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Working on healthy
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Default Beach Chat for Tuesday, July 10

Good morning Beachy Chicks I am starting my second cup of coffee (Vermont Coffee Company, of course) and thinking it's going to take more to get through this day. I'm in one of my insomnia phases, waking up at 3-4 in the morning no matter what time I go to bed. Grrr

I'm back on the bus run this morning so off to work in an hour. Tonight is dinner and wine with friends. Maybe I will be able to get a nap later. I'm not a very good napper but I do try every once in awhile.

Today is just a bus run day with lots to do between runs. I see clover flowers in my lawn, so better add that to my list. So glad the humidity and heat are more tolerable this week! How are things shaping up where you are?
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Come on Spring!
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Good not-so-early morning. I slept until 5:45 for a change. A miracle! It may be because I've not had to use the fan now that the heat has broken - for now. We are heading into another dry and very hot stretch.

Cyndi, I've learned to live with non-grass in my lawn. The clover and creeping Charlie stay green in dry times, have pretty flowers, smell good and don't send seeds floating into the flower beds. I save my energy for the darned dandelions!

I got all the schoolwork sorted and organized for judging yesterday afternoon since the Fair Hall was relatively cool. There is lots of pretty cool and cute artwork. This year I MUST take pictures. I am hoping to get it judged and displayed by the end of next week which would clear out hectic Fair Week nicely. The Fair opens on the 26th.

House and garden stuff is on the schedule for this morning, pet therapy at the nursing home happens after lunch and it'll be an early dinner since I have a Fair Homecraft Meeting at 7. Dinner will be easy - leftover beer can chicken, black bean salad and some of my wonderful garden green beans. I love the way my garden looks after me in the summer!

Time for another coffee {Paul} and some raspberries and Greek yogurt, my new favourite with ground flax seed.

How does your day look as we peer over the rim?
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Good Morning

Thanks for starting us off, Cyndi. I hear ya...dealing with some of my sleep issues, too. I hope you can fit a nap in...they don't usually work to well for me, either.


I've been up for hours choosing to at least get something done. Now the work hour is creeping up and I need to start thinking in that direction. Unfortunately, now I'd love to crawl in bed and go back to sleep. DH has PT right after work so there's no rest for the weary. On the bright side, food has been OP and it's reflected in the scale reading.

everyone else!

Have a great day!
Debbie R

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compliments of Paul.

We have a showery day here, and although it's cooler, the humidity is back.

The reason I don't like clover in the lawn is because bees love it and everyone runs around barefoot. Jake is meticulous about keeping it out of our grass, but the farm is covered with it. I'm constantly on the girls about minding where they step.

Ruth, our dinners will be pretty similar tonight, with the addition of zucchini and beet ribbons. I'm eagerly watching for the first red tomatoes, too. Can't wait!
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Good morning,

Had a wonderful visit with my parents. They left this morning to go home.

Cyndi and Debbie hope you start getting some more sleep

Ruth you will have to post pictures

Cottage stepping on bees not my favorite activity

I am back to work today and have a busy week with meetings but at least it's only a 4day week for me.

Have a great day
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Good morning.

Must get motivated to go to yoga today; my back's aching again from two days in a row at work. Nothing planned for the rest of the day, still have the house to myself. Don't know if my guys will leave CO this afternoon and drive home in the wee hours or come back tomorrow. I might take advantage of the "cooler" temps and get out and about to get some stuff done.

Have a great day.

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Good morning, sorry sleepless bleachers, but I slept in. Granted I did not go to bed until almost 1. The game was torturous. The umpire called the game 32 to 2. The two teams were not even closely matched in age or ability. Hopefully Wednesday's game will be better. Lazy start to the day. Too beautiful not to go for a ride or something. Later I have everyone's favorite doctor lol. Hoping for a clean bill of health and some suggestions or peri menopause mood swing relief. I had a DVT removed from my leg in 2006. That was my second blood clot, but highly alarming because it was not superficial and st the time I was only 35. my first one was 19. So I am forbidden from using any kind of hormone treatment. Oh well.

Tonight my son and I better be having dinner together ( he is not getting an option to say no lol)

Time for coffee and then possibly washing my little dog. His white coat is looking pretty gray.


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Good Day! Debbie and Cyndi - I hate the insomnia thing, so my heart goes out to you. I swear I went for years without an undisturbed night's sleep, and I wasn't happy! I hope you both move past it quickly!

RE: the lawn thing. We actually ripped our front lawn up last year, because it was a never ending battle. We've replaced it with mulch and perennials. It is still a work in progress because we're starting to see the chunks of time when we have color, and then just green, so we'll be adding more late spring/early summer color. But right now, the Bee Balm and Butterfly bush are in full swing, and we even had a humming bird the other day. Not bad for the NJ suburbs! Coneflowers and black eyed susans are looking good as well - we've had so many near droughts that I wanted something that would look good in the dead of August! I want to add some Lavender and maybe coreopsis. Ruth - I'd love some suggestions for the late spring stuff - something for after the bulbs/peonies/lilacs are done.
Karen - oooh, yoga sounds good. I'm going to have to start integrating something like that into my fitness routines. Enjoy your last bits of alone time!
As for me - I'll be stitching up more nightshirts during work breaks (working from home today). I passed off 2 to another mom last night, so now I only have to do 5 more. Yay. Trying a new design today as my first looks great on stockier men, but not the more slender ones. I'm beginning to think that I should start a costume blog!
Have a healthy happy day, all!
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south beach dieter
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hello everyone , hope u all doing well

me and the scale are begining to be friends again dropped a little. 2 days in a row i did 6 km(ihour) fast walk and the scale wast my friend lol. yesterday i went to the pool all day and today he scale was my friend again . weird.

wish u a good day!!!1
master goal
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Good morning chicks!

I slept well last night. We have been working hard to clean up and get back to normal again after the 8 days of power outage/heat wave. I have very much been reminded not to take electric power for granted. My weight did not do well. I am up 2.5 pounds after eating off the grill or out of cans for a week. I am back on program. I am enjoying my first cup of 8 O'clock coffee. My grandmother always made it and I still enjoy it! I will be off to the garage soon to have my car serviced and I will pick up some fresh veggies and fruit while I am out.

See you on the beach!

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morning all!

cyndi - have fun with friends and wine

hello to all

For me today, I am going to figure out how to get motivated. I need to exercise. I need to find something I like doing or at least just do. It's so hard getting back on this part of the horse. With the eating, I know what to do and just go into it. With exercise? Not so much. Meh.

I need to get moving today though. I have to figure out how. With my bad toe, which is an excuse really, I know I just need to move. Maybe some Wii fit once DW gets to work? And then some pool time (swimming should count too).
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