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Default The South Beach Diet And Paying It Forward

Hey Everyone!

I started the South Beach Diet 4 months ago. Since I've started I've lost 42 lbs. People are starting to really notice a difference in me both physically and mentally. It's an amazing feeling. So, here's the thing though... I've had quite a few over weight friends come to me and ask me how I'm doing it. As soon as I say that it's the South Beach Diet I get 1 of 3 responses from them. (1) I could never give up the foods I love. (2) It's sounds too hard. I could never do it and (3) How do I get Started?

Most of the time I find myself telling people that they can do it. It's not as hard to follow as it sounds. They may think they are giving up everything they love, what they just don't realize is, that they may be giving up a lot of stuff (temporarily) but they will find new foods that they love just as much as the crap they're eating now. Most people don't believe me. Really, the me I was 4 months ago wouldn't have believed who I am now. lol

I have a friend who is well over 300 lbs and he's really interested in losing weight. I told him to give me 3 weeks and try the diet. If he didn't like the results or he absolutely hated it, I would understand but at least he couldn't say he didn't try it. I want to help him along in his journey like my friend helped me. A good support system is so important.

My thing is, how do you guys go about paying it forward? I was thinking about putting a care package together with fun recipes, healthy foods for phase 1 and things like that. Has anyone here done anything like that? Also, what are some things you would put in a South Beach Diet Care Package?

Also, he asked me about alcohol. He says he likes to have a few drinks when he goes to camp and wants to know if he can still drink when on the diet. I told him the first 2 weeks he needs to stay away from all alcohol. I also told him that the more he sticks to the diet the more weight he's going to lose and he may find himself not wanting to drink as much. What do you guys do about drinking while on the diet? What are the things that he can drink that will be the lesser of the evils.

Sorry for the long lost. Thanks for your help! Everyone here is so great!
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Welcome and congratulations on your success! Wow, you are doing great. bet you're really feeling the difference.

I have found that most people don't actually want an answer that involves change, effort, and thought. They still want that magic fix. Every once in awhile though you get someone who really is ready to put it together, they just need support. Like you I am always willing to do what I can. This diet along with the support here changed my life and if I can do it anyone can.

I love your idea of a care package and recipes. I've found support made a big difference too. Maybe a buddy system for Phase 1 and then the transition where you two check-in at a regular time? Chances are there are people in his life who are used to sabotaging rather than supporting, intentionally or not, and it will be helpful to have someone cheering and encouraging through those South Beach flu days.

I do drink wine, but rarely anything else. Rarely only because once a year I have a traditional margarita - no ice, plenty of salt. This is one of those things that varies by person. I can control my eating when I have a drink (and since I lost the weight I rarely have more than 1, can't handle it even if I want to!) but some people have more trouble with bad food choices after drinking. I always have a big glass of seltzer with lime and a glass of wine to control my pace and keep myself hydrated.
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WOW I read you post congratulations! I too loved the idea of a SB care package. A support system in invaluable. My friend was on SB and he suggested it to me. it is great having someone to bounce ideas off of and share recipes. He is an awesome cook. We are going away next week and are taking our bikes. I have never felt so good or enjoyed being active before.

I too like my wine and enjoy a margarita, daiquiri or even beer. Since I started SB I stick with wine and only on special occasions. Truthfully I would rather enjoy an off plan food choice over a drink any day. The longer I am on SB the less I think about alcohol or other drinks. I drink water and maybe once a month have a diet soda or a coffee coolata (so bad). Everything we eat or drink is a choice and with life sometimes we don't make the best one. I am learning to forgive myself when I do, but not let one bad decision undue my success.

Good luck to you and our friend. I wish my BFF would try SB. She is well over 300lbs. She has been heavy all her life. As a widow she is raising two young children and money is tight. She had lap band surgery in 2009 and hasn't lost anything. Now she is dating a man who had it too. I worry about her long term health as the weight is taking it's toll. She is only 41. Maybe one day she will have an epiphany, hopefully soon.

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I love the idea of a care package.
Great loss keep up the great work.
Little Chick

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I think the care package is a great idea. My SIL and I were discussing diets during our vacation and I was extolling the virtues of SB. She was very interested and wanted me to tell her how to do it, what to eat etc. She didn't want to read the book *sigh*. I gave her the basics and she did go out and buy a cookbook. I'm not sure which one, but if its the SB one it does have how to follow the plan I think.

Anyway, I had thought of printing out the quick guide for SB from this site and giving it to her if she still doesn't want to read the book. So your care package could include something like that as well.

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Hey again!

I'm definitely going to put together a care package for him. I know how much he wants to lose weight. He's been on Adkins so what I'm trying to do is convince him that as much as people like to compare South Beach and Adkins that in all actuality they are very different.

I wasn't aware that they had a guide to South Beach on this website. lol I mainly read the new posts on the form and post things myself occasionally. I'll probably print that out and include it with the care package.

So here's what I'm thinking should go into the Care Package

A list of the foods you can eat and can't eat during phase 1
A few recipes for quick on the go stuff (Snacks and etc...)
A few recipes for meals
A few recipes for things you can eat at restaurants
Some time of Almonds. I like the Blue Diamond Roasted Almonds.
String Cheese
Common Phase 1 Vegetables. (No root veggies of course)
Maybe some sugar free peanut butter
Sugar Free Jello
And then maybe If I give it to him in the right setting I can include a few meat choices or even a gift card to a grocery store (not walmart because then he can go and buy non-food items with it...not that he would...but he may be tempted.)

What do you guys think? Can someone recommend some good recipes.

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All the super good recipes are flagged in the Recipe Sections and there is are Phase I and II foodlists and other hints in the FAQ Section above.

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Yes, there's a lot of good advice in the FAQ section. I was specifically referring to the meal plan charts, but there's a lot of really helpful information in that section.


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Great idea! I love how you are giving it to someone who is interested already..if someone gave it to me out of the blue I would be shocked lol. I would include the book too.
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I found the first two weeks to be quite a challenge. Miserable from the detox and I don't think I would have made it through if my husband hadn't been suffering right along with me. Now we're months into SB and are finding we don't miss much of anything. If it's a choice between having a glass of wine or a diet Coke, I usually choose the soda. I can't believe I'm eating so healthy. Best advice I got was the "hang in there for the first two weeks, because everything will change if you do." It's great to be able to choose to eat what I want, not the sugar my body was constantly craving. I will pass that on.

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I spend a great deal of time here and in real life "sharing" my opinions and experiences concerning weight loss. I can usually do it successfully (where my audience isn't bored to tears and doesn't feel lectured, judged, or preached to).

It is an art-form though, because it is easy to feel all those things when someone tries to help.

The best advice I've ever taken and given, is to pay attention to your audience's reaction for signs of discomfort and be careful of the enthusiasm level.

Often when a person sees that their audience is getting uncomfortable, the natural reaction is to raise the volume, intensity and enthusiasm in their voice and increase the volume, intensity and enthusiasm of the information (which usually increases the audience discomfort).

If you can be aware of and sensitive to any signs of discomfort and can respond in a way that remains comfortable, you can discuss even the most controversial subjects comfortably to everyone involved.

The key is being aware and sensitive.

I think a gift basket is a great idea (if it's given as a no-pressure, just thought you'ld find this gift fun and useful if you wanted to give this type of eating a try, and if you're not interested in any of it, feel free to pitch it, or pass it on to someone who might want to try it...)

The hardest part about giving advice (or any other gift, for that matter) is avoiding your own hurt feelings if the person doesn't value the gift as much as you do.

And likewise, the hardest part about recieving any gift, is being (or at least appearing) gracious and appreciative if the gift isn't exactly to your liking.

So give the gift. It sounds AWESOME, but try to keep it a low-pressure gift and try to accept that not everyone is going to want or able to fully appreciate the gift. But that's ok. In fact, the great thing about the gift of knowledge and experience - it's benefit isn't always immediate - it can "kick in" down the road. They may not fully appreciate or understand the gift today, but maybe six months or a couple years ago the information will connect and fall into place.

If you need to see the knowledge implemented immediately, reconsider the gift. Not everyone is going to "run with it." Some are going to try and fail many times before it all falls into place.

Some of the "gifts" I recieved from people trying to help didn't bear fruit until decades later. I hope I seemed appreciative at the time (even if I wasn't), because some of those people I have no way to contact now with my grattitude. So realize too, that you may never know if your gift had an impact.
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