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Old 06-11-2012, 06:15 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Monday, June 11

Good morning from warm and humid Delta! It really IS summer now. I almost didn't want hot coffee this morning. That's almost because I have a mug of Italian Roast again. Maybe I can track down Paul next trip to town.

The chicken BBQ at the Fairgrounds was fun yesterday! We had a local group Ambush playing - sort of country/rock which is not my thing but I really got into it. I even sang with them for a while. (I've know these guys for years and they are pretty darned cool. They'll never replace Bruce Springsteen in my heart though. )

Off to the gym this morning (hoping their AC is working) and then the plan is to do some gardening. My veggie garden is producing and deserves some loving care. My five (!) small strawberry plants are producing delicious berries. I hope they decide to spread. This afternoon will be spent in the cool of my house cobbling together the annual financial report for the Mill as we have an AGM tomorrow night.

May your Monday be a good start to this week.
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Good Morning

Ruth, thanks for getting us started! The bonus of high country living is that it's always cool at night and I always feel like hot coffee! I hope the AC is on at your gym and that you have a good rest of your Mon-day.

DH and I are up drinking coffee. Pain continues and I'm finding if we get up early and socialize then he's ready to sleep for awhile when I head off to work. This afternoon I'll interview several PT's in our area.

Food continues to be good. Funny, these days I seem to do better when life is more challenging because I recognize the need to plan ahead.

everyone else! I'm off to find more coffee!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning!

Ruth, if you happen to come across Wolfgang Puck's Sorrento, pick some up. I like it even better than Newman's, and that's saying a lot. I would have enjoyed watching you singing with the band. Maybe you can start a new profession?

Thank goodness it's much cooler here today. Yesterday the heat and humidity were just plain oppressive! The girls get out of school at noon today for the start of their summer vacation, and they're really excited about that. I've already told them that we're going to spend the afternoon sorting through their school papers and stuff and squaring that away, then we'll have the rest of the summer to enjoy. We don't have any set plans as of yet, but there will probably be trips to the shore and amusement parks, and plenty of lazy days just lounging around the pool.
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Old 06-11-2012, 07:07 AM   #4
Working on healthy
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Good morning I am off to NY for a short surprise birthday visit to my Mom. They don't know I'm coming but I know their schedule so it will work. Mom is subbing today and Wed. and they have a dr. appt tomorrow morning but we will get a couple of evenings of wine and chatting and I will make her a birthday dinner tomorrow.

Ruth - We have one day of summer than back into cool spring temps. I'm not complaining as long as it doesn't rain anymore!

Debbie -Hope you find a good PT and things start to improve for DH soon. You are amazing, just saying

Cottage - Happy summer planning.

I've got some chores to do before I hit the road. Happy Monday everyone
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Morning chicks!

Ruth - as they say, "pictures, or it didn't happen"! Sounds like a great time.

Debbie - you're a good woman .

Cottage - I bet the girls are excited to be out, enjoy the day.

Cyndi - I bet your mom will be thrilled. Travel safe!

The good news is, that the kids are out of school for the summer and that means they get to sleep in an hour. The bad news is, is that my boss is gone this week, and my week is going to be loooonnnnggg. I am so dreading it. I need to find more quick meals that my husband can serve (and or prepare) that the kids enjoy.

For the time being, it's strong coffee before I get moving!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning, Cyndi great weather will welcome you in NY today!

First time in forever I slept in, no alarm clock and my internal clock cooperated too! Spending the day close to home. Older puppy, 13, has a nasty double ear infection. So off to the vet at 11. Hoing to try and wash my car before then so I can put my bike rack on. Later I am going for a long ride. Since I am here alone I might as well fill the quiet time with things I find enjoyable.

Coffee and smoothie time

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I'm baaaaccck. No more trips on the horizon. Glad to return to routine.

Since my mom and I are not working with our trainer all month, I'll head to yoga today instead, and if I am really motivated, take the body sculpting class that is the same instructor right before yoga. Maybe. Need some groceries then I work 2-5. I was invited out to lunch with my mom and a mutual friend but will probably beg off.

I am soooooo looking forward to being in control of my eating again. It is very hard when traveling for that long, especially with a DH who wants to try a new restaurant every day. (He wanted to try TWO a day but I at least managed to curtail that.)

The house and our teen seemed to have survived the week relatively unscathed. We did discover he must have left the freezer open for long enough to have a pool of melted/refrozen ice cream all over. I tossed all my food but the guys are going to eat their stuff despite not knowing how long the thaw lasted.

Catch you all later. Have a great one.

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Morning, all! Sounds like everyone had a good weekend, and we're all getting back to our normal busy lives.
I've got to go back to the town where I got married to pick up a copy of my marriage license today - My company is going through a health care validation process. I've been married for almost 33 years, and I've worked for the company almost 32. If I was being fraudulent, I would have thought they'd have figured it out by now!!! Oh well.
Sang with my DD at church yesterday. It was so much fun, but seeing the video has me recommitted to SB!
Have a good day, All!
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Morning! Sounds like everyone is busy today! I had a non-stop weekend so didn't get a chance to plan ahead much for today's food. Will have to try to squeeze in a grocery trip sometime today between work & dd's softball game. I've not been very good about getting my veggies in lately and I woke up craving salad today. That's definitely a first!
~ Kelly

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hi everyone
ruth it is summer here too although you would not think it, gales and rain all last week , respite sat but started raining again lunchtime yesterday and has not stopped since. I am told it is something to do with the jet stream sitting south of us instead of the north. but i blame america LOL as all our weather comes across the atlantic.

been very busy today some laundry, then off to the docs for some blood work. DD has rung me 3 times today just to chat which is great only she chats for an hour at a time and there goes my day. off to sort dinner now as DH will be home soon
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Hello, tried to get on earlier and was not able to post....everything is going well food wise so I am happy.

Will try to check in earlier tomorrow.
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Hello everyone!

It is raining in SE Ohio.

I am doing well on Phase 2. I am eating some fruit and feeling good. It was a busy day at work and I am tired.

See you chicks at the beach!

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