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Lightbulb Starting SBD this Monday any advice?

I'm a calorie counter and an ex WW getting ready to start SBD.

I lost great with CC but really need a structured plan to keep me in check and give me a boost. I did WW but I was really hungry a lot and since you can basically eat what you want as long as it's within points I binged on fruit and veggies that are 0 points. I thought I was losing and then I got sick, went to the doctor and realized I had not lost anything

So here I am now, I like the SBD thing because my doctor actually recommended it to me after I told him I was considering low carb. I need a more heart healthy diet and he suggested I look into SBD so here I am.

Any advice to help someone who binges at night get started? Anything I should keep in mind?

Also I read that you should stay away from caffeinated beverages during phase one but you can have at least 2 if you must. I do have some medication that has caffeine in it, will that affect me?

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Hi and welcome! I was a big time binge eater at night. Hopefully you will have the same success as I am with this. I am eating so much better than I was I don't seem to be hungry at night. This may be my imagination, but I am calmer and do not have that anxious / bored feeling at night anymore. I do enjoy my evening snack, but it is always something I plan for and wait to enjoy. I love red peppers in hummus or LF ricotta with strawberries, cocoa powder and vanilla (P2)

You can also replace binging with a task that keeps your hands busy. I try to give myself a manicure at night, wet nails is a great deterrence. Ironically I spend more time in my kitchen than living room these days preparing for the next day. Helps me when I finally do relax I think about what I get to look forward to the next day (food and activities).

I did not give up my morning coffee, but I weened myself to half calf or decaf. Trustvme my coworkers would not appreciate me off coffee lol

Also, yeah I am rambling sorry, you may feel a little off for a few days while you adjust. This does pass and you will find your energy increases. Check in with the forum, it really helps. Good luck

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, Tonyia! I think you'll be very satisfied with this plan and look forward to your joining us.

Remember to eat enough at every meal to help curb that nighttime binging, and as jekel advised, try to find a hobby or something to do that will keep your hands occupied, and plan ahead for your evening snack. Check out the Phase 1 desserts and snacks for some great ideas to look forward to.

Also, I did not give up my caffeine and still enjoy several strong cups of coffee in the morning. I'd only cut back on caffeine if you find it is affecting you.
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Welcome! I did WW many years ago. I went back to check out the new program when they changed last year, and expressly asked about the free fruit since I knew that would be a problem for me. One thing that I understand to be the same on WW as it is with SBD, you are supposed to eat when you are physically hungry and not eat when you are not. I think that is what people like you and me struggle with in the evenings - we are eating but we really aren't hungry.

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Tonyia- Welcome! It looks like you and I are in the same range with similar goals! We can be buddies on this journey. I've also done WW and calorie counting. This seems to be an easy diet to live with without being obsessive (something that can happen to me with numbers style diets!). My tip for night time eating: Eating enough during the day! I find that if I make sure that I get both breakfast and lunch, I don't feel the need to snack later. If I'm running late, and skip breakfast, then don't take time for lunch, there is no amount of food that satisfies me in the evening!
Good luck, and hope you love it on the Beach!
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I agree with everything that was said above. That is the best course of action.... However, I find, with my schedule I get up at 11, eat breakfast, go to work, have a meal at 5 on my break, get home around 9, and am up until 2-3am. by 130 I am hungry.

So for me, personally, I have a big breakfast, a big 5 o'clock meal & try and fit the snacks inbetween.... but try as i might, sometimes I still get the 130 munchies.

Solution: I have found that Im alright as long as I have a plan....and my plan involes veggies, lots of veggies.
I usually slice up a bunch of cucumber when I get home from work, and if I start to get the late night munchies I just go to town on the slices.... thats what works for me, I find being prepared for the 'binge' (if you are unable to get rid of it from your life all together) to be key.


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