge time with little kids. Maybe some of that cleaning can wait.

Cat - my weight always goes up when my sleep is off, doesn't seem to matter what I eat. Hope you can sneak a little rest time in today.

Jennifer - I've done that with ice cream. It's hard to waste it but I try to remember that I am not a garbage disposal and sometimes that's better for me. With ice cream I've realized I'm better off spending my money on one scoop of good ice cream than bringing a half gallon home when I absolutely can't resist. The amount of effort involved usually keeps me to just a couple of scoops a year

It's the last full day at the parents. Today Mom and I are off shopping again We will successfully hit all our favorite thrift stores. Then a mellow afternoon and I will make us dinner. My Dad will eat whatever he eats and Mom and I will have baked salmon.

Time for some breakfast. Happy Friday!
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Good Morning

I'm up but not feeling great....yet. I'm hoping for improvement. I guess I'd better go see if mom and sis are up.

Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Hello everyone! I'm back, if a few of you remember me. I was here just under a year ago, posting pretty regularly! My partner, Chessa and I got caught up in the home-buying process (and eating junk food from the restaurants we work at to save money during the process!) and I fell off SBD for awhile. This spring, though, I followed weight watchers for quite a few months and lost about 25 pounds. I've been maintaining that, but really missing SBD and how healthy it makes me feel, along with the ease of not counting, weighing, measuring! So, I'm back to the lifestyle and these boards. I would ideally love to lose about 10 more pounds, but if it happens slowly I'm not worried about it. Who knows, with P1 it could fall off, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Yesterday was my first day back on plan, and it went great! I missed some of the recipes and was glad to make taco bake for dinner, it was as good as I remembered it being.

RUTH, your day sounds so relaxing! Is it cool out where you are? Do you freeze the cubes and then just add them to water? Glad the birthday party went well!

COTTAGE, thanks for the welcome back yesterday All this talk of staying at home being cozy makes me wish I didn't have to work!

TWYNN, maybe you should skip the cleaning and just sit and relax!! It seems our puppy, Fig, becomes untrained every time she gets sick too, or when it rains for that matter. Good luck with the re-training!

CAT, I hope you get a chance to rest today! Sorry you had a long night

JENNIFER, I think it is so honest and self-aware to realize you are under your goal but still have emotional goals related to food. That is a good start! Also, way to go on throwing the ice cream

CYNDI - "My dad will eat whatever he eats and...." that cracked me up! Glad you've been having a good weekend with family. I peeked back to see that you lost your sweet wife a few months ago. I had thought of you occasionally even while I was not OP, wondering how she was doing. I'm so sorry to hear that, and I hope you are finding yourself surrounded with love and support from your family and friends during this time!

DEBBIE, I hope you feel better!

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Didn't really say much about my day planned...making a grocery list to pick up a couple things for some events tomorrow. Baking two types of bars for a family reunion tomorrow afternoon, then putting together fruit kebabs for a church event tomorrow night. Working 10-9, so enjoying a little time before I have to get ready to go!

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I have a late work start today. I'm up 2 pounds but I went off plan for pizza and birthday cake. I'll do phase 1 for 2 days and then see. Now to dump dd out of bed.

hugs to all
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Good morning,

I am so glad it's Friday but got a lot going on at work so no time for personals, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.

I need to recommit to eating op again, so far so good today now if I can just get through the entire day that would be awesome.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning! The weekend is nearly on us; my 7th and 11th graders are in school but not me or my 3rd grader (I work in a different town and he drives in with me), so it's a little surreal.

It's heartening to read about other people's challenges I must say--it does give me hope that I can make this work. Yesterday was not a great day for me. My 13 year old birthday boy wanted to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings, which left me eating a grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing, exactly what I had previously eaten for lunch that day, while everyone else ate the most delicious looking food I had ever seen. But at only 2 1/2 weeks into the plan, it's too early for indulging.

I can totally sympathize to the not liking broccoli! I love broccoli, but I do not like tomatoes (unless in sauce), bell peppers, or cucumbers. I also don't like beans, for that matter. I have been trying different recipes, but it just ain't happening.

Jennifer--I made zucchini chips and they were really good. And I don't even like zucchini! Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll definitely be making those again!

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